Health Benefits of Beet Juice
Testimonials and Facts

Universal health benefits of beet juice persuade everybody even though many
do not appreciate its taste.

Red beet is not "only" a type of root vegetable; it is also a very efficient home remedy for many different common ailments.

We bring you our genuine testimonials and facts about incredible beet juice benefits.

We drink it regularly, even more so when we have problems with cold, flu, or if we feel weak.

Here are our true stories that prove that red beet juice is really an amazing natural remedy for various health problems:

First Testimonial

When my mum was 62, she had a very serious surgical operation (heart valve
replacement). She had started with intensive consumption of beet root juice
a few months prior to the operation.

She had had two glasses of beet juice mixed with either orange or lemon juice
in equal proportions every day. Additionally, she had consumed one teaspoon
of royal jelly or honey before or after she drank the juice.

Due to a big blood loss, she has continued with this therapy also for six months
after the surgery.

Her recovery, also in her doctor’s opinion, was extremely fast, without any complication at all. For us this was a very clear evidence of health benefits of beet juice.

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Second Testimonial

When my daughter was 16, after a year and a half of living in a dorm, she completely exhausted her body. At that time, she was an active athlete, she was having hard volleyball trainings and competitions; and due to the demanding schoolwork was she even more under constant psychical stress.

I noticed her having all kinds of health problems, which were unknown to us before: fatigue, acne, pale skin, painful menstrual cramps and excessive blood loss during menstruation, low immune system, many joint injuries … and also her success at school was getting worse and worse.

We took her to the doctor and her blood test showed a catastrophe (iron 4.2 units; hemoglobin 76 units). Her doctor recommended injections or pills to improve the iron level. Due to many unpleasant and questionable side effects we did not follow his advice.

We were namely quite sure that the problems were mainly caused by poor nutrition  in the dorm. Before my daughter went there, she had regularly consumed fresh healthy juices, she had enjoyed their natural power, the incredible benefits of beet juice, too.

Red beet root juice is an amazing natural remedy that can help prevent and cure many common ailments.

We did and we still firmly believe that fresh juices must be a vital part of athlete nutrition. In the dorm, that was impossible. I have consulted a few doctors of alternative medicine and we have decided for following natural therapy:

• My daughter started to drink different fresh juices again, first of all beetroot juice, mixed either with orange or lemon juice in equal proportions.

• She began to take one teaspoon of royal jelly or honey before or after she
drank the juice.

• She immediately stopped to consume milk, dairy products, flour-gluten, white sugar, and almost all industrially processed foods.

For three weeks she drank at least four glasses of juice every day. Since this was happening in the springtime, we mixed healthy fruits also with fresh spring vegetables, like dandelion (also roots), nettles, parsley, and celery.

Already after two weeks her condition has improved a lot. It was clearly visible on her and the new blood test proved that as well. She has consumed beet juice intensively for approximately six months and her state of health has almost returned to normal. She kept consuming beet juice in smaller amounts for another six months and she felt great, she felt fit as a fiddle again.

From then on she has been very healthy, what she has to fight with are only minor colds occasionally. Beetroot juice and also other fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies became an even more significant part of her and our healthy nutrition.

How to Make and Drink Beet Juice

Undoubtedly, there are many health benefits of beet juice. However, you should know that it is a very effective detoxifier as well. Therefore, you should avoid beet juice side effects like nausea and vertigo.

Drinking fresh dark red juice is healthy, but you must not exaggerate with its amount. In order to enjoy all benefits of beet juice you should start slowly, you should give your body enough time to adapt. In the beginning is only one small glass of pure beetroot juice per day more than enough.

You can prepare mixed beet juice recipes; you can mix beet with carrot, orange, apple, or lemon juice. In this way, you will improve its taste; what is more, you can consume larger amount of such mixed juice from the beginning; at least two glasses (½ liter) per day.

Beet juice should be mixed with juices high in vitamin C, to stimulate iron absorption and it will taste much better too.

Mixed beet juice recipe is not recommended only to cover up the taste of beet. For easier iron absorption lots of vitamin C is needed. The combination of beet juice with juice high in vitamin C is a perfect solution.

When my children were small, they did not like the taste of red beet root juice. I solved that problem with the help of my juice extractor. I mixed fresh beet juice with another fruit juice (usually an orange), and I added some honey as well. My children loved such mixed vegetable fruit juices and in addition, in such a way they enjoyed beet and orange juice benefits at the same time.

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Incredible Health Benefits of Beet Juice

Beet is irreplaceable; it is one of the best rejuvenating types of vegetables. Here are some proven benefits of fresh red beet root juice:

• It strengthens the organism and boosts stamina.

• It stimulates the immune system, the activity of breathing enzymes, and appetite.

• It accelerates bile secretion.

• Beet root juice prevents cold and flu.

• It reconstructs blood, therefore, it obstructs cancer cells development.

• It accelerates cells growth and restores cell nucleus.

• It heals malaria and regulates blood pressure.

• Red beet juice lowers the body temperature.

• It strengthens tissues, skin and vein walls, and removes metal toxins from the brain.

• It accelerates the formation of red corpuscles, therefore, it enables better supply of cells with oxygen.

• Fresh beet juice takes care of the optimistic mood.

• It makes hair and nails shinny, and gives elasticity to skin.

• It is a very efficient detoxifier, it purifies and detoxifies the liver, kidney and urinary bladder.

• It is one of natural remedies for constipation, it draws off water and acids.

• It is recommended for patients with leukemia.

• It is almost irreplaceable restorative for convalescent patients …

Red beet is a rich source of vital minerals and vitamins, folic acid, proteins, and natural sugar.

Health benefits of beet juice are based upon its nutritional value. Beets are a rich source of iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iodine, provitamin A, vitamins B and C, sugar, proteins, sodium, and they are really high in folic acid. Among all vegetables, they contain the most natural sugar; in 100 g of red beet there is even one teaspoon of it.
Of course, you will gain the most benefits of beet juice and/or beet from organically grown beetroots from your home vegetable garden or from an organic food store.

We cannot know, whether the therapies, which we have performed, would have the same effect on everyone. Nevertheless, our good experiences proved us amazing health benefits of beet juice.

Why wouldn't you try it? We are sure that beet juice will help you make your fit day, too.

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