Cholesterol Lowering Foods
for Healthy Diet Menus

Cholesterol lowering foods and a proper diet to lower cholesterol play an essential role in a healthy lifestyle.

That is the best prevention and cure for high bad LDL cholesterol level and consequently coronary-heart diseases as well.

Do not worry. Low cholesterol diet does not mean you will have to starve. It just means that you will have to avoid or at least significantly reduce high cholesterol foods and consume low cholesterol foods instead.

Shortly, you will have to change your eating habits.

However, if your bad LDL cholesterol level is too high and in addition, you are obese, changes should be even more radical. You should change the selection of foods and the quantity as well.

On we present high cholesterol containing foods, which you should avoid and we recommend cholesterol lowering foods, which you should include into your diet for lowering cholesterol.

Firstly, it’s essential to realize the connection between cholesterol and diet and the importance of cholesterol lowering foods.

Cholesterol Lowering Diet

Proper nutrition significantly prevents and lowers high bad LDL cholesterol level and raises important good HDL cholesterol level. Improper nourishment is a direct cause of many modern diseases; through the excessive overweight, it can cause them also indirectly. For that reason body mass index (BMI) should be lower than 25 kg/m2.

With body weight reduction, total cholesterol level, unfriendly bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels are reduced, too.

Of course, we need the energy, which we get from foods, but it is important what kind of “fuel” drives our bodies. Scientists recommend that we should get 50-60% of calories from carbohydrates, 10-20% from proteins, and only up to 30% should come from fats in foods.

When preparing low cholesterol diet menus you should consider following guidelines:

High Cholesterol Food List

Max. daily cholesterol intake must be 250 to 300 g. In order to control it, you should consume less fat and less cholesterol. Therefore, you should stop or at least reduce consumption of following high cholesterol foods:

• Meat and Meat products

• Entrails

• Crabs and Mussels

• Eggs

• Whole Milk and Full Fat Dairy Products

It is clear that you should not consume high cholesterol egg yolks (egg white is cholesterol free), and you should avoid or at least limit consumption of other foods high in cholesterol. Instead of full fat milk dairy products choose healthier and still tasty skim milk and low fat dairy products.

Remove all visible fat from meat before cooking. Consume preferably types of meat with lower cholesterol content such as chicken and turkey meat (without the skin!), veal and rabbit meat.

Fish and Seafood to Control and Reduce Cholesterol

It is much better if you can replace red and white meat with seafood, even with shellfish. There are so many evidences that people, who consume fish on a regular basis, have much more healthier heart. That proves that fish and seafood are important cholesterol lowering foods.


Here are some examples:

• Eskimo people eat daily about 400 g of seafood rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Heart attack is almost unknown to them.

• Residents of Japanese fish villages eat on average 200 g fish per day and are therefore well protected against coronary-heart diseases.

• People of Sibiria consume huge fish amounts daily (sturgeon, starlet), which protect them against coronary artery diseases.

• The research performed in Norway proved that already 100 g of mackerel significantly dilutes blood what is visible already after six weeks.

Omega 3 fatty acids are the key reason why fish and fish oil is so healthy. Rich source of Omega 3 are also flax seeds, walnuts, leafy green vegetables, and plant oils.

Importance of Unsaturated Vegetable Oils

Only up to 30% of daily energy needs should be met by fats and that means only 65 to 80 g fats per day. Up to 30 g could be animal fats, the rest should be vegetable oils such as olive oil, turnip rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, or wheat sprouts oil.

Unsaturated cold pressed vegetable oils are namely cholesterol lowering foods, which help balance blood cholesterol.

Foods to Avoid High Cholesterol

The best diet for high cholesterol is not possible without a great deal of soluble fibers. Daily, you should consume at least 35 g of such fibres.

You should increase a portion of foods of vegetable origin and by doing that you will increase also a fiber part.

Soluble fibers bind to cholesterol and its products in the intestine and are eliminated with the stool afterwards. In such way foods rich in soluble fibers lower cholesterol naturally and efficiently.

Cholesterol lowering foods rich in soluble fibers:

Whole grains such as oat bran, wheat, rye, millet, barley and other cereals

Vegetables, especially beans and lentils, carrot, celery, spinach, head vegetables (cabbage, broccoli…), eggplants, artichoke …

Fruits like apples, bananas, citrus fruits, berries, avocado, …

Medical mushrooms like Shiitake, Maiitake, Reishi, Chaga …

Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazel nuts, Siberian cedar nuts …

Does it sound boring? It's up to you. You can still prepare healthy and delicious meals, full of vitamins, minerals, and needed fibers.

To get valuable ideas you should check the comprehensive website successful-diet-cabbage-soup where you will find beautiful cabbage recipes and much more.


Good Cholesterol Foods

Garlic and onion are irreplaceable foods to help lower LDL cholesterol and they help raise good cholesterol level as well.

Good HDL cholesterol level is for some scientists the most critical risk factor for a heart attack. The best good cholesterol foods are onion (at least half of onion per day) and garlic (at least 2 – 4 bulbs per day). Many researches proved that onion and garlic preparations raise good HDL cholesterol level and reduce bad LDL cholesterol level and blood pressure as well.

It is known that in ancient France people gave their horses’ onion and garlic to prevent and heal blood clotting. It’s strange that nowadays, when humans massively die of coronary-heart diseases, this knowledge is not spread among people better.

And good news for you … you do not have to give up on chocolate. In contrast, you should include chocolate into your cholesterol diet plan. We are talking about black or “plain” chocolate, which is important kind of cholesterol lowering foods.

It contains amazing antioxidant flavonoid, which prevents binding and depositing of erythrocytes on artery walls. However, do not exaggerate; two or three pieces a day will do the job.


You should take care about proper hydration, too. Besides sufficient water quantity, you should drink also green and black tea, which will help you control your cholesterol level.

Green tea and black tea as well is rich in antioxidants, which help lower blood pressure and prevent oxidative reactions of bad LDL cholesterol. At least two cups a day will help you a lot.

Do you need more guidelines on cholesterol lowering foods that you should include into your cholesterol diet? Follow this link and choose Cholesterol Calculator from Medicine & Health Care from the NavBar on the left hand side. You will get a list of low cholesterol foods and high cholesterol food chart, which will help you prepare your low cholesterol diet plan.

Food Preparation Method is Extremely Important

Besides consumption of cholesterol lowering foods, it is mighty important how the dishes are prepared.

Do not consume fried food. The healthiest methods of food preparation are cooking, stewing in own juices, and grilling. However, you should consume also lots of raw food, especially fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Healthy, tasty, and easy way to get more cholesterol lowering foods into your diet is through homemade all natural juices and healthy smoothies.


It is important that you limit the intake of salt and other sodium forms. More or less we daily consume approx. 10 g of salt, what is more than we usually need. Too much salt intake might cause high blood pressure in some persons.

All hypertension patients, especially obese people, diabetics and people with weakened liver function, should therefore limit the intake of salt to max. 6 g per day (one full teaspoon).

In cooking, you should reduce salt intake by using other spices (like garlic, pepper, vinegar …) instead. Moreover, you can take various healthy ingredients and prepare beautiful homemade spice blend.

Besides salt, you should reduce sugar intake together with fats as well. You should avoid high cholesterol foods like dry meat products, canned foods, junk and fast food, and other industrial foods.

Yes, probably you have to make many changes. However, start with the changes gradually. Slowly reduce the intake of cholesterol high foods and replace them with cholesterol lowering foods.

In one or two years time your nutrition will be significantly healthier. With time, you will realize that cholesterol lowering foods are tasty and you can prepare beautiful healthy dishes out of them.

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