Green Smoothies
Healthy and Tasty Raw Food

Mhhm… green smoothies! So good, so healthy, so easy to make divine organic raw green food.

Green vegetable smoothies are already very popular nowadays. Surely, their popularity will grow further since these amazing all natural drinks are a perfect solution for everybody who would like to enjoy all benefits of raw food for health.

On we concentrate on healthy nutrition, on importance of organic green raw food for our health.

We do not ask ourselves “Why go green” any more. We have already done it.

Green smoothies and other organic green foods are a very important part of our daily nutrition. We enjoy it very much, we feel great, and therefore we would like that more people would do it, too.

Green smoothies were “invented” by a master of raw food, Mrs. Victoria Boutenko, a cook and a writer (Green for Life, ...). People who are aware of the importance of healthy nutrition will for sure put these incredible all natural drinks on their menus.

The Essence of Green Foods

Everything begins with an inappropriate nutrition, which is nowadays a real epidemic. Many scientists who fight cancer recommend “five units of fruit and vegetables” a day, but this piece of advice is often overlooked by the public.

The inappropriate and insufficient nourishment is responsible for many modern diseases.

Exactly leafy green vegetables contain an enormous amount of micronutrients, which can help us even when battling cancer. By consuming greens, we feel much better in a very short time.

Green smoothies contain a very concentrated quantity of greens, which enable us to consume more beneficial substances in only one meal than otherwise in a whole day.

All micronutrients we provide our body with, also prevent unnecessary emotional starvation, which is the consequence of lack of such essential nutritional substances.

Vegetables create cellulose; the firmest molecular structure on the planet. If we want to break the cell wall of vegetables (greens), we have to chew them thoroughly. That can sometimes be very difficult for our teeth; for people with false teeth almost impossible.

In general, a big problem is also lack of time; we do not take enough time for eating and proper chewing, so we hardly get to most precious nutritious substances, which are stored in vegetables’ cells.

A smoothie machine solves this problem. By blending, we get a smooth fruit vegetable smoothie. Fruits and vegetables, including greens are literally decomposed to very small pieces. In this way, we can take the benefits of all nutritional values of vegetables and fruits, and the digestion is much easier and better, too.

Making Green Vegetable Smoothies

The “greens” are not vegetables or fruits; they are the green parts, leaves of plants - like leaves of carrot, beet, or turnip. Mrs. Boutenko discovered that leaves contain much more vitamins and minerals than a bulb. In bulbs, there are more calories, grease, and carbs; in leaves, on the contrary, there are 2000 times more vitamins A and K.

These nutrition facts tell us why we should use green leaves for making healthy green smoothies. The healthiest from the nutritional point of view are the young plants, just before they go to flower. As ingredients for a green vegetable smoothie, we should use also wild plants like nettle, dandelion, different spices, and various herbs whenever possible.


For the beginning, it is enough to use up to 40% of dark green vegetables like kale, rocket, or spinach, and blend them with any edible fruit. For the start, you should perhaps use a banana, which covers the greens’ taste very efficiently. We like also apples, pears, a mango… Later, when you get used to the taste and the effect of green smoothies, you can change the proportion in favor of greens.

In order to increase the nutritional value of green smoothies you should add various dietary supplements. All depends on your taste, creativity, and wishes. With practice, you will recognize that there are unlimited combinations possible.

Health Benefits of Green Mushy Drinks

- With a smoothie blender we crash vegetable and fruit cells; that enables our body the access to the most valuable micro-nutrients in them.

- They are full of dietary fibers, which are very important for healthy intestine and detoxification of our body.

- Green smoothies are full of chlorophyll, which is the symbolic “blood of plants”. There are many chlorophyll health benefits: it purifies our blood, it cures bad breath and body smell. Besides, it strengthens the immune system and rejuvenates our body.

- Without any excessive effort, we get a sufficient daily dose of micronutrients.

- They are rich in anti-oxidants and fito-chemicals.

- They act alkaline; they reduce the acidity of our body and in this way, they prevent cancer cells growth.


Green smoothies are an incredible solution for everyone who would like to improve his / her poor nutrition significantly. They are low carb vegetable and fruit drinks and so very appropriate for the nutrition for the elderly as well.

And…what is the most important: Normally, it is very difficult to persuade toddlers to eat any type of vegetable, green leafy vegetable even impossible.

Now you can prepare a green smoothie, which will suit their taste and the problem is solved. They will surely love it. Healthy green smoothies will certainly become a part of their children nutrition and will stay a part of their healthy nutrition forever.

Hint: My children, when they were small, adored the spinach / banana and lettuce / banana combinations.

Green Vegetable Fruit Smoothie Recipes

You can find many recipes for green smoothies on the internet. Nevertheless, we bring you some free recipes, appropriate also for the beginners and children to help you get started:

Recipe No. 1 – yields 4 cups = 32 oz


• 2 Bananas
• 1 Cucumber
• 1 bunch Mangelwurzel
• 1 small bunch Parsley
• 2 Pumpkin Flowers
• 2 tbsp Hemp oil
• 2 tbsp freshly ground Hemp seeds
• 1 tbsp Sea Buckthorn powder
• 1-2 cups Coconut water

Recipe No. 2 – yields 4 1/2 cups = 36 oz


• 2 Apples
• ½ Avocado
• 1 Cucumber
• 1 bunch Chicory
• 1 small bunch Parsley
• 1 handful Nettle
• 2 tbsp Hemp oil
• 4 tbsp freshly ground Flax seeds
• 1-2 cups Coconut water

Recipe No. 3 – yields 4 1/2 cups = 36 oz


• 3 Apples
• ½ Avocado
• 1 bunch Spinach
• 1 small bunch Parsley
• 2 leaves Cauliflower
• 2 tbsp freshly ground Flax seeds
• 1 tbsp Sea Buckthorn powder
• 1-2 cups Coconut water

Recipe No. 4 – yields 4 cups = 32 oz


• 2 Apples
• 1 small Cucumber
• 1 bunch Mangelwurzel
• 3 leaves Celery
• 5 leaves Mint
• 1 handful Nettle
• 2 tbsp freshly ground Flax seeds
• 1 tbsp Sea Buckthorn powder
• 1-2 cups Coconut water

Recipe No. 5 – yields 5 cups = 40 oz


• 3 Apples
• 2 Cucumbers
• 3 handfuls Nettle
• 2 tbsp Goji Berries
• 1 tbsp Rice Protein
• 1 tbsp Sea Buckthorn powder
• 1-2 cups Coconut water

We like these green smoothies very much and we hope you will like them, too. In any case, enjoy preparing and consuming this incredible healthy raw green food!

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