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Are you looking for excellent tips on blending healthy smoothies in order to enjoy all raw food advantages for your health?

You most probably already know how to make a smoothie. Nevertheless, information on natural-juicing-remedies.com will surely give you another perspective on making these amazing healthy raw food drinks.

We prepared for you seven extensive tips on preparing healthy smoothies. We recommend you to study all of them, from the start …

Tip 1 - Find the Best Blender for Your Needs

You should blend all ingredients in a smoothie machine and you will get a thick, smooth texture, which is very nutritious, vitalizing, and has an alkaline effect on your body.

For blending healthy smoothies, you can use all different edible fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, in your smoothie blender you should also perfectly blend various health nutritional supplements, such as nuts, seeds, sweeteners (honey, aloe vera syrup, maple syrup), yoghurt, sour milk, pot cheese, ice cream, oils, etc. and ice cubes, too.

When checking different blender types and models you should be cautious. You should know the criteria, which should determine the proper type and model for you.

For blending healthy smoothies, we have used for many years our old jug blender model with motor power 600 W.

Only after we bought a new bigger, more sophisticated countertop blender with a much more powerful motor, we have realized the big advantages that our new food blender offers us.

Nevertheless, you can choose among two basic blender types; immersion blenders (hand blenders) and countertop blenders (jug blenders). Food processors are a special category.

Tip 2 - The Importance of Raw Food
for Our Health

For blending healthy smoothies, you will need some time and effort. First of all, you will need fresh fruit and vegetables or they should at least be suitably stored and kept.

You should use ecologically grown and pesticides-free vegetable and fruits. Only in such way, you will be able to enjoy all advantages of organic food.

The best you can do is to simply go to your organic vegetable garden and pick up fresh organic vegetable and fruit whenever you like.

Or go to the nature, to the woods or meadows and pick edible wild plants and herbs like dandelion, nettles, wild garlic, hop sprouts … So not only do you get the organic health food, you can also enjoy a genuine contact with the soil and the beneficial recreation in the fresh air, outdoors.

In such fresh fruits and vegetables there are the biggest amounts of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals; the majority of essential natural nutrients.


Maybe growing organic vegetables is impossible for you, not even in your indoor vegetable garden! Yet, there is a solution. In organic stores, you will surely find a proper quality.

In any case, fruits and vegetables for blending healthy smoothies should be seasonal and locally grown. In such way, they are really fresh and, what is more, the price is lower.

Of course, according to the taste, you can always use properly stored exotic vegetables and fruits, too.

For blending healthy smoothies, you may use all kinds of different healthy fruits and all parts of veggies, also green vegetables, from root to leaves.

Besides vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, in green leaves of root vegetables (carrot, beet, turnip, kale …), there is also a textured vegetable protein, which replaces meat protein, and an enormous amount of chlorophyll.

Hint: Where we live, there is not a big offer of fresh organic vegetables and fruits available in the wintertime. So, when blending healthy smoothies then, we enrich the taste of winter vegetables and fruits with frozen fruits and veggies from our backyard vegetable garden or from the woods. Nutritional value of such frozen produce is still much better than of those “fresh” which we can get in our stores.

Tip 3 - Wash, Clean, Peel, Chop, and Blend

• Fruit and veg, which are meant for blending healthy smoothies, must be properly cleaned and washed. For washing, you can use special organic preparations, which remove almost all “filth” from the surface, including harmful chemical substances.

Peeling fruits and vegetables is not necessary. Natural and organically grown products are blended completely, with the peels.

That is a big advantage since under and in the peels there are the majority of healthy nutritious substances. By peeling, the nutritional values of fruits and vegetables are reduced and you cannot enjoy the benefits of healthy smoothies completely.

However, you should take care and remove unhealthy pesticides, bacteria and viruses from the surface completely. If you decide for a special fruit and vegetables washing appliance you will surely do a lot for your health.

Of course, you cannot use thicker peels, which could even damage your smoothie blender (like a pineapple, a watermelon, a banana, a pomegranate) and you should remove peels with bitter taste (an orange, a lemon …).

Small seeds from vegetables (such as a cucumber, a pumpkin…) and fruits (such as a watermelon, a pear, an apple, a citrus…) are a rich source of nutritional substances.

Therefore, for blending healthy smoothies they should not be removed, they should be blended too. However, maybe you will not like some tastes (citrus seeds are for instance bitter) so you have to be cautious. Blend and try, and you for sure will find out the best ratio for you.

Nevertheless, small seeds cannot be blended properly in smoothie blenders with a weak motor power. This is another good reason why you should get yourself a blender model with min. 1.000 W. If more, even better.

