All You Need to Know about
Healthy Blending

Here you can find valuable information on healthy blending, which you should consider in order to get the most health benefits from your smoothies.

We are sure that fresh, homemade natural drinks should be a significant part of everyone’s optimum nutrition.

We bring you many free healthy smoothie recipes, which we recommend for prevention and/or relief for different health problems.

You do not know how to make a smoothie?

No problem! On we prepared for you excellent tips on making fruit and vegetable smoothies, step by step.

Tip 1 – a Blender

Without a proper smoothie blender, blending is not possible. When buying a smoothie machine you should know, which criteria are important when choosing the best blender for your needs.

Based on our needs we have decided for the Blendtec Total Blender with a 1560 W motor. We can tell you that it is just great, we are so very happy to have it. It is definitely our most important kitchen appliance.

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Tip 2 – Fruits and Vegetables

The main ingredients of smoothies are different fruits and vegetables, including edible wild plants and herbs. It is very important that they are as fresh as possible and organically grown.

Nevertheless, for preparation of homemade smoothies also frozen natural products can be used.

You can use almost all parts of different types of vegetables and fruits. Only in such way, you can really enjoy all benefits of raw food for your health.

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Tip 3 – Preparation of Blending Ingredients

Before you start healthy blending, properly wash and clean fruit and veg.

If you use only organically grown produce, water is sufficient for that purpose.

However, in order to clean vegetables and fruits really thoroughly, and first of all to remove all harmful substances successfully, we advise you to use either

- Organic natural washing preparations or

- Special sanitazing devices like the multipurpose
Tersano lotus LBU100 Sanitizing System

In such way you will be able to enjoy all health benefits of peels, which are a rich source of vitamins and minerals.
Of course, you will still have to peel fruits and vegetables with thicker peels and remove the skin, which taste does not suite you.

Before you start healthy blending you should chop the clean produce into properly big pieces. You should blend the ingredients gradually and you should add some liquid for easier blending.

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Tip 4 – Rotate Fruits and Vegetables

You should rotate edible fruits and vegetables and parts of vegetables in your smoothies. In such way you will enrich your nutrition, you will be able to enjoy diversity of different tastes, and you will take care for your good health even better.

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Tip 5 – Use Nutritional Health Supplements

To enrich the taste and nutritional value of your healthy smoothies, you should use different organic good health supplements; like seeds, nuts, milk, yoghurt, syrups, oils, spices, herbs, and more.

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Tip 6 – Sweeteners

Sometimes smoothies may not be sweet enough for your taste. You can sweeten them with some drops of different syrups, molasses, or honey.

But be careful, fruit contains lots of sugar on its own.

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Tip 7 - Consumption and Preservation of
Healthy Smoothies

You should drink/eat a smoothie slowly.

The best are freshly prepared beverages just after the healthy blending process is finished. If that is not possible, you can still put your smoothie in a fridge for a couple of hours and enjoy it later.

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What Everybody Ought to Know about
Healthy Nutrition

Nutrition plays a very important role in our everyday life. It is true, we all are very different, we have very different tastes, but still the common fact is:

Considering fruit nutrition facts and nutritional values of vegetables, it is clear that everyone should include fruit and vegetable in nutrition.


With proper nutritional habits, we can all improve our state of health and easily join the group of fit people. Nutritional habits, which have been developed in the last century, are often the cause of many health problems.

Understanding nutrition means understanding what makes us weak, what hurts us, and what destroys us. It also means to understand how to get fit, what nourishes us, what makes us healthy and strong.

If there were a recipe, which would help you lose weight, which would provide for almost all nutritional needs of your body, which would slow down aging signs – wouldn’t you try it? Of course you would, everybody would.

And … you found it. But, there is not only one recipe, there are many of them. These are fruit smoothie recipes, vegetable smoothie recipes, and mixed smoothie recipes.

Now you know how simple healthy blending is and you can very quickly follow this healthy nutrition guide. Just find recipes for healthy smoothies you are looking for, follow the healthy blending tips from our site, and enjoy the divine natural healthy food!

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