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If you are looking for the most efficient juice extractor, is one of the Super Angel Juicers surely the right choice. These are the only all stainless steel juicers equipped with the shattering helical gear technology (SHG™) that produces the highest juice yield and the best quality all natural drinks of all types of juicer machines.

A very important fact is also that you are not limited by the juicing ingredients. This amazing juice magician can effectively process whatever produce you would like, from all types of fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, herbs, and sprouts.

Its heart are two extra large SHG™ gears that take care for highly effective yet very safe two-stage juicing process. The machine triturates (grinds, crushes) the produce into the pulp first. Because of the unique technology is the grinding process very thorough. The fibers are ground evenly, the fiber cells are broken, and access to the healthiest nutrients deep in them is granted.

In the second step, the Super Angel Juicer literally "chews" the pulp and extracts superior quality fruit and/or vegetable juices. The results are always impressive, the best you can wish for.

The Super Angel, the only all stainless steel triturating juicer, is the most efficient juice extractor.

Without any doubt, if you are serious about getting the most health benefits from fruits, veggies and greens, if you would like to enjoy delicious homemade juices full of minerals, vitamins, and other vital nutrients, this is the right juicing device for you.

Furthermore, with the Super Angel Juicer you can prepare other healthy foods as well. With the optional Grinding (screen) housing you can grind grains and beans, you can make beautiful soy milk and tofu, frozen fruit sorbets, divine pate and nut butters …

Fascinating, isn’t it? Would you like to learn more? Here are truly astonishing facts:

The Super Angel Juicers
Specifications and Highlights

The old model, known as the Super Angel Juicer 5500, is slowly leaving the market. New models are called the Super Angel PRO, the Super Angel DELUXE, and the Super Angel PREMIUM DELUXE. Not only that the new models comply with U.S. electrical specifications, their performance is due to the below listed, newly added, and upgraded features even better:

- Anti-jamming system by self-adjusting speed control when overloading

- Automatic reverse function when jamming

- Newly designed main control board

- Automatic self-controlling motor thermal sensor

- Automatic cooling system when overheating inside the juicer

Following specifications and highlights are the same for all new models of Super Angel Juicers

Common Specifications:

Juicer type: Twin gear / dual gear / triturating

Wattage: 180 W

Motor: 1/4 HP, Grinding force 3 HP

Construction: The only twin gear juicer 100% made from high quality stainless steel materials. Incredibly sophisticated and efficient, the real state of art HD design, robust yet fancy, literally unbreakable, amazingly simple to use and clean.

Color: Stainless steel

Dimensions:  7.75 W x 19.50 D x 10.50" H (19.7 x 49.5 x 26.7 cm)
Feeding Chute: Circular, Dia. 1.75" (4.4 cm) – bigger than standard dia. 1.5" (3.8 cm)
Weight:  20.8 lbs (9.43 kg)
Warranty: 10 Years Motor & Gears, 5 Years on Wear and Tear items (plungers, cleaning brush, juice and pulp cups ...)                                  

Common Highlights:

- The lowest 82-86 RPMs of all twin gear juicers, 3 HP grinding force, and the three-stage twin gear and screen systems assure that during the juicing process almost no heat and friction is created. Therefore, juices are colorful, almost foam-free, resistant to oxidation, packed with the healthiest nutrients and enzymes.

- The unique thoughtful design, all stainless steel parts, and the incredible 3 HP squeezing force assure efficient juicing regardless of what you process. Even tough fibrous ingredients like wheatgrass or leafy greens do not represent any problem. True, there are designated wheatgrass juicers that are quicker, but the Super Angel Juicer is absolutely the best universal juice machine for juicing wheatgrass you can find.

- Universal 3-stage screen, automatic pulp ejection feature, and reverse safety button for almost effortless, extremely quiet yet superior effective continuous juicing process.

- Components included in every set no matter what model you choose (differencies are presented below)
  Motor base unit
  Splash guard
  Silicone O-Ring + 2 extra pcs
  Cleaning brush
  Scrubbing bristle
  Screen scraper
  Standard wooden pusher
  Wooden pusher with silicone seal
  Plastic pulp collector
  Glass juice collector
  Power cord
  Extra Fuse inside fuse box
  Instruction manual
  Juice recipe book

All Super Angel Juicer parts are made from high quality antibacterial stainless steel.


And here are the differences between three new Super Angel models:

Super Angel

Super Angel

Super Angel

Dissimilar Componets Included: .304 SS Twin gear set

.304 SS Standard extracting housing
.304 SS Twin gear set

.304 SS Standard extracting housing

+ Soft fruit extracting housing
.316 SS Twin gear set

.316 SS Standard extracting housing

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The Best Reasons to Get
The Super Angel

You might wonder why should you pay so much money for a juicer machine, much more than for the majority of other juice extractors.

The answer is very simple. Because you are buying "the Rolls Royce of juicers"! If you intend to juice various fruits and vegetables, including greens, wheatgrass, maybe sprouts as well, and you would like to enjoy maximum health benefits, this is the juicer machine you are looking for.

All known specifications and features guarantee the highest yields of juice and the best quality of homemade natural drinks. As you know, only organically (if possible) grown produce should be juiced. It is much healthier, but unfortunately also quite expensive.

So surely, you would like to get the best of it. Don’t worry, the Super Angel Juicer will take care of that! The price you pay will pay off with the maximum amounts of the healthiest juices possible.

All test results prove that triturating juicers extract even up to 50% more juice compared to centrifugal types, and from 20 – 30% more than single auger juicing machines, depends on the ingredients and the juicer type as well.

What amazes more is the fact that the Super Angel juice extractor provides even up to 10 - 20% more juice compared to other twin gear juicers. In addition, due to a larger feeding chute and the incredibly efficient SHG™ technology, is the juicing process for this juicer type very fast.

And that’s not all! Juices extracted by the Super Angel Juicer contain most essential nutrients and enzymes. An excellent proof is the analysis and the test report prepared by KAFRI, the Korea Advanced Food Research Institute.

They have analyzed calcium and magnesium content of 500 ml of juice, prepared from Angelica herb by different juicer types. The test result speaks for itself:

Centrifugal Juicer

Single Auger Juicer

Other Twin Gear Juicer

Super Angel Juicer


4.9 mg/kg

11.5 mg/kg

11.9 mg/kg

82.8 mg/kg


2.9 mg/kg

4.4 mg/kg

5.5 mg/kg

15.0 mg/kg

And we should not forget. Because of only four juicer parts that are made from high quality antibacterial stainless steel, can the Super Angel Juicer be put together or taken apart very easily and quickly.

It is extraordinarily simple to use, and cleanup is a piece of cake.

Mostly all parts of other triturating juicers are made from plastic materials + there are more components to be assembled and of course also to clean.

True, the plastic materials used are of very high quality.

However, neither of plastic materials cannot compare to stainless steel regarding durability and resistance to fruit and vegetable stains.

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to get the Super Angel Juicer. In any case, we are sure that you would like to have it. But, are you prepared to invest such amount of money?

It’s up to you to decide. It’s really all about your needs. The Super Angel is in many people’s opinion the best juicer they can imagine. However, your criteria and expectations could be different.

Whatever they are, you should not forget to ask yourself:

"What’s the price of your health?"

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