Different Types of Depression
Warning Signs and Symptoms

Knowing and understanding the depression warning signs is important to be able to fight this health problem successfully.

Do you ever feel down, sad, without positive energy to work and to socialize with others? Do you feel angry and despair about that, do you feel guilty?

Probably everybody goes through such short ups and downs occasionally. This is quite normal, especially nowadays. Luckily, these are not the signs and symptoms of depression you should be worried about.

They are much more severe and long lasting.

Depression in people causes inner changes in feelings and thinking, and outer changes in behavior and appearance.

The disease is not a cause of shame, it is very wide spread and nobody is immune to it. It can affect everyone regardless of social status, age, gender, or education.

It is important to recognize and understand the depression warning signs, to find out what the causes are and based on that to learn how to deal with it.

Depression is not a sign of personal weakness or incapacity. It is a disease, which can be successfully cured. On natural-juicing-remedies.com we have gathered important information, which will surely help you recognize and fight depression effectively.

What is Depression?

The signs of depression as health disorder are long-lasting (at least two weeks) physical and psychic changes and changes in individual’s social life.

Physical Depression Warning Signs

• Daily mood swings

• Sleep disorders

• Loss of appetite and sex drive

• Lack of motivation end energy

• Constant tiredness

• Incapability to enjoy, lack of desire, and enthusiasm

• Expressionless face

Psychic Signs of Depression

• Pessimism, melancholy, or feeling of internal emptiness

• Sense of guilt, inferiority, despair, and powerlessness

• Anxiety with typical signs like chest pains, heart pounding, digestive problems, sweating, hard breathing, pains in other parts of the body …

• Lower tolerance level

• More distinctive impulsivity and aggressiveness

• Loss of concentration and memory disturbance

• Frequent thoughts regarding death and suicide

Depression Warning Signs that Obstruct Social Life

• Loss of interest in other people

• Shutting away others

• Giving up favorite activities

• Lack of interest in personal appearance and hygiene

• Reduced work efficiency

These are common depression warning signs and it is rarely that a person experiences all of them. The disease is a combination of various physical and psychical disorders, which is many times accompanied with grief and sadness. Typical symptoms are a great burden for a depressed person and his closest relatives and friends.


Causes of Depression

Depression is the most frequent disease that affects mental health of people in the western world. According to the official statistics, every moment every 20th individual among us is depressed.

Its development is influenced by various environmental and inherited factors that increase individual’s vulnerability. There are indicators that depression can be hereditary transmitted, but it’s not researched yet how this can happen.

It is obvious that psychosocial environment and long lasting burdens have much bigger influence on development.

Main Common Depression Causes

• Financial Problems

• Unemployment

• Diseases – also diseases in closest relatives

• Relationship problems such as absence of a confidential person, conflict relationships, family upbringing

• Hard life events and turning points in life like death, divorce, migration, childbirth, job change, retirement …

Depression is more likely to occur in people who have experienced trauma, sexual or physical abuse, disability, loss of a loved person in young ages, alcoholism, or incomplete family structure.

The most common cause in adults is loss of a partner. Women are in bigger danger during pregnancy and in first months after childbirth.

Depression in Women

Depression is one of the main causes of incapacity for work in women between 15 and 44 years of age. Depression in women is even 2-3 times more common than in men.

Main reasons are combinations of following factors:

• Depression is many times connected to hormonal and biological changes in different life periods like menses, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause

• A combination of stress, insufficient social support, social expectations and worries for children and home can cause the illnes in women

• Hormonal medical treatments

• Women who were physical and psychical abused in childhood or later, suffer from severe disease form more often

Special Depression Warning Signs in Women

• Frequent moods swings

• Excessive sleepiness

• Increased appetite

• Heavy arms and legs feeling

• Interpersonal rejection sensitivity


Postpartum Depression

Quick hormonal reduction after childbirth affects mood too. Therefore, short periods of emotional disturbances a few days after labor are common and in majority of mummies only temporal. The most common symptoms are moods swings, increased weepiness, fears, uncertainty about a new mom’s role, and excessive sensitivity.

Do not worry, such short downs are not the signs of postpartum depression. This is a normal reaction and symptoms usually disappear within a few days or weeks.

