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Are you thinking about getting yourself an immersion blender, but you’re not sure what exactly a hand blender is useful for?

No problem. We bring you the main characteristics, pros and cons of hand held blenders to help you make your decision.

Basic Features of Hand-Held Blenders

Immersion or hand held or stick blenders are very useful small kitchen appliances,
upgraded versions of hand held mixers.
A hand blender is a light, long, and thin stick device, which you hold on one side and there is a blade on the other. A wand must fit you well. You should really feel cosy when holding and using a handheld blender.

This portable blender type can be a very good solution if you do not have enough counter space in your kitchen. For this small appliance you practically do not need any counter space.

You can put it wherever you have some room left, whether in a drawer or somewhere else. If you pick an immersion blender with a storage device, you just need some space on your wall and mount it there.
True, this is a kind of mini blender, but it is a very beneficial kitchen-aid. Since these small blenders are portable, you do not have to put blending ingredients into a blending jar.

A stick blender enables you to blend hot soups or even boiling liquids right in a soup pan. That prevents pouring when transferring the liquid into a jug. Moreover, blending amount is bigger than just the amount, which would fit into a blending jar of a countertop blender.

Motor Power and Speed Settings

Hand blenders usually come with the wattage between 150 W and 550 W. If you are aiming to blend only thin liquids, maybe also soft healthy fruits for fruit smoothies, lower wattage would be OK.

Nevertheless, for blending thicker liquids and solids, for crushing ice, chopping all types of fruits and vegetables, other foods, spices, and herbs, for grinding and whisking, you should get a more powerful immersion blender.

Many hand held blenders namely come with different attachments for different kitchen tasks. You should check which accessories are available. More there are, more powerful a blender must be.
We advise you to check the diversity of speed settings, too. More speed settings there are available, less problems with various functions you can expect. It is even much better if a stick blender has a pulse option too.
We present very effective and popular KitchenAid KHB2561CU 5-Speed Hand Blender. Just click on the image on the left hand side and learn more about this excellent model.

An Immersion Blender is Easy to Use

With many portable blender models you get also a bowl, usually made of plastic, which is meant for blending or it can be used as a scale-jar too.

You do not need to be a chef to be able to use an immersion blender. It is namely a very easy to use small kitchen appliance.
Anyhow, you will need some time and practice to be able to use your stick blender without spilling and splattering foodstuffs around.
You will master the task much easier with a multiple speed setting, a pulse function, and usage of higher pots and bowls.

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A Battery Operated Hand Held Blender

Majority of stick blenders are small portable electric blenders. In addition, there are also cordless battery operated blenders available. Such small blenders offer you even better flexibility; you are not bounded to use it close to electric source.

A battery blender comes with rechargeable batteries and that is why it is usually heavier and more compact than electric immersion blenders.

The major advantage is that they enable you preparation of your favorite healthy smothies, cocktails, and other blender drinks and more when travelling. You can easily put it in your bag and take it on holidays.
If you are thinking to get yourself a cordless handheld blender, would the amazing, top rated Cuisinart CSB-300 Smart Stick Variable Speed Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender with Electric Knife most certainly be a perfect pick.

Materials Used are Important

Materials from which blender parts are made are very important, since many of them are disposed to a very high temperature when blending hot or even boiling liquids.
Blender blades of a hand blender must be produced from hardened stainless steel,
especially this is a rule if your handheld blender is meant also for crushing ice.

A Stick Blender is Easy to Clean

Cleaning of immersion blenders is normally very simple. Blades are removable and you also must make sure that a stick can be easily mounted and dismounted from a motorized part of an immersion blender.
You can then hand-wash all detachable blender parts without any danger to wet a blender motor in a motorized part. Even better it is, if all removable parts, including a wand, are dishwasher safe.

Pros of an Immersion Blender

• It is appropriate especially for blending different liquids and soft blending ingredients.

• Bigger amounts of different liquids and softer foodstuffs can be blended directly in a cooking pot. That enables you to blend hot or even boiling liquids, such as soups, in a soup pan, too.

• Less cooking dishes are needed, you save time and energy.
• It is a light portable small kitchen appliance, almost no counter space is needed.

• A stick battery operated blender you can use while travelling.
• It is quite easy to use, although you need some time to master it well.

• It is easy to clean.

• For a very affordable price, you can get yourself a big kitchen-aid.

Cons of an Immersion Blender

• Immersion blenders do not enable you the best quality of blending, grinding, chopping, whisking, pureeing … of stiffer foods and thicker liquids despite of additional attachments.

• It is not appropriate for processing of bigger amounts of different ingredients.

• Stick blenders are rather noisy.

• Even though it is quite easy to use, you have to be careful in order to prevent splashing and spilling of foods. With hot or boiling liquids, this can be even a little bit dangerous.
• A handheld blender is not appropriate for usage of kids.
• Warranty period of hand blenders is on average only 1 year.

We think we all agree that immersion blenders are great small kitchen devices that help perform various kitchen tasks and hopefully you have found the right one for you.

However, we do not know what your needs and expectations are. So, if you are still wondering what type of blender to get, our tips and pics when deciding about the best blender will surely help you out.

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