Hard stones must be removed (cherries, a peach, an apricot...) since they would damage your smoothie machine.


• Before blending healthy smoothies, you should chop fruits and veggies to convenient pieces, which influence the blending time. In order to prevent the extensive heating of a smoothie blender and so the reduction of the nutritional value of smoothies, the blending time must not be too long.

More powerful the smoothie machine is, shorter the blending process time is and more healthy nutritious substances are preserved.

• You should not put too many ingredients into a fruit machine at the same time. You should add the cut up fruit and vegetables gradually, piece by piece.

• It is necessary to blend all of the components to a liquid form, to the smallest pieces possible. For easier blending healthy smoothies, you should add some liquid such as living water, coconut water, orange juice, apple juice, green tea, soya, or rice milk…

Try to add a cup or two, depending on how smooth you would like your homemade beverage to be. Instead of some liquid, you can add ice cubes, which will refresh the taste.

Tip 4 - Rotate Edible Fruits and Vegetables

• You should rotate edible fruits in your homemade fruit smoothie; so you will enrich the diversity of tastes and nourishment.

• You should rotate the parts of green vegetables in your smoothie recipes.

For instance: You can firstly use leaves of root vegetables and for the next meal the root itself.

• You should also always rotate the green leaves, which you add to your green smoothies. Green leafy vegetable is very healthy, but still it contains a minor quantity of alkaloids.

It is not harmful; it even invigorates your body. But even if so, if you keep absorbing the same type of vegetable for a longer period of time, without rotation, the same type of alkaloids can build up in your body and possibly cause unpleasant toxic symptoms.

Tip 5 - Liberate Your Creativity by Using Nutritional Super Supplements

When blending healthy smoothies do not be afraid to experiment and discover unlimited options of tastes, smells, and colors.

For a better taste and higher nutritional value, you should add various natural food additives, which will also have a positive impact on your health:

• cold pressed oils

• nuts, seeds (flax, chia, sesame …)

• whey, milk (soya, rice, almond …)

• kefir, yoghurt

• spices and herbs (fresh, frozen, or powdered)

• water (living, coconut) …

• juice (apple, orange …)

The majority of nutritional health supplements you should gradually blend from the start on, together with fruits and/or vegetables. In such way, the blending process will be easier.

Again, what do you add and in which quantities, depends on your taste and your wish how thick you would like the drink to be.

But, be careful with oils; if you blend them too much, they change their appearance and structure. For instance: Olive oil becomes completely white.


I add oils at the end, when a smoothie is almost done. I lower the speed setting on the smoothie machine; I switch it on only for 2-3 seconds, only so much that I get a homogeneous mixture.

With a very powerful blender model, this is done even quicker, in a flash.

If you think that oil would spoil the taste, but due to the medical reasons, you would still like to consume it, you can drink a spoon of oil before you ingest a smoothie.

I sometimes prepare a very thick smoothie, which I can eat only with a spoon. Such nutrient-dense beverage appeases my hunger and considering nutritious value and calories as well it is an independent healthy daily meal.

Hint: In the summer time, I pick balm and mint from my organic vegetable garden; and I prepare ice cream with soya milk and seasonal fruits. Peaches with balm; pineapple with mint and honey … hmmm, delightful, really worth trying it.

Tip 6 – Sweeteners for Your Smoothies

For blending healthy smoothies, you do not need white sugar.

You can just add some drops of maple, agave or aloe vera syrup, molasses, honey, or any other natural sweetener.

Be careful with the quantity, especially if you have diabetes. As you know, fruit itself contains sufficient sugar quantity.

If really necessary, add the sweeteners slowly and gradually.

With time, you will get used to the fruits’ and vegetables’ taste and you will not need sweeteners any more.

Tip 7 – Consumption and Preservation
of Healthy Smoothies

• The best it is that you consume smoothies freshly prepared, just after the blending process is finished.

• You should always take small gulps; a smoothie should be well stirred with saliva so that digestion can start already in your mouth.


• You can also pour homemade drinks in glass or plastic dishes, well closed, and store them in a fridge for a couple of hours or even for a whole day.

Indeed, some of the nutritional value is lost, but you can take such all natural drink to work or to school. Surely, it is still a much better meal than a smoothie, which you can get in a fast food or even any other restaurant.

As you can see, smoothies are much more than just a fashion. These healthy drinks can be very delicious, and what is even more important, they can be also very nutritious.

By following our tips, you will do yourself a big favor since you can gain lots of benefits of raw food for your health.

In addition, blending healthy smoothies is not complicated, it can be even a great fun for all the family. We do it regularly and hopefully our tips will help you to do it as well. Enjoy!

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