On the contrary, postpartum depression is a disease, it is a mood disorder, which also appears some days or some weeks after childbirth.

It is connected with the hormonal oscillation. Such changed emotional state lasts continuously days, weeks, and even months and it should be treated appropriately.

Therefore, young mummy, her relatives, and friends should pay attention to:

Signs of Postpartum Depression

• Bad fatigue, feeling of loneliness, doubt about myself, feelings of inadequacy

• Frequent moods swings, irritability, apathy

• Incapacity for joy with a baby, accompanied by a sense of guilt and insufficiency

• Fears connected with child’s health

• Sleep and/or eating disorders

• Bad anxiety, panic attacks (dizziness, vertigo, fear of death)

• Suicidal thoughts


Depression in Men

Depression in men is less common than in women. Besides, also signs of the disease in men many times differentiate from common depression warning signs. Or we should say … there are additional signs and symptoms of illnes in men you should be aware of.

Special Signs of Depression in Men

• Lower tolerance level for stressful life events

• Anger attacks

• Feeling burn out

• Excessive physical activity or

• Lost interest in sport or work

• Violence

• Alcohol and drug abuse

Teenage Depression

Teen depression is many times hard to recognize since the signs are very similar to feelings that accompany everyone during growing up years. Therefore, the warning signs of depression in teens can easily be overlooked and classified as “years of distraction and searching for myself”.

For teenagers it is normal that they are often tense, in a bad mood, edgy and cranky, excessive emotional, and with lots of ups and downs in their moods. These reactions are the consequence of increased amount of hormones and they come and go quickly.

But, be careful! When such feelings and symptoms last more than two weeks, every day, and most of the time, they are most probably the signs of teenage depression.


Teenage Depression Warning Signs

• Anger, sadness, frequent crying, bitterness, irritability

• Edgy, in constant conflict with other family members

• Overwhelmed by a sense of guilt for everything bad what happens in the family

• Sense of inferiority, worthlessness, and loneliness

• Numb and apathetic like nothing can hurt them

• Memory, concentration, and deciding problems

• Lost interest in hobbies and activities they once loved

• Pessimism, feelings that nobody understands them

• Self-harm, death, and suicidal thoughts

Like all types, teen depression does not only bring inner changes but it affects outer appearance too.

Outer Signs of Teenage Depression

• Neglecting personal hygiene and appearance

• Aggressiveness, rebelliousness

• Lack of energy and motivation

• Frequent fatigue, sleep disorder (they sleep too much or too less)

• Headaches, weaknesses, and pains with no reason

• Playing truant, escaping from home, involving in dangerous things

• Troubles at school

• Drinking, smoking, drug abuse

Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression

Characteristic manic depression warning signs are severe and incomprehensible mood swings between depression and manic. Bipolar disorder is a disease with two faces, with some typical signs and symptoms.

In the depression stage, a person is sad, he feels emptiness, he is apathetic and tired. On the contrary, in the manic stage a person is euphoric, he feels excessively good, there are no obstacles, he is in a very good mood, not tired at all.

Manic Depression Warning Signs

• Sadness, anxiety, a sense of emptiness and desperation

• Pessimism, a sense of weakness, worthlessness, and guilt

• Lost interest in things and activities they enjoyed before

• Sleep and/or eating disorder

• Lack of energy, irritability, concentration problems

• Headaches, digestive problems, pains throughout the body

• Thoughts of death and suicide

Manic Stage Warning Signs

• Extremely high energy level, excessive self-confidence, and determination

• Frequent imprudent actions like compulsive shopping and spending

• Quarrelsomeness, even aggressiveness

• A person in the manic stage usually does not need sleep, he can be awake even for some days straight

• Sufferers are constantly moving

Mixed Stage Warning Signs

• Symptoms of depression and mania are present at the same time or mood swings between depression and mania frequently throughout the day

• A person is exited and anxious, and restless and depressed at the same time

• Sleep and/or eating disorders

These are only some of known types of depression. This is a modern disease with many faces and for that reason, it’s impossible to know all about it.

However, it’s important to realize that it can affect everyone and that it should not be underestimated. Therefore, everybody should be able to recognize the depression warning signs in time to be able to fight and cure it efficiently.

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