High Energy Foods and Drinks
Homemade Energy Boosters

By telling you that there are high energy foods and drinks and on the other side low energy drinks and foods, we most probably didn’t reveal any big secret.

The true is that modern life style demands from us lots of energy and everyone tries to get it, one way or another. What suits me does not necessarily suit you and opposite.

High energy raw food recipes, which we bring, are our family favorite. Due to psychical and physical efforts, we all feel exhausted very often, we do not have enough time (or we do not take it) to rest, and to restore the energy.

Our tasty homemade energy boosters help us out many times. We need just a little time and effort to prepare natural quick energy food, which boosts our life power almost instantly.

Therefore, our recipes for homemade high energy foods and drinks, which we share with you on natural-juicing-remedies.com, you'll surely appreciate.




Energy Balls

Energy Balls


There are no big recipe secrets. Our simple recipes for delicious natural energy boosters are an easy way for everyone to prepare foods that give you energy, quickly and easily. Our free recipe tips make our homemade recipes even simpler, truly quick kids recipes.

However, without our amazing Blendtec that would not be possible.

Give it a try, surely our simple recipes for healthy high energy foods will help you out, too.

Low Carb and Fat Free Natural
Energy Boosters Recipes

Coconut Shake
A Protein High Energy Drink

yields 5 cups = 40 oz

• 2 cups sliced, frozen Bananas
• 1 cup Coconut Milk
• 1 tbsp Rice Protein (Vanilla flavor or any other)
• 3 tbsp Coconut Flour
• 3 tbsp dark organic Cocoa powder
• 1 – 2 cups Coconut Water
• 1 – 2 cups Ice cubes



Put all ingredients into a blender machine, blend them up, and you will get a beautiful foamy shake. It is sugar free, but still delightful and sweet.

Cocoa Shake
An Easy Digestible Power Energy Drink

yields 5 cups = 40 oz

• 2 cups sliced, frozen Bananas
• 3 tbsp dark organic Cocoa powder
• 1 tbsp Rice Protein (Vanilla flavor or any other)
• 2 Dates without stones
• 1 cup Soya Cream
• ½ cup Rice or Soya Milk
• ½ cup Ice cubes



Blend up all ingredients in a blender to get a delicious high energy drink, which will restore your power in no time.

Coconut Waffle Recipe
Healthy Waffles with Coconut Milk and No Eggs

yields 7 waffles

• 1 cup Whole Wheat flour
• 2 – 3 tbsp organic, unsweetened black Cocoa powder
• 1/3 tsp Salt (Himalayan salt, if possible)
• 1 tsp Pastry Cream powder
• 2/3 cup Coconut Water
• 1 cup Coconut Milk



Pour all ingredients into a blender machine and blend them up well.
When the batter is ready, form waffles, and bake them on a waffle baking pan.

Voila, in no time you get beautiful coconut high energy foods.

Ursula’s Energy Balls
Protein High Energy Rich Balls


Protein balls:

• ½ cup raw abraded Millet Groats
• 1 cup Dates without stones
• ½ cup Cashew (Indian) nuts
• ½ cup Hazel nuts
• ½ cup Almonds
• ½ cup Raisins
• 1 cup Cranberries
• ¼ cup Goji Berries
• 2 tbsp freshly ground Sesame seeds
• 2 tbsp freshly ground Flax seeds
• 4 tbsp Coconut Fat
• 1 tsp Acai powder


• Organic Cocoa powder
• Acai powder
• Coconut flour
• Sesame
• Cayenne Pepper



Firstly, cook raw abraded millet grouts. Pour ½ cup of millet grouts into 1,5 – 2 dl cold water, boil it, and cook until it is soft. Usually it’s enough to bring it to boil and remove it from heat immediately after that.

Afterwards, grind flax seeds and sesame seeds. You can do that in a coffee grinder or directly in a blender if it is strong enough.

Pour ground flax and sesame seeds into the blender machine and add all other ingredients, including cooked millet grouts. Now it’s time for the blending process.

You can decide what you want to get – a completely smooth paste or maybe a paste with some bigger parts in it. That will influence the tastes, which you will get. Bigger parts of dates will bring a very sweet taste partially, bigger parts of berries a certain sourish feeling, bigger chunks of nuts will give the balls a crispy attribute.

Just try, use your creativity and you’ll discover unlimited options of different taste mixtures.

When the paste is ready, form energy rich balls as you wish. Roll them around either in cocoa powder, acai powder, coconut flour, sesame, and in cayenne pepper for a special taste.

The last step is a fridge. We advise you to put prepared high energy protein balls into the fridge for at least some time. The best mixture of tastes you will enjoy if you leave them in the fridge over the night and take joy in them the day after.

The preparation of this high energy food recipe will take you some more time. However, the reward is truly wonderful!

Vegan Energy Balls
Delicious High Energy Vegan Dessert

Ingredients / Preparation:

Vegan Energy Balls:

• 1 cup Almonds
• 1 cup Cashew (Indian) nuts
• 1 cup Hazel nuts
• ½ cup unpeeled Sesame seeds

Put nut mixture and sesame seeds into a blender and grind it well (if your blender is not strong enough, you can use a coffee grinder for the grinding process). Remove one half of the ground mixture and add into the blender machine:

• 5 Dates without stones
• ½ cup dried Cranberries
• 3 tbsp Goji Berries
• 3 tbsp Coconut fat
• 1 tbsp Golden root (Roseroot) powder

Blend up the ingredients, and remove the paste from the blender.

Put into the blender the second half of ground nuts/seeds mixture and add:

• 10 dried Apricots
• 5 dried Figs
• ½ cup Raisins
• 3 tbsp Coconut fat
• 4 tbsp black organic Cocoa powder
• 1 tbsp Maca root powder

Blend up, and take the paste out of the blender machine.


Forming / Decoration:

From each paste form small vegan energy balls. You will get 50 – 70 balls. Roll them around either in cocoa, coconut flour, sesame, acai powder … immense possible options limited only by your creativity and ingredients available in your fridge and pantry.

Put the balls into a fridge for a few hours or even better over the night. As a result, you will enjoy vegan high energy foods with incredible mixture of tastes.

Mango Pudding with Bourbon Vanilla
A Protein Rich Light Meal

yields 3+1/2 cups = 28 oz

• 1 ripe Mango
• 1 stricken cup Albumin Pot Cheese from sweet whey
• ¼ tsp Bourbon Vanilla powder
• ½ cup Coconut Milk
• ½ cup Coconut Water
• 1 - 2 tbsp Goji Berries



Blend up in a blender machine a peeled mango without a stone firstly.

Add other ingredients afterwards, blend them up well, and that’s all. The unique and tasty quick high energy food is prepared.

Free, easy, and delightful recipes to enjoy yet still Control the Body Weight

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