Low Carb, Gluten, and Fat Free
No Bake Easy Dessert Recipes

Delicious desserts should be a perfect end of a perfect meal. Quick and easy dessert recipes, which we bring you, will help you fulfill this “task”.

These no bake desserts are quick and easy to prepare and what is more, they are very healthy.

For preparation of divine fat and sugar free low carb dessert recipes, you will need bio-organic ingredients and various dietary supplements, which are proven natural health remedies.

You will need a proper blender machine, too.

Our multifuncional powerful Blendtec Total Blender does the job just perfectly.

Great easy dessert recipes on natural-juicing-remedies.com were prepared by Mrs. Savina A. Ritter, a face force yoga master, a writer, and nutritionist:

Bio Pudding

Triple Perfect
Ice Cream

Sweet Polenta
Flat Cake

Royal Vegan

Raw Chocolate Cake
with Goji Berries

These easy dessert recipes give you an opportunity to prepare delicious gluten free desserts, effortless. You do not need to be a chef, these simple recipes are appropriate also for the beginners. There’s really no reason why you wouldn’t try and enjoy.

No Bake Easy Dessert Recipes for
Your Sweetest Fantasy

Rich Bio Pudding


• 40 g gluten free, bio-organic Vanilla Pudding powder
• 50 ml Rice OR homemade Almond milk
• 2 bars of Chocolate with Raspberries (with cane sugar)
• 5 fresh Cranberries
• a few Green tea leaves
• 3 drops of Argan oil



Stir into cold milk leaves of green tea and pudding powder. Cook and cool down. Decorate it with grated chocolate, cranberries, and sprinkle with argan oil.

Triple Perfect Ice Cream

Three best things are:

1. Beet / Goji Berries Ice Cream

2. Algae Ice Cream

3. Chocolate Ice Cream with Cayenne Pepper


• 4 Bananas
• 4 big tbsp Albumin Pot Cheese from whey
• 1 tsp Spirulina OR Chlorella Algae powder
• 1 tsp Noni juice OR Agave syrup
• ¼ tsp Cayenne Pepper
• 1 big tbsp Beet juice
• 1 big tbsp Goji Berries
• 1 big tbsp 100% biological, unsweetened Cocoa powder
• pinch of Himalayan salt
• Coconut chips
• 1 tsp Bee Pollen



Chop bananas into pieces and freeze them.

Put into a blender machine one frozen, cut banana, add two tbsp pot cheese, Goji berries, and beet juice. Mix – and make two ice cream balls.

Then put into the blender one banana, one tbsp pot cheese, noni juice (or agave syrup), and algae powder. Mix – and, again you get two ice cream balls.

Last but not least, now it’s time for chocolate ice cream. Put into the blender mixer two bananas, cocoa powder, one tbsp pot cheese, cayenne pepper, bee pollen, and pinch of salt. Mix and form two more ice cream balls. Decorate them with coconut chips.

A beautiful easy dessert recipe for amazing ice cream!

Sweet Polenta Flat Cake
with Cranberries and Peanuts


• 150 g ecologically grown Polenta
• Neem OR Chamomile tea
• 30 g Cranberry powder
• 2 big tbsp bio-organic, unsweetened Peanut butter
• 1 big tbsp Turmeric (Curcuma longa) powder
• 1 tbsp Agave syrup
• pinch of Salt flower



Cook polenta in tea and mix into curcuma, cranberry powder, salt flower, and agave syrup while it is still hot. Pour it into cake tins and wait to cool down. Spread peanut butter over it and enjoy.

Royal Vegan Strudel


Strudel Dough:

• 300 g Almonds
• 3 big tbsp Noni juice
• 1 tbsp virgin Coconut oil OR heat-untreated biological butter
• pinch of Salt flower
• 5 drops of Evening Primrose oil

Strudel Filling:

• 2 Apples
• 1 Beet
• Cinnamon
• 1 tsp Lemon OR Acerola juice OR Raisins OR Dates

Strudel Decoration:

• 1 Pomegranate



Grind almonds (in a coffee grinder or in a blender machine) and pour them onto a plate. Add salt flower, noni juice (or alternative), and oils (or butter). Knead well, pour batter onto baking paper, and roll it as thin as possible.

Grate apples and beet, squeeze the juice, and strew them evenly over the rolled dough. Add lemon and cinnamon and roll the strudel like a roulade. Put it into a fridge for an hour or so.

Before serving, cut it into pieces and decorate with a cleaned pomegranate.

Chocolate Heaven – Antioxidant Rich
Raw Chocolate Cake with Goji Berries


Cake Dough:

• 200 g Cashew nuts (Indian nuts)
• pinch of Himalayan salt
• 1 tbsp Virgin Coconut oil
• 2 big tbsp 100% biological, unsweetened Cocoa powder
• 5 Dates without stones OR 0,5 dl Cili fruit juice
• 1 tsp Maca root powder

Cake Filling:

• 1 big tbsp unsweetened Kaki jam (or made from any other fruit)

Cake Coating:

• 3 big tbsp Albumin Pot Cheese from sweet whey
• 3 big tbsp Goat Cheese Mascarpone
• 2 big tbsp 100% biological, unsweetened Cocoa powder
• ½ tsp Ashwagandha powder (royal herb of Ayurveda)
• 2 big tbsp Goji Berries

Cake Decoration:

• 1-2 tbsp 100% biological, unsweetened Cocoa powder
• Almond crisps / Goji Berries (optional)



Grind cashew nuts in a coffee grinder, pour them after into a blender, and add other ingredients for cake dough. If you have a good blender model, you do not need a coffee grinder. You simply put into the blender machine cashew nuts first, grind them, and add other ingredients into the blender afterwards.

Blend up the dough ingredients well and pour the batter into a cake pan.

Spread a thin layer of Kaki jam over the top of the cake.

Now put into the blender machine the ingredients for the coating. Blend them well, you need to get completely smooth paste. Spread a thick layer of the paste over the cake.

Sprinkle the cake with cocoa powder and decorate with almond crisps and Goji berries (optional).

Put the cake into a fridge for a couple of hours (or even into a deep freezer for a shorter time). The cake must cool down well. In addition, the cooling process results in a beautiful mixture of tastes. The best is the cold cake the day after.

We enjoy all these easy dessert recipes very often, without a bit of guilty conscience. They are all very tasty and healthy. However, our favorite is Raw Chocolate Heaven cake. Which one is yours?

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