Various Electric Juicer Machines
Types, Specifications, Usage

There are many various types of electric juicer machines on the market and each of them uses different juicing technology for fruit and/or vegetable juice extraction.

Very popular are multi-purpose horizontal gear and vertical slow juice extractors that enable efficient juicing different types of fruits and vegetables.

Undoubtedly, gear juicers are more effective than centrifugal juice machines.

In addition, most of them are multipurpose kitchen appliances, which can replace many other devices such as a grinder, a mincer, a pasta extruder, and more.

Centrifugal juicer machines are less effective at juicing, they are not multi-purpose appliances, they are really "just" juice extractors. However, they are cheaper and faster than other electric juicer types.

Besides, there are dedicated juice machines, which are appropriate only for juicing either wheat grass or citruses.

The decision which juicing device would fit best into your healthy nutrition plan
is undoubtedly not simple. Therefore, we have prepared important information
about the technical characteristics of different types of electric juicer machines,
about their pros and cons. These data will surely help you a lot.

Electric juicing machines are normally very sophisticated appliances. In most
cases the name of the juicer tells what technology is used.

Multi-Purpose Juice Extractors

Centrifugal Juicer Machines

The working principle of centrifugal juicers that normally come in vertical design is very similar to a spin cycle of the washing machine.

As the name says, they use centrifugal force for separating the juice from the pulp. Due to the high spinning speed, even up to 15.000 RPMs, are they normally quite noisy and during the juicing process also some heat is created.

Centrifugal juice extractors are cheaper than gear juicer types, they are pretty easy to use and to clean.

Since they usually have big feeding chutes and the juicing process is fast, you can prepare your homemade natural healthy drinks very quickly.

Yield of juice from stiff produce is very high, but from soft fruits and vegetables, especially from leafy greens, wheatgrass, sprouts, and herbs it is noticeable lower than with gear juice extractors.

Because of the high juicing speed there is also quite some foam in the juice. Therefore, juices prepared with centrifugal juicers can oxidize quickly and that is why they should be consumed fresh, very soon after they are prepared.
If you think that this could be the right juicer machine for you, you should really check the whole range of high quality and very popular Breville Juice Fountain juice extractors.

Horizontal Masticating
Single Auger / Single Gear Juicers

The juice extraction principle of horizontal single gear juice machines is completely different as of centrifugal juicers.

The heart of masticating juicers is an auger, a "worm-like" gear, which masticates (grinds and chews) various fruits and vegetables and extracts the juice.
The whole juicing process is done at very low spinning speed, in most models at 80 RPMs, more enzymes are preserved, less foam is created, and the juice keeps its freshness longer.

Juice yield from most fruits and vegetables, particularly from leafy greens, wheat grass, and sprouts, is excellent, much better than with centrifugal juicers.

These types of electric juicer machines are very universal. They are not "only" amazing juice extractors, but also incredible multi-purpose food preparation devices that can replace many other small kitchen appliances.

With such a juicer machine you can also grind coffee beans and seeds, prepare delicious baby food recipes, make beautiful noodles and pasta, spoil your family with homemade ice cream and sorbet, and much more.

Omega offers the widest range of top rated horizontal masticating juicers, due to their versatility called also "Nutrition Centers".  There are very similar models from the 8000 series called the Omega J8006/J8004 resp. the J8005/J8003, and the upgraded versions called the Omega 8007S/8008C.

And there are the latest, the best horizontal single auger juicers you can imagine, they are called the Omega NC series resp. the NC800HDR/NC800HDS/NC900HDC.

Vertical Slow
Upright Single Auger Juicers

A vertical slow juicer is actually a masticating juicer, upgraded with the dual stage juicing action. Juice yield from hard and soft fruits and vegetables, even greens and wheatgrass is very comparable to horizontal masticating juicer types.

Most vertical single auger juicer machines operate at very low juicing speed, at only 40-80 RPMs, and are therefore known also as slow juicers.

However, the juicing process is due to bigger feeding chutes, larger hoppers, improved augers (in new models there are even "two-edge" augers integrated), and self-feeding feature in most of the models quite fast, faster than with horizontal gear juice extractors.

Low spin speed prevents heat build-up and consequently oxidation, preserves all important healthy nutrients intact, and provides beautiful colorful nutrient-rich juices.
A vertical masticating juicer is very easy to use and it is very quiet when operating. Because of the integrated self-cleaning system and simple disassembly and assembly, is an upright slow juice extractor amazingly easy to clean.

