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Are you looking for headache remedies, an efficient cure for obtuse or burning pains in your head?

A headache is a very common health problem known to almost everyone.

Honestly, we do not know anybody who does not suffer from this unpleasant condition, at least occasionally.

Luckily, you most probably think, there are painkillers, which help. That’s true, but this is not the best way to get rid of a headache.

There are effective natural headache solutions, which you should try before you get another dose of "healthy medicaments".

On our site we bring you proven home headache remedies and tips, which will help cure your pain and so ease your life much better.

Quick Headache Solutions

Could be an efficient headache medicine also for a cluster headache treatment:

• Planned relaxation, a neck massage and peppermint oil on your temples is often already enough to get rid of a headache.

• Put a gel cool cushion or a crumbled dice of ice wrapped in a towel on your forehead, temples, or neck for one minute. Make a three-minute break and then repeat the procedure.

• For headaches caused by tensed muscles use as a cure a hot compress or warm up the affected zone with a hair dryer. That will loosen the tensed areas.

• Double espresso with a splash of lemon is a miraculous remedy for milder headaches since caffeine blocks pain transfer.

Acupressure can also soothe the pain; squeeze the last knuckle of your little finger for about 30 seconds.

• Prepare a compress from a fresh, sliced lemon or potato and put it on your forehead or neck.

• Squeeze lemon juice, add a pinch of salt, and mix it until it melts. Soak a piece of gauze in it and use it as a compress on your forehead.

Lemon juice and soaking your feet in hot water help with headaches.

• With headaches, soaking your feet in hot water also helps. Hot bath redirects your blood to your feet, so it relieves the pressure in your brain veins. With very severe headaches, you should add to hot water some powdered mustard.

• You should reduce decantation of blood to your scalp. You can achieve that by binding a band or a shoelace around your forehead. Stretch it with such a force to feel the equal tension around your head. The band or the shoelace should be soaked in apple cider vinegar, which is a traditional home remedy for headache.

• Did you know that you could use a tennis ball as one of home headache remedies, too? Yes, simple and effective! You should lie down on your back and put a tennis ball under your neck, right under your skull bottom. Lie in this position for some time. The effect is similar as with a band or a shoelace.

Herbal Headache Remedies

There are many herbs and plants, which you can use very efficiently for a headache treatment:

• Rub a drop of lavender etheric oil into your temples or your neck.

• Massage your forehead, temples, and neck with lavender, marjoram (not appropriate for pregnant women), or chamomile essential oil.

Tea made of eyebright (Euphrasia rostkoviana) is also one of the effective headache cures.

Rosemary (as bath supplement or tea) takes care of the hormonal balance, strengthens, and calms the nervous system with a migraine or a tension headache.

Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium), an herb very similar to chamomile (for instance, as powder), is also one of known herbal headache remedies. It prevents the excessive secretion of serotonin, which narrows the veins, and that is one of the main causes for a migraine headache.

Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) is an efficient natural headache remedy and you can get it as tea. This herb is not called "the blooming aspirin" without a reason. It namely contains salicylic acid, which stops the pain.

• Another on the herbal headache remedies list is ginger, which has anti-inflammatory properties. You can add ½ tsp of fresh ginger juice to a glass of water or you can melt 1/3 tsp of powdered ginger in a glass of water and drink it 3-4 times a day.

• Drink mint, balm-mint, milfoil, mistletoe, thyme, or chamomile tea.

Apple cider vinegar with honey and hot chili peppers are excellent natural headache remedies.

• Inhale apple cider vinegar, rub your temples with lemon juice or a lemon peel, put a hot onion compress on the sore point, and lie down in a dark room.

• An excellent headache medicine is apple cider vinegar with honey. Add two tbsp of vinegar and one tbsp of honey to a glass of water. Take small gulps.

Hot chili pepper is also an outstanding home remedy for headache since it contains capsaicin, which is a local painkiller. By putting hot chili pepper on your tongue, your brains get a message to secrete natural narcotic endorphin, which blocks the pain.

Black and white pepper contains piperine, which is by structure very similar to morphine and has a similar effect as hot chili pepper.

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Headache Prevention

Home remedies and tips to get rid of a headache will surely help you, at least temporally. However, on a long run you must know that headache prevention is the best treatment.

Headache causes are very often a combination of physical, psychic, and external factors on which you, as a rule, can have an influence.

Stress is one of the major triggers. Psychical tension does not only affect the digestion but also the pain limit in our brains.

No matter whether you suffer from a chronic or only occasional headache, you should do something about that. You should observe yourself and if necessarily, change your lifestyle:


Take at least 15 minutes a day for yourself. Try not to be perfect, learn to say no. Either for prevention or for cure, relaxation is one of the most important headache remedies.

Regular Physical Exercise

Endurance sports, such as hiking or running three times a week for 30 minutes are also very good for preventing a headache.


Drink 2-3 liters of water per day. That will improve the transfusion of blood to your brains and prevent the pain.

Healthy Diet

Take care of a regular nutrition since hunger, resp. low sugar level in blood, can also cause a headache. Eat healthy; include fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

To prevent or to get rid of a headache, it is important to get enough of vitamin B3, which prevents vein contraction. You can find a lot of B3 in wheat sprouts, brewer’s yeast, roasted peanuts, and soya.

Cooking destroys vitamins. Fruits and vegetables, which contain lots of potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, and a little salt ease the tissue and prevent veins contraction. They are excellent home remedies for veins and nerves and therefore efficient headache remedies, too.

Fresh all natural homemade smoothies and healing juices are a simple and tasty way to get needed vitamins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients into yout diet.

If you prepare them from appropriate fruits and vegetables, additives, and certain herbs, you can get beautiful and efficient liquid Headache Remedies.

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