Herbs and Natural Remedies
for Help with Depression

Conventional help with depression is mostly a combination of medications and psychotherapy.

However, you must be aware of the fact that medications only help ease signs of depression.

They do not remove the causes and therefore drugs are not sufficient to fight the illnes successfully.

Depression is a wide spread disease, more and more people suffer from this unpleasant condition every day. Therefore, it is important to know how to deal with it.

We do not claim that you should not get professional help. However, there are many natural cures, which can help with depression a lot. Especially this is a case if you do not suffer from severe depression.

For fighting the illnes effectively it is sometimes enough to go to nature, to do some sports, to take enough time to enjoy food. For help with depression it could be enough to set smaller goals, to reach them and only then plan bigger.

Do not forget about your appearance, do not stay at home, you should socialize with your family and friends; speak out about your problems …

Like many others, we have been dealing with depression and anxiety occasionally. On natural-juicing-remedies.com we bring you various ideas how can you self help depression.

Throughout the years, we have namely discovered that simple natural remedies and different techniques can be a great help with depression. If you are coping with this disease, you should try them as well.

Depression Self Help

People who have successfully beaten depression or they have learned how to overcome it in order to lead a quality life have put together following useful self help guidelines:

• Try to organize your time and keep yourself busy. Split your everyday commitments to the units, which you can still manage, even though there will be only two at the beginning (eating and sleeping). Plan additional activities gradually.

• Even if you are almost overwhelmed with dark thoughts and worries, try to chase them away. Be active, take a walk, take out the trash, go to the store …


• Try to force yourself to be active, especially outdoors. Get enough sunlight. Take a walk and visit your friend who you normally visit only by car, put yourself on a bike; join your closest friends in their activities. Physical activity at least three times a week will surely help with depression a lot.

Analyze your dark thoughts; are they really so all embracing? As you know, the same glass is for some people half empty, and for the others half full. From another perspective would your complicated problem maybe seem like a normal manageable everyday problem. If you consider that, even if only for a while, that is already a good start. Therefore, share your burdens and listen carefully what others have to say.

• A friendly talk will definitely help with depression. Find a person or people you can talk to. People like to help others and therefore you should not hesitate. Unburden yourself to your family members or to your friends. Find virtual friends on depression forums or chat rooms. There are also many support groups where you can share your problems …

• Try to change sadness and desperation to anger. Getting rid of restrained emotions will help with depression. Rage is pretty useful way to do it, but only if nobody suffers because of that and if you do it in controlled circumstances.

• Take responsibility for yourself, for your health. Choose life.

• Future is uncertain, it is today that counts.

These guidelines are important psychic help with depression, especially if you suffer from a mild form. However, from our own experiences we know that they are not enough.

We have realized that simple natural remedies for depression should be a part of natural treatment as well. Therefore, we bring you information about herbal remedies for depression and useful guidelines on anti depression diet as well.

Herbal Treatment for Depression

Rev. Simon Asic, the most influential herbalist in Slovenia, revealed many herbs for depression. For herbal treatment for depression, Rev. Simon Asic recommends following herbal preparations:

White Horehound (Common Horehound): Prepare one tsp of herb, pour over one cup of boiling water, and leave for five minutes. Add some honey, and drink a cup once a day.

Rosemary: Pour over three tbsp of herb one liter of boiling water. Drink three cups a day.


St John’s Worth: Prepare one tsp of herb and pour over one cup of boiling water. Drink one cup a day, NOT more!

Thyme: Put ten thyme sprigs into one liter of water and bring to boil. Take a cup three times a day.

Lemon Balm: Take one tbsp of herb and pour over a half liter of boiling water. Drink one cup before a meal.

Mint tea: Drink a cup of tea three times daily.

Cabbage: Cook two head cabbage leaves in one liter of water for ten minutes. Drink a cup three times a day.

Valerian, Basil: Prepare one tbsp of herb mixture and pour over one liter of boiling water. Leave it for five minutes, strain, and drink one cup three times daily, between meals.

Hawthorn, Common Mistletoe: Pour over one tsp of herb mixture one cup of boiling water and leave it for five minutes. Drink a cup twice a day, NOT more!

Rosemary, Common Rue, Fenugreek: Add one tbsp of herb mixture to a half liter of boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Drink a cup in the morning and in the evening, before sleep.

Mint, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Milfoil: Drink a cup of mixed tea three times a day.