The weight of these types of electric juicer machines is very similar to the weight of horizontal single auger juicers, but because of their upright design are they more practical and they require less counter space.

True, vertical slow juicers are not as multipurpose as horizontal masticating juice devices. On the other hand, they are incredibly efficient, stylish, and practical juice extractors, a very tempting option for all juice fans.

There are many amazing models of vertical slow juicers available. Most incredible is the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer, the first big mouth (feeding chute 3" – 7.6 cm) vertical single auger juicer in the world. And we should not forget top rated VRT and VSJ slow juicers from Omega.  

Twin Gear / Dual Gear Juicers

The name twin gear juicer says it all. Two interlocking roller gears are the essence of this juicer type, and the juice extraction principle is called the triturating process.

Through the triturating juicing process fresh produce is firstly triturated (literally crushed resp. squashed) into the pulp from which the juice is extracted in the second step.

The force that gears create in the first step is so strong that it breaks hard plant cell walls and enables access to the healthiest nutrients deep in them.

Juice yield from any kind of soft vegetable and fruit, especially from wheatgrass, green leafy vegetables and sprouts, is the highest.

The gears spin at very low speed and for this reason during the juicing process almost no heat is created. With these electric juicer types you get the healthiest foamless all natural drinks. They are full of enzymes and other healthy substances, their freshness can be preserved longer.

You do not need to juice every day, you can prepare a larger amount of juice at once, put it in a fridge, and enjoy it for several days without losing any nutritional value.

Like horizontal single auger juice extractors, twin gear juicers enable other food
processing as well. Would you like to prepare homemade baby food, herb butter,
noodles, ice cream, would you like to grind seeds and coffee beans? And of course, would you like to enjoy the healthiest all natural juices?

If yes, you really should check triturating juicer machines. True, they are more
expensive than other electric juicer types, but considering their performance
the costs are more than justify.

We recommend top rated Green Star models, especially the most sophisticated
Green Star Elite GSE-5000.

And you should definitely not miss the most efficient juicer on the market, the Super Angel, the only all stainless steel twin gear juice extractor.

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What are your experiences with different types of electric juicer machines?

Single-Purpose Jucing Devices

Electric Wheatgrass Juicers

The juicing principle of electric wheat grass machines is actually the same as of horizontal single gear masticating juicers.

However, the design of this special juicer type is a little bit different. A slightly changed construction enables the best wheatgrass juice yield and the best quality of the healthy green drink.

These dedicated juicers are not as multipurpose as majority of other types of electric juicer machines. Therefore, do not expect the best performance when juicing other soft or even stiff fruits and vegetables.

With such a device you also cannot prepare other foods like with universal single and dual gear juice extractors.

As the name says, an electric wheatgrass juicer is the right choice only if you intend to juice large amounts of wheatgrass, leafy greens, and sprouts on a regular basis. 

If you would like to juice wheat grass only now and then, a hand crank wheat grass juicer would surely be a smarter solution.

Of course, if you intend to juice with the same juicer also other types of
hard and soft vegetables and fruits, you should better buy either a quality
multi-purpose horizontal gear or vertical slow juice extractor.

Electric Citrus Juicers

Electric citrus fruit juicers are the simplest automatic juice squeezers. The working principle is much simpler than of multi-purpose types of electric juicer machines. You just have to cut a citrus in half, put it on a reamer, and the spinning cone extracts the juice from the fruit.

Almost all electric citrus reamers enable juicing all kinds of citrus fruits, from limes, lemons, tangerines, oranges, and grapefruits. This is achieved with either a universal reamer or more cones in various sizes.

Yield and quality of citrus juice are normally very good, especially with more sophisticated models. True, they are more expensive, but they are also very powerful, durable, and they enable a quick juicing process as well.

This juicer type is meant only for juicing citruses, you cannot juice any other fruit or vegetable. So, if you would like to juice solely various citrus fruits, a dedicated electric or a manual citrus fruit juicer could certainly be the right juicing device for you.

So many different types of electric juicer machines out there to choose from! But wait, there's more! Perhaps manual juicers could be interesting as well.

Due to such a huge offer you maybe think it is hard to find the right one for you. On the contrary, we are sure that this fact eases your task. Of course, first of all you have to know which are your most important criteria.

Afterwards, you should study our information on different juicer types and without a doubt you will find the best juicer for your needs.

Do not hurry! You should really make a good deal that will bring you wealth in
a very short time. With regular vegetable and/or fruit juicing and consumption
of homemade all natural drinks you will notice big changes of your feeling and
your appearance already after one week.

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