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We are two women and we live in Slovenia, a small but mighty green and beautiful country.

My name is Andreja.

I have a family with two children, but first of all, I am married to my small firm. Like many people nowadays, I also suffer from chronic lack of time and stress.

Of course, when I’m on holidays with my family and my friends it is better, but sadly holidays are always too short. I also very much enjoy hiking in our beautiful woods, where I many times pick up herbs and wild plants.


I was celebrating 50th birthday last year ; With my son, Kos - Greece, 2010

When I was 25, my serious health problem began. I got different allergies, which lead to allergic asthma.

Official medicine, despite of the intensive treatment, could not help me a lot. Therefore, I discovered alternative healing.

I have tried many different therapies and many different nutrition diets. There were many pieces of information, which were changing and adopting all the time.

Sometimes I was very confused; I was not sure what was right and what would really help me. Anyway, throughout the years I have practiced different techniques and therapies.

Based on my practical experiences, I realized that there is no ultimate truth. I learnt that there is something good in every therapy, in every nutrition style, something usable, and last but not least, something healthy.


I love hiking ; Picking wild garlic in the woods

My main discovery is: Almost all the things, which we need to be healthier and therefore happier, are around us, we only have to recognize what Mother Nature offers us. With divine fruit and/or vegetable juices and smoothies, I found the right way towards much healthier life for my family and me.

And, my name is Tatjana.

Until recently, I did not meet really serious health problems. True, stress has been a part of my life for a long time, but I have successfully overcome it with different sport activities.


A boat trip to Goli otok ; Cycling on Island Hvar (all the Adriatic Sea)

I did not pay any big attention to alternative healing or to healthy nutrition until some time ago. There was simply no reason for that, so I wrongly thought.

As Andreja’s friend, I was many times exposed to her lectures about healthy nutrition, healthy life style, spiritual growth, universe, the Field, Karma, and Dharma and who knows what else. Mostly, I just listened and had my own ideas.

By the end of 2009, suddenly, my life changed a lot. My younger sister got very ill, without any pre-warning. It all happened literally over night and that changed her life and ours in a moment.

Official medicine did its job as much as they could, but that did not help a lot. So I/we resorted to alternative healing, to different massages, bioenergetics, acupuncture, and different food supplements.

We are convinced that this is the right way and we will do everything to get her back to her feet, back to tennis, skiing, hiking… back to sport that she loves the most.


With my sister ; My nephew Ozbej as a free climber

All our family gets lots of positive energy from our little nephew Ozbej. He's such a sweet boy, unlimited saurce of positive energy.

So Ozbej was dancing when he had 9 months


Our life paths differ a lot; nevertheless, we have been friends for many years.

We are now in our fifties and we have realized that we cannot do everything that we would like to do and what is maybe expected from us. We cannot save the world, we cannot stop the wars, feed hungry people, and we cannot save people from their hard lives.

Yes, we have been having a lot of good ideas and solutions, but we have not managed to cross our own threshold and bring them to life.

Still, we should do something, we should at least try, it is about time we did that…

And then we learnt about Site Build It, a powerful tool for creating websites. Our friend Tomaz, who created a few very successful websites, told us how this could be done. He introduced to us many facts, which prove that everybody could do it.

Great, we know what we would like to share, we have the best tool to do that, we have a strong determination to really do it, and we have the SBI support and our friend Tomaz to help us out whenever we are stuck.

All this may sound like a piece of cake for younger generations, but for us, it was a whole, big cake to be chewed. Nevertheless, we started very positively, with lots of energy.

Of course, we have had ups and downs, who hasn’t? Since you are reading our story now, that means that we have managed, hurray! It has been a tough, but even more very interesting, and educational job.

We hope that you are enjoying our site and that you will find many guidelines to a healthier and happier life for you, too.

Remember, the simplest things are always the best.

If you have any healthy juice or smoothie recipes, any other healthy diet recipes, or maybe some other good tips, which you would like to share, please, click here to contact us directly. We would be really glad to hear from you.

Enjoy and stay healthy


Andreja & Tatjana

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