A Countertop Blender
An Irreplaceable Kitchen Master

Our countertop blender has been definitely our most important kitchen aid ever since we have discovered the importance of raw food diet for our health.

As you already know, countertop jug blenders are stationary multifunctional kitchen appliances, which are perfect especially for preparing different blender drinks, including healthy smoothies, cocktails, frozen blender drinks, milkshakes, and for crashing ice.

On natural-juicing-remedies.com we clarify some very important aspects that will help you decide, which jar blender you should get.

A Motor is the Most Important Part of
a Jug Blender

A blender motor is a heart of every jar blender. Jug blenders motors are usually more powerful than motors of immersion blenders. You can choose among 200 W and even up to 1.500 W and more.

Blending ingredients, blending amounts, and how often you will use your blender machine should lead you when choosing the wattage.

Weaker jug blenders are normally cheaper, but it is a big question, whether such jar blender will serve you well enough for a longer time.

Already if you are looking for a smoothie blender or a cocktail blender, you must know that crashing ice in a weak blender would be a tough, long, and questionable job.

Therefore, it would be better to check among at least 500-600 W smoothie makers.

More powerful blender motors assure also frequent blending without danger of burning out.

Best Powerful Multifuncional
Countertop Blenders

For many years, we have been using our old countertop blender with motor power 600 W. After we had realized the importance of raw food for our health, we started to consume healthy smoothies and other incredible raw food dishes on a daily basis.

We have realized that we have to get more powerful, multifunctional food blender, which will enable us to get from the blending ingredients the very best for our health.

We have been deciding among following amazing powerful blenders:

- Blendtec Hp3a 1560-Watt Home Blender

- Vitamix 5200c Variable Speed Countertop Blender

- Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series, Platinum

- Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500

- Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend, 2 Speed

- Waring MX 1000 Professional Commercial Blender 3HP/2HP

- Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge 1000-Watt Die-Cast Blender

- Ninja Model BL700 - Kitchen System 1100

- Ninja Model NJ602 - Kitchen System 1100

- KitchenAid 5-Speed Custom Metallic Blender

Just click on the text link or on the images above and you will get all products' features, descriptions, most helpful customer reviews and much more.

In the end, we chose the Blendtec Hp3a Total Blender. A few months later our friends bought the Vitamix 5200c. We all are extremely satisfied with our purchases.

Therefore, if you are thinking to get a really powerful multifunctional high performance blender, we strongly recommend either the Blendtec Total Blender or one of the Vitamix Models. Whichever you take, it will be a perfect decision, your long-term important investment into a healthy lifestyle!

Speed Setting of a Jar Blender

Different models of jug blenders come with different speed settings available, even up to 16. In any case, you should choose a jar blender with multiple speeds that allows you an excellent blending control.

A pulse option enables you easier and better ice crashing, so it is a must especially for smoothie and cocktail blenders.

If you decide for a model with integrated wave action technology, you can expect even smoother blending results.

Characteristics of the Blender Jars

A jar itself is an important blender part too. Firstly, different blender models have jars in different sizes. Bigger amounts of blender drinks you intend to blend, bigger a jug should be. In addition, bigger a jug is, more powerful a blender model should be.

Secondly, jars are available in different materials. You can pick among a glass jar, a plastic jar, or a stainless steel jar.

Countertop-Smoothie-Blender-Glass-Jar-Jug-Scale It is true; a glass jar can be broken easier. Nevertheless, it is scratch resistant and has many additional advantages. It is heavier and so more stable, it does not absorb odors from the content, and it is easy to clean.

A plastic jar is normally produced from polycarbonate. It is lighter than jugs made of other materials. That is why blender machines with plastic jars are less stable. Jars made from plastic do not break easily, but they are scratch sensitive and plastic absorbs odors from the content.

Stainless still jars are very durable, normally very fancy, and stylish. The bad thing about such stainless steel kitchen appliances is that you cannot see inside a jar when blending. You have to stop the process and open a lid to see the result. A stainless steel jug also does not have measuring markings, which are available by other two materials.