Marjoram, Common Vervain: Prepare two tbsp of herb mixture and pour over one half liter of boiling water. Leave for five minutes, add some honey, and drink a cup three times daily, after every main meal.

Linden, Lemon Balm: Pour one liter of boiling water over three tbsp of herb mixture and leave it for three minutes. Drink a cup three times a day.

Minerals and Vitamins for Depression

Unbalance of brain neurotransmitter serotonin is according to medical advertisers and conventional doctors the main cause of depression. This could be understood that depressions medications, which overflow brains with serotonin, are the right solution for beating the disease. However, there are no scientific evidences that drugs really help with depression.

There are also treatments that can help deal with depression without medications. Many symptoms are directly connected to lack of vitamins and minerals in our diets.

Too many times our diets consist of too many “empty” carbohydrates, caffeine, and sugar. Improper nutrition is many times the same cause of depression, swinging moods, and fatigue.

In order to cure depression is often enough to change eating habits and increase the intake of foods for brain and foods that help regulate brain chemistry.

You Should Avoid

When you feel depressed, you should avoid certain foods and substances. You should be aware that some prescribed medications like antibiotics, barbiturates, amphetamines, pain killers, Parkinson’s disease medications, drugs for pregnancy balance, medications for high blood pressure can worsen depression.

If you take some of such drugs, you should not stop taking them. We advise you to be careful, observe your reactions, and if the drugs affect your moods consult your doctor.

For successful depression cure, you should avoid caffeine, drinking alcohol, smoking, and fat and sugar rich foods. You should balance your blood sugar levels and it is important that you get enough B group vitamins to stabilize your mood.

For instance: Cocoa releases endorphin to your brains and therefore it is a good natural mood stimulator. However, through cocoa milk and sweets blood sugar level is changed and for that reason, you have to be cautious.

Anti Depression Diet

Following 5 Superfoods efficiently help with depression:

Fish Oil and Depression

Fish oil is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, including EPA (eicosapentaenoic) acids. Many studies proved frequent lack of EPA fatty acids in depressed people. Already the intake of only 1 g of fish oil daily can significantly reduce symptoms of depression like anxiety, bad sleep, incomprehensible sad feelings and it can increase sexual desire as well.

Therefore, for natural fish oil depression treatment you should include into your diet oily fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel at least 2-3 times a week.

Fish oil does not only help with depression but it also lowers bad cholesterol levels and protects against cardiovascular diseases.

If you do not like fish, you can get quality Omega 3 fatty acids through flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts… Or you can decide for nutritional health supplements.

Brown Rice

Gluten free brown or hulled rice is rich in vitamins B1, B3 and folic acid (B9). Due to its low glycemic index (GI) it releases glucose to blood gradually and so it does not cause moods swinging. It is rich in many minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and zinc as well.

Brewer’s Yeast

This amazing super food contains a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals in small amounts, including 14 minerals and 16 amino acids, which are essential for the healthy nervous system. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B3, which help with depression. Therefore, you should consume it daily. However, if you cannot bear yeast, you should of course avoid it.


Oat Seeds

Oat seeds help with depression since they are a rich source of folic acid (B9), pantothenic acid (B5), iron, selenium, and vitamins B6 and B1. Oat also helps reduce bad LDL cholesterol, it calms down the digestive system, and it helps balance blood sugar level. It contains vegetable nutrients that have positive effect on preventing heart diseases and some cancer types.

Excellent brain foods providers are also kamut, spelt, and quinoa.

Cabbage and Kale

These two green head vegetables are rich in vitamin C and folic acid. Cabbage protects against stress, infections, heart diseases, and many types of cancer as well. There are many ways how to include cabbage into your healthy diet. To avoid stomach gases you should add to cabbage some anise or cumin before cooking.

Cabbage is also an excellent blood sugar stabilizer and raw cabbage juice helps treat corrosive injuries of the stomach.

Juices and Smoothies
for Help with Depression

We need lots of minerals and vitamins for controlling and overcoming depression successfully. It is known that the best vitamins for depression are B group vitamins (B1, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9) and vitamin C. The most needed minerals for treating depression are potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and selenium.

A tasty, easy, and efficient way to get necessary vitamins and minerals into your anti depression diet is through all natural vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies. Fresh homemade healthy drinks certainly have an overall positive effect on your health.

It is proven that the combinations of appropriate vitamins and minerals rich fruits, veggies, additives, and herbs can be an amazing natural Help with Depression as well.

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