The Most Important Basics
of Healthy Juicing

What is healthy juicing at all? Surely, you are aware of importance of fresh fruits and vegetables for your health.
But do you know how can you gain most health benefits from fruits and veggies? What is important when preparing juicing recipes and consuming fresh homemade juices?
Fresh fruit and vegetable juices contain vital substances, which are of organic origin and from the whole foodstuff. Since we drink them freshly prepared, they are much healthier than artificial vitamin preparations.

Such stuff normally contains vitamins and minerals in an in-organic shape and therefore our bodies can hardly absorb them.
We have tried and learned many facts about vegetable and fruit juicing  and we gladly share our knowledge with you.

You should treat yourself with a liquid meal that is healthy, juicy, and very tasty.
Challenge your creativity and use the healthy juicing tips from our site. With the help of all natural healthy juice recipes you will be able to prevent or to ease many health issues.
With a little effort you can prepare fresh, homemade juices. With these healthy drinks, you can efficiently enjoy the benefits of organic food since they contain exceptionally large amounts of good nutritious substances.

We have been exploring and enjoying health benefits of juicing for a long time. Therefore, we are sure that fresh, organic juices should be an important part of healthy diet plans for natural healing, preventing, and easing many different health issues.

You do not know how to make healthy all natural juices? No problem, we will lead you, step by step:

Step 1 - a Juicer

Fruit and vegetable juicing is impossible without a juicer. There are many different electric and manual juicer types available on the market and with our help, you will surely find the best juicer for your needs.

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Step 2 - Some More Kitchen Gadgets

Additionally to the juice extractor, some more equipment for fruit juice processing is needed.

You will need some dishes, spoons, knives, a peeler, a corer, a grater, and a chopping board.
Only glass, ceramic, and plastic juicing accessories should be used.

Also for preservation of cut up fruit and vegetable I use only glass dishes.

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Step 3 - Fruits and Vegetables

You are equipped for the juicing process. Now you need raw material, first of all, fruits and veggies. For healthy juicing, you should always try to get as fresh organic vegetables and fruits as possible.

Not only is the taste of juices prepared of natural organic raw health food much better, what is even more important, such juices are much healthier.

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Step 4 - Preparation of Juicing Ingredients

Before you start with healthy juicing, you should thoroughly wash and clean fruits and vegetables meant for juicing. You must be aware that with water alone you cannot remove all the dirt, including pesticides and other harmful substances successfully.

Luckily, there's a solution for that. You can use either

- Natural organic preparations or

- You can get a special device like the O3 Pure Elite 50 Kt Fruit & Vegetable Washer System, presented on the left side.

Either way, you will do yourself a big favor. You will be able to remove all the dirt including unhealthy contaminants and so juice majority of fruits and vegetables with vitamins and minerals rich peels. Therefore, the juices will be much healthier and tastier, too.

You should chop clean fruits and veggies into suitably big pieces so that they easily fit to a juicer lid.

You should juice greens and herbs in combination with stiff fruits and veggies or you can prepare sheaves.

Now you can start with healthy juicing. The juicing process itself should not be too quick, you should do it gradually.

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Step 5 - Consumption and Preservation of Healthy Juices

The best is to drink freshly prepared homemade healthy drinks as soon as they are ready.
Still, if that is not possible, you can prepare a larger amount of juice at once and put it into a

For preservation, you can use different cold-pressed oils or containers that can be well
Any cold-pressed virgin oil increases nutritional value of juice and it slows down digestion, too.
If you prefer to store juices in bottles or pitchers, you should decide for those made of glass.

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Step 6 - Recommended Juice Amount

You should not exaggerate with the quantity of juice that you drink per day, especially not in the beginning. You must start slowly; give your body enough time to get used to all of the healthy nutritional substances.

You should drink different kinds of healthy juices and quantity depends on the type of juice you drink, too. In any case, start gradually, listen to your body, observe the reactions, and act accordingly.
Drink juices slowly; they must be well mixed with saliva.

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What Made Me Explore Why Is Nutrition Important?

How did I discover the secrets of fresh juices? How did I find basic rules when preparing fruit and/or vegetable juice?

Throughout my teenage period and the start of my pregnancy I suffered from anemia, the lack of hemoglobin and iron in my blood. Medicaments, which I took, improved my state of health only for a while. I was practically forced to find a better, permanent solution.

I began to realize that understanding nutrition means being aware of the fact that health depends a lot on the quality of foods that we consume.
I started to recognize healthy nutrition, new trends, and guidelines on a healthy life and nourishment. I realized that eating fruit and vegetables is not enough. So, almost 30 years ago, I bought my first fruit juicer.

I commenced with juicing of lots of different nature made fruits and vegetables and enjoying healthy nutrition drinks. That was uncommon in those days, but for me, indispensable.
Almost every day, throughout my pregnancy, I prepared myself beetroot juice and carrot juice, with additive of an orange or a lemon.
Gradually, I began to add also a teaspoon of honey or a little bit of royal jelly. In two months time, my hemoglobin rose from 78 to 119 units and my doctor was really surprised.
From then on, I have been practicing healthy juicing. Fresh, homemade natural juices have been a part of my family’s and my nutrition for life ever since.

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