You should check a jar spout’s shape as well. It should enable you easy and clean pouring into glasses.

If you are looking for a cocktail blender, you should maybe check dedicated blender models for frozen blender drinks. The jars on such blender machines are better isolated, they are bigger or there are more jugs on the same blender machine available.

There are even dual-wave cocktail blenders with two or multiple jugs available that offer you unlimited creativity by preparing your favorite cocktails regarding amounts and tastes as well.

Design of a Jug Blender

Since a countertop blender will probably find a permanent spot on your kitchen counter, you should pay attention also that its look will match with your decoration.

You can choose among many blender models, among many different styles and colors, even among black kitchen appliances.

However, we think that blender design and color is important, but it should not be the decisive criterion.

Without a lid placed tightly on a jar, blending is impossible. OK, it is, but you can get the blending ingredients smeared all around and you most certainly would not like that. A blender gasket, called also a seal ring, must fit 100% in order to play its significant role, as it should.

Some smoothie machines have lids with a removable part, called a fill cap. It enables you to add blending ingredients while blending without stopping the blending process.

You also should check a rubber grip at the bottom. A blender machine must be stable, it must stick to the grounding perfectly. You surely would not like the “jumping” action of your smoothie machine. It would be dangerous and surely very noisy. The most stable are heavier blender models with the rubber grip feet.

A Blender Should be Easy to Clean

You should make sure that cleaning of your new kitchen appliance is as simple as possible. Materials from which blender parts are produced, are very important.

Blender blades must be produced from hardened stainless steel; otherwise, they will be useless in a very short time. Regarding washing, the most important is that all blender parts, including blender blades, are easily removable from a basic unit and dishwasher safe.

You might already know that push buttons on different appliances are complicated to be cleaned. In order to avoid such problem, you can pick instead of a blender model with push buttons a blender machine with touch switches and pads.

Pros of a Countertop Blender

• It is perfect for blending different blender drinks, such as vegetable and/or fruit smoothies, cocktails, milkshake, and frozen blender drinks.

• With the most powerful multifunctional countertop blenders you get more kitchen appliances in only one amazing machine: a grain mill, a bread machine, an ice-cream maker, a smoothie maker, a blender, a milkshake maker, a coffee grinder, and an ice crusher.

• Countertop jar blenders with appropriate wattage are excellent for crushing ice.

• Smooth blending result.

• According to delicious blender recipes you can prepare bigger amounts of various blender drinks.

• A multiple speed setting and a pulse option guarantee good blending quality and a short blending time.

• A jar blender is quite easy and safe to use, also for the persons, who are not really “kitchen experts”, including kids.

• Cleaning is simple and quick as long as all blender parts are removable and dishwasher safe.

Cons of a Countertop Blender

• Jar blenders with weaker motor power are not multifunctional kitchen appliances, they are not appropriate for blending solid foods, they are not meant for diverse kitchen jobs like grinding, chopping, grating, kneading, and pureeing.

• Different healthy nutritional supplements for smoothies, such as nuts, seeds, spices, and herbs cannot be ground in a weaker countertop blender; they are crushed to smaller pieces. The result is that not all healthy nutritious benefits can be gained.

• Jug electric blenders are normally too heavy and too big for a portable blender. They need some counter space, yet, depending on a model.

• For easier cleaning blender blades must be removable. Unfortunately, jug blenders with detachable blades are more likely to leak than jar blender models with non-detachable blender blades.

• Countertop blenders can be quite noisy, especially those, which do not stick to the grounding well enough.

• Blender replacement parts for cheaper blenders are many times not available. So, a jagged blade or a broken jar by such models can only mean a purchase of a new blender machine.

• The best multifunctional jar blenders, with a powerful motor, with more speed settings, and a pulse option, are quite pricey. However, considering all advantages they offer, this “deficiency” is more than justified.

Before you make your final decision, you should study the most important criteria, which will help you make the right decision.

Your new countertop blender can play an irreplaceable role in your kitchen. Or … it can be also just one additional semi-significant small kitchen appliance. The choice is yours.

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