Simple Home Natural Remedies
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They can work for you, too !

Are you familiar with simple natural remedies and treatments, which can prevent and ease numerous health problems?

We have recognized the healing power of many proven home remedies including healthy juices and smoothies.

Surely, you love their taste since you normally prepare them from your favorite fruits and vegetables.

But do you know how significant role they can play in your healthy nutrition?

Do you know anything about nutritional health supplements? Why and who should take them, what to be careful about?

You have come to the right place.

On our you will find useful information, which can considerably help you with solving different health questions.

It is very well known that nutrition plays a very important role in a healthy lifestyle. We focused especially on vegetable and fruit nutrition facts.

Here you can find information about which fruit and/or vegetable + some additional natural supplements are recommended as natural remedies for a specific health issue.

We prepared for you a lot of free healthy juicing and smoothie recipes for preventing, easing, and healing different health problems. They are very healthy and what is also important, they can be very tasty, too.

All natural fresh juices and smoothies for a better health.

In addition, we present free raw food and our homemade weight watchers recipes.

Delicious quick and easy to make healthy dishes are very efficient natural remedies, which will amazingly treat your body and soul.

Moreover, we bring you beneficial information on nutritional supplements and we gathered for you interesting suggestions on different plain home natural remedies and treatments based on people's wisdom.

We provide also many serviceable advices on juicing, you can find out how to make a smoothie and much more.

However, to be able to prepare healthy juices, you need a juicer and for preparing healthy smoothies, you need a blender. With valuable hints, we will help you choose the best juicer and the best blender for your needs.

What Everybody Ought to Know about
Healthy Juices and Smoothies

Importance of Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition
for our Health

Fruits and vegetables are surely superfoods, important natural remedies, since they contain enzymes, minerals, organic vitamins, fibers; in green drinks prepared from green fruit and veg there is also chlorophyll and living water.

Running and bottled water is not alive, vitamins and minerals are in inorganic form. On the contrary, in fruits and veggies there is water in which vitamins and minerals are bound in organic form, the same as in our bodies.

Fruits and vegetables from our backyard organic garden.

Our body contains an immense quantity of enzymes. Only fresh, heat-untreated food contains enzymes, therefore, it contains life. Enzymes are in every single body cell and by consumption of new enzymes, our body gets even more alive.

Regular consumption of chlorophyll assures body’s renovation. Pure blood drives on lymph cleansing system and helps our body to get rid of blocked filth. Special good effects can be expected if we mainly avoid absorption of starchy dishes, sugar, and heat-treated food.

Only in vegetarian food, you can find fibers that are essential for our good health. Chronic lack of fibres can mean that food stays in our guts too long and that can cause the rotting process.

What are the Main Benefits of Fruit/Vegetable
Smoothies and Juices?

Eating fruit is undoubtedly healthy; you also do a lot for your health if you eat fresh, organic vegetables. But can you imagine eating one kg of carrot and a bunch of nettles for breakfast? Or maybe four apples and two oranges? Could you force yourself to consume four external leaves of cabbage, cauliflower, or even greenery of turnip or beet? What about leaves of radish or bloomy salad?

Organically grown green veggies.

Firstly, we are talking about the quantity, and secondly, about the fruit and vegetable selection. Juicing and blending enable us the usage of whole fruits and veggies; also of certain parts, which we otherwise throw away. These parts are normally richer with useful substances than those, which we usually consume.

Another benefit of drinking fresh all natural drinks is that our body can absorb more vitamins and minerals than if we were to eat whole vegetables and fruits. Many of the nutrients are trapped in the fiber, and by blending and juicing we break down the fiber, we release the vital nutrients, and so we get amazing liquid natural remedies.

With healthy smoothies and fruit and vegetable juices we get the very best of what we planted or bought, we keep the very best for our health.

What is the Difference Between these Two Types
of Liquid Natural Remedies?

The appearance alone differs a lot.

Homemade healthy mixed juices.

Juices are thinner and more liquid. With juicing, you get only juice from fruits and/or vegetables, all the rest, including fibers, is left behind.

Smoothies are normally much thicker. You get them by blending whole fruit and/or vegetable pulp, including the fiber. Additionally, you can prepare them with various nutritional health supplements, for instance with milk, yoghurt, seeds, oils … The thickness of your smoothies is your decision. It depends on what and how much of something will you add.

What is Better then, the Juice or the Smoothie?

There are particular benefits associated with both groups of drinks.

Juices are efficient natural remedies since they provide nutrients at top speed. Our bodies absorb their goodness with maximum efficiency, unhindered by any need to break down and digest bulkier foodstuffs.

The lack of them, being left behind in the juicing process, means that our body can assimilate the nutrients from this natural drink in a matter of minutes rather than hours. After drinking it, you feel invigorated almost immediately.

Fresh juice on a daily basis provides your body with a high dose of naturally derived nutrients that boost your health and help keep you well protected against toxins and diseases.

Green smoothies are much more than just a fashion.

Smoothies, on the other side, contain a good amount of fiber, which is an important nutrient. Indeed, fiber is an essential and all-too-often lacking ingredient in our diets. Not only does it help keep our guts moving, but it also helps them to be healthy and to maintain the right levels of good bacteria.

In addition to this, any drink using yogurt or milk, such as creamy smoothies, becomes an important source of protein, another foundation of a healthy nutrition.

Can these Health Drinks be a Food Substitute?

Juices no, smoothies yes.

Juices are a liquid multivitamin supplement for a balanced, optimum nutrition. It is also true that a bigger consumption of these tasty natural remedies means a big help with losing weight.

However, smoothies can be just liquid dietary supplements or even one of the healthy daily meals. It all depends on the ingredients, whether we use only fruit/vegetable (which fruit/ vegetable) or if we add yogurt, milk, boosters, or other good health supplements.

Like with everything in our lives, there are many theories. We have tried many different diets, which showed us the following: our bodies need all different kinds of nutrients, little by little. On the long run, only fresh juices and smoothies are probably not sufficient.

Anyway, they are for sure important natural remedies since they are excellent for slim diets, for detoxification diets, and for a quick body invigoration.

They are also perfect as a supplemental remedy for different disorders and diseases, for strengthening our immune system, and so on.

In any case, they are one of the healthiest and the most delicious drinks or foods and you will surely do yourself a big favor if you treat yourself with these tasty natural remedies at least in one meal per day.

Healthy juicing recipes and healthy smoothie recipes cannot solve all your health problems. However, healthy juices and smoothies prepared from different fruits and vegetables, with a help of nutritional health supplements are a must for achieving complete nutrition and a big help for being fit for life.

Our website helps you understand that fact and assists you in getting there.

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