Simple and Efficient Ways
to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

There are simple ways to lower cholesterol naturally, without taking medications.

High cholesterol is a widespread modern disease, which significantly increases the risk of other dangerous health conditions, like heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Therefore, high bad LDL cholesterol levels must be taken very seriously. How will you do that, is entirely your decision.

You can do everything necessary to reduce cholesterol naturally. Or you can simply go to your doctor, get medications, and do nothing else.

On we explain that this would be the wrong decision. First of all, everybody should do everything possible to lower cholesterol naturally. It is namely quite simple, much healthier, and much more efficient than any cholesterol meds you can get.

Everybody should realize what the causes of high cholesterol are. When knowing that it is clear, that the best way for lowering cholesterol naturally is a lifestyle change.

Changing bad habits can sometimes be very hard. However, if you are aware how important it is, if you are aware how unhealthy and dangerous life you live, you really should not hesitate any more.

New healthy habits will not only help you lower cholesterol naturally and maintain normal cholesterol levels but they will also bring you entirely new quality of life.

Would you like to know what you should do? Simple, let’s start …

Ways to Lower Bad LDL Cholesterol Naturally

Secret for lowering cholesterol naturally is a life style change, which includes low fat low cholesterol diet, sufficient water intake, ways to reach and maintain a healthy body weight, regular exercise, and reduction of other risk factors.

Cholesterol and Diet

A healthy diet is a base of the fat level regulation. A question is what the best diet for high cholesterol is. No, you do not have to starve, you only have to avoid high cholesterol foods and consume foods to help lower cholesterol naturally instead.

In order to reach and maintain normal cholesterol levels you should consume less meat and meat products, eggs, and full fat dairy products. You should consume more foods to avoid high cholesterol like fresh fruits and vegetables, especially leguminous vegetables, and whole grains.

You can still consume moderate amounts (not every day) of fat free beef, and poultry (skin free). However, it is recommendable to replace meat with fish. There are more and more data about health benefits of Omega 3 in fish oil, which lowers the bad cholesterol level and protects against atherosclerosis.

To successfully lower cholesterol naturally you should not use animal fats and oils for food preparation, you should avoid fried foods (even in vegetable oils at high temperatures harmful trans-fatty acids are created), and you should use solely cold pressed vegetable oils such as extra virgin olive oil or turnip rapeseed oil.

With cholesterol lowering foods, the bad cholesterol level can be reduced even 20% or more. Persistance brings results.

Sufficient Water Intake

High cholesterol levels are the sign that body cells have developed a defense mechanism against blood osmotic pressure, which results in water leakage from cell membranes.

Cholesterol is a kind of natural “clay”, which fills up empty spaces of cell membranes, and in such way it prevents water passing. Excessive cholesterol formation and accumulation is only a part of body’s natural defense against cells dehydration.

Sufficient water intake on a daily basis is therefore crucial to lower cholesterol naturally. Never forget about water, or even better … never forget to drink sufficient amount of “good” water. If you decide for filtered water, you cannot make a mistake.

Maintenance of a Healthy Body Weight

Obesity does not necessarily mean high bad cholesterol level but in many cases, these two health conditions are related.

If you are looking for natural ways to lower cholesterol and you are obese, you should reduce your body fat mass and overweight, you should try to reach and keep your ideal body weight.

Weight loss diet is even more important if you suffer from central (abdominal) obesity - waist size bigger than 102 cm (40 in) in men and 88 cm (35 in) in women. Already some lost overweight kg (5 to 10% of a body weight) has an important and positive impact not only on blood fats but also on blood pressure regulation.

Last but not least … lower and healthier body weight brings better feeling and better quality of life.


Regular Exercise

When talking