Best Countertop Blenders
Irreplaceable Kitchen Masters

Our countertop blender has been definitely our most important kitchen helper ever since we have discovered the importance of raw food diet for our health.

Countertop or jug blenders are normally stationary multifunctional kitchen appliances, which are perfect especially for preparing different blended drinks, including healthy smoothies, cocktails, frozen blender drinks, milkshakes, and for crushing ice.

Jug blenders with powerful motors, especially extremely powerful super food blenders, can do even much more.

They can perform many other kitchen tasks, they can make also ice cream, sauces, dressings, bread dough, soups, salsas … They can blend, chop, grind, grate, knead, puree, cook, and more - very efficiently and with ease.

Based on our experiences we clarify some very important aspects that will help you decide, which countertop blender you should get.

Countertop jug blenders can replace many other kitchen appliances.

A Motor is the Most Important Part of
a Jug Blender

A blender motor is a heart of every blender. Countertop blenders are usually equipped with more powerful motors than immersion blenders. Normally you can choose from 200W and even up to 1.500W and more.

Blending ingredients, blender tasks, blending amounts, and how often you will use your blender machine should lead you when choosing the wattage.

Weaker jug blenders are normally cheaper, but it is a big question, whether such a blender will serve you well enough for a longer time.
Already if you are looking for a smoothie blender or a cocktail blender, you must know that crashing ice in a weak blender would be a tough, long, and questionable job.
Therefore, it would be better to check among at least 500-600W smoothie makers.
More powerful blender motors assure also frequent blending without danger of burning out.

Speed Setting of a Countertop Blender

Different models of jug blenders come with different speed settings available, even up to 16. In any case, you should choose a jar blender with multiple speeds that allows you an excellent blending control.
A pulse option enables you easier and better ice crashing, so it is a must especially for smoothie and cocktail blenders.

If you decide for a model with integrated wave action technology, you can expect even smoother blending results.

Characteristics of the Blender Jars

A jar itself is an important blender part too. Firstly, different blender models have jars in different sizes. Bigger amounts of blender drinks you intend to blend, bigger a jug should be. In addition, bigger a jug is, more powerful a blender model should be.
Secondly, jars are available in different materials. You can pick among a glass jar, a plastic jar, or a stainless steel jar.

Measuring markings on a blender jug.

It is true; a glass jar can be broken easier. Nevertheless, it is scratch resistant and has many additional advantages. It is heavier and so more stable, it does not absorb odors from the content, and it is easy to clean.

A plastic jar is normally produced from polycarbonate. It is lighter than jugs made of other materials. That is why blender machines with plastic jars are less stable. Jars made from plastic do not break easily, but they can be scratch sensitive and especially cheap plastic materials can absorb odors from the content.
Stainless still jars are very durable, normally very fancy, and stylish. The bad thing about such stainless steel kitchen appliances is that you cannot see inside a jar when blending. You have to stop the process and open a lid to see the result.

A stainless steel jug also does not have measuring markings, which are available by other two materials.
You should check a jar spout’s shape as well. It should enable you easy and clean pouring into glasses.

If you are looking for a cocktail blender, you should maybe check dedicated blender models for frozen blender drinks. The jars on such blender machines are better isolated, they are bigger or there are even more jugs on the same blender machine available.

There are even dual-wave cocktail blenders with two or multiple jugs available that offer you unlimited creativity by preparing your favorite cocktails regarding amounts and tastes as well.

Best Powerful Multifuncional
Countertop Blenders

We have used our old smoothie maker with motor power 600W for many years and it has served us quite well. But after we had realized the importance of raw food for our health, we started to consume healthy smoothies and other incredible raw food dishes on a daily basis.
We have realized that we have to get more powerful, multifunctional super food blender, which will enable us to get the very best for our health from the blending ingredients.

When we were buying our new super blender the offer was not as huge as it is today.

Anyway, we are glad we chose the Blendtec Total Blender. A few months later, our friends bought the Vitamix 5200c. We all are extremely satisfied with our purchases.

Therefore, if you are thinking to get a really powerful multifunctional high performance blender and you make the same choice as we or our friends did, you cannot get it wrong.

Whichever you take, it will be a perfect decision, your long-term important investment into a healthy lifestyle.

Not sure yet? Why wouldn't you check our blender buying guide that will surely help you make the right decision.

Your new countertop blender can play an irreplaceable role in your kitchen. Or … it can be also just another additional semi-significant small kitchen appliance. The choice is yours.

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