Lovely Low Cholesterol Recipes
for a Healthy Control Diet

Beautiful low cholesterol recipes, which we bring, are easy to make and what’s more important, they will help you lower cholesterol naturally.

There are so many delicious good cholesterol foods so your low cholesterol diet menus can be not only healthy but very tasty as well.

You will realize that there are much less high cholesterol foods you should avoid and much more foods that lower cholesterol.

To prevent or to reduce high bad LDL cholesterol level you should probably change your eating habits.

However, your diet to lower high cholesterol and at the same time raise good cholesterol level can be very variegated. With time, you will surely enjoy your low cholesterol recipes and what’s more, you will see the positive effects on your health.

On we bring you low cholesterol diet example and some delicious low cholesterol recipes, which we like very much. Surely, our info will help you find your favorite diet menu and inspire your imagination for your favorite recipes to lower cholesterol.

Vegetable Spice

Green Nettle
and Spinach

Broccoli Cream
Soup with

Tuna Steaks
in Anchovy

Sour Turnip
with Buckwheat

Cabbage with
Tomato Jam

Cholesterol Reducing Diet – Example

My mum suffered from high bad cholesterol and therefore she had to do something about that. In addition, she was overweight too. She realized that there are many natural ways to lower cholesterol and therefore she did not decide to take any medications.

She made some radical changes in her lifestyle. She began to exercise, slowly but persistently. She started to consume more liquid, especially water. And … she changed her nutrition, she started a diet to lower cholesterol level.

She realized which cholesterol high foods she must avoid and she discovered foods that help lower cholesterol. My mum has always been a good cook so it was not a big problem for her to “invent” delicious low cholesterol recipes very quickly.

The positive results were visible already in a short time. Her bad LDL cholesterol level was reduced, she lost some kg, and she felt much better. She has realized that a healthy lifestyle is the best way to control cholesterol levels. Therefore, she kept the good habits she got used to, including a cholesterol control diet.

Here is her diet example with foods to avoid high cholesterol:

- For her low cholesterol recipes she uses only soy or vegetable cream.

- Instead of full-fat cheese, she consumes solely Tofu and Mozzarella cheese.

- Instead of full-fat milk and dairy products, she enjoys slim milk and low-fat dairy products. For better digestion, she eats kefir or non-fat yogurt with flaxseeds every evening.

- She uses just a little salt, no more soup cubes, or Vegeta, she adds to dishes some more spices and herbs to taste better.

- She eats only whole wheat pastas and whole grain rice.

- She bakes bread herself, using whole-wheat flour, oat flakes, and some mixed seeds.


- She consumes lots of raw and cooked fruits and vegetables, especially leguminous vegetables. Cooked soybeans are also among her favorite vegetable, which she often uses in her low cholesterol recipes. Because of better taste, she prefers green soybeans.

- She uses solely olive oil.

- She eliminated meat from her diet, she only eats fish and seafood.

As I have already mentioned, my mum has always been a great cook and even we enjoy her delicious low cholesterol recipes very much. Amongst her healthy recipes, I prefer baked rice with mozzarella and tomato slices, baked stuffed pumpkins or peppers, and her sea fish dishes.

For instance, she grills a salmon fillet quickly or she pours just a little of olive oil into a skillet and bakes it. If she longs for sauce, she makes it from soy or vegetable cooking cream.

Our Cholesterol Control Diet

Our diet is not as strict as my mum’s cholesterol and triglyceride lowering diet. However, we are very much aware of relationship between cholesterol and diet. Therefore, we practice a kind of low cholesterol low sugar diet. We avoid high cholesterol foods as much as possible and we rather follow low cholesterol recipes.

We are aware how healthy raw food is and we prepare lovely raw food meals regularly. With a help of our homemade weight watchers recipes we successfully take care of our body weight and consequently of our health as well.

Fresh fruit and vegetable are the most important part of our healthy nutrition. We prefer organic grown veggies and fruits from our organic vegetable and fruit garden, divine wild plants and fruits, which we get from the meadows and woods around our house, and we like various amazing superfoods as well.


To enjoy all benefits of organic fruits and vegetables we prepare ourselves beautiful homemade all natural juices and amazing smoothies daily.

Raw food low cholesterol recipes are beautiful and should be a part of any cholesterol reducing diet. However, we are not strictly on a raw food diet, we also very much enjoy different healthy homemade cooked meals.

We also know that too much salt intake can cause many health problems, including too high bad LDL cholesterol values. For that reason, we reduced salt intake and in our low cholesterol recipes we rather use more other herbs and spices. Normally, we prepare our own healthy homemade spice mixes. Here is one of our recipes:

Homemade Vegetable Spice Blend


• 1 kg Carrot (red or yellow)
• ½ kg Parsley – greens together with roots
• 1 kg Onion (red or white)
• 1 big Leek
• 1 big Celery with a root bulb
• 1 Kohlrabi
• 1 bulb Garlic
• 1 Chili Pepper
• 60 dag Salt flower or Himalayan salt



Clean and wash fresh seasonal vegetable first. Put it into a blender or a food processor and grind it well. Add salt and stir again. In order that flavors mix well you should put pasta into a cold place or into a fridge and leave it over the night. Next day pour the vegetable spice blend into small clean glass jars, which can be hermetically closed and preserve the jars in a cold, dark place. In such way homemade vegetable spice blend can last approx. one year, but surely you will use it up quicker.

Frozen vegetables can be used as well. However, it’s much better to take fresh, seasonal vegetable, ecologically grown if possible. You do not have to follow our recipe 100%. Be creative and just take fresh produce from your garden or the most favorable vegetables from organic food stores. In different seasons, you can prepare various flavored seasoning blends, always beautiful and healthy.

You can use seasonal vegetable spice blend to spice up almost any dish, from soups, sauces, baked fish, to meat. Adjust quantity to suit your taste.

You can sauté seasonal blend together with an onion, you can add it at the beginning of cooking, or you may add it toward the end of the cook time for taste that is more distinct.

A very healthy and easy spicing solution for beautiful low cholesterol recipes, don’t you agree?

Low Cholesterol Recipes

Green Nettle and Spinach Soup

Ingredients (serves 4-5 persons):

• 2 cups Spinach
• 2 cups Nettle
• 2 – 3 Topinamburs (Jerusalem artichoke) or Potatoes
• 2 bulbs Garlic
• 1 tsp Turmeric (Curcuma longa)
• 1 big tbsp homemade seasonable vegetable Spice Blend
• 1/3 tsp Himalayan salt
• pinch of Cayenne pepper (optional – if you like a little bit spicy taste)
• ½ cup Kefir (or Soy cream or Sour Cream)
• 1 glass of water (optional)



Wash, peel, and dice topinamburs (or potatoes) and cook them in a soup pot in approx. one liter of water until soft. Wash the nettle and spinach leaves, add them to cooked potatoes, and boil everything for a good five minutes. Add spices, stir, and remove from heat after a minute. Blend the hot soup with an immersion blender directly in the soup pot. You can cook the soup for a little while, add some water if needed, and stir into kefir (or soy cream/sour cream) at the end of the cooking time.

Delicious, easy to make, and healthy soup full of chlorophyll, iron, magnesium … is ready.

Broccoli Cream Soup with Buckwheat Groats

Ingredients (serves 4 persons):

• 1 Onion
• 1 Broccoli (a medium-size head)
• 1 – 2 Carrots
• 1 Potato
• 1 handful Buckwheat groats
• Olive oil
• Salt flower or Himalayan salt
• Kefir (or Soy cream or Sour cream)



Clean, wash, peel (potato, onion), chop, and slice vegetables. Heat some olive oil in a soup pot and sauté sliced onion until tender. When the onion is clear, add pieces of broccoli and carrots and sauté for a little while. Add diced potato and buckwheat grouts, pour in water, salt, and cook. Approx. cooking time is 25 – 30 minutes. Blend cooked ingredients with an immersion blender. If you wish, add kefir (or soy cream/sour cream) just before serving.

Tuna Fish Steaks in Anchovy Sauce

Ingredients (serves 5 persons):

• 5 Tuna steaks
• 5 Anchovy fillets
• 2 Onions
• 2 bulbs Garlic
• Mustard
• Olive oil
• Salt, Pepper, Rosemary, Parsley
• Kefir (or Sour cream)
• 1 dl Red Wine
• 3 – 4 Potatoes



Smear tuna steaks with mustard. Heat olive oil in a skillet, sear smeared tuna steaks quickly on both sides, and take them out of the skillet. Put sliced onions into the skillet and sauté them. Add garlic, pour some water, and stew until onions are soft and dissolved (you can also blend it with an immersion blender).


Add anchovy fillets and sear them quickly on both sides. Put back tuna steaks, add some water, red wine and spice up with salt, pepper, and rosemary. Stew over low heat up to half an hour.

Cook diced potatoes in salted water and add them to done anchovy sauce. Lovely low cholesterol fish dish is ready. However, if you wish, you can strew over almost ready dish some minced parsley and serve it with kefir.

We just love fish and this is one of our favorite low cholesterol recipes for fish and seafood. Just try it and you will understand why it is so.

Sour Turnip with Buckwheat Groats


Ingredients (serves 4 persons):

• 1 small piece of Butter (or a little Olive oil)
• 1 smaller Onion
• 500 g Sour Turnip
• 1 handful Buckwheat groats (or Millet groats)
• 1 Bay leaf
• 1 tsp Kefir (or Sour cream) – optional
• pinch of Salt flower or Himalayan salt (optional)


Warm up butter (or olive oil) in a pot and sauté sliced onion over moderate heat until it is clear. Add sour turnip, buckwheat groats, pour in water, and add a bay leaf. Cook for approx. half an hour or some more if you prefer softer turnip.

Add liquid and salt as necessary (we like it as it is, with no salt). If you wish, you can refine the taste with one tsp of kefir (or sour cream).

Braised Cabbage with Tomato Jam


Ingredients (serves 4 persons):

• 1 small piece of Butter (or a little Olive oil)
• 1 Onion
• 1 smaller Cabbage head
• 1 full tbsp Tomato jam or Tomato paste
• some Red Pepper powder
• 1 tbsp Sugar
• 1 tbsp Apple vinegar
• Salt flower or Himalayan salt


Warm butter (or olive oil) in a pot, sauté sliced onion until clear and stir in one tbsp of sugar. Add cabbage slices, tomato jam, red pepper powder and spice it up with some salt and apple vinegar. Pour in water and cook until the cabbage is soft.

Sour turnip and braised cabbage are beautiful side dishes for a low fat low cholesterol diet. Some tasty mashed potatoes are all that you need to prepare additionally and your low cholesterol recipes will be completed:

Mashed Potato

Ingredients (serves 4 persons):

• 6 Potatoes
• pinch of Salt
• 1 small piece of Butter
• some Milk
• 1 tsp of Sour cream


Clean, peel, and dice potatoes. Cook them in salted water until tender but still firm.

Cooking time is approx. 20-25 minutes, depending mostly on the potato sort. Pour off water, add butter, milk, sour cream, and mash it until smooth.

To avoid high cholesterol foods as much as possible you can use kefir instead of milk and sour cream and you will get tasty and healthy low cholesterol mashed potatoes.

Sounds tasty? You are right, all our low cholesterol recipes are yummy and what is even more important, they are incredible healthy. Enjoy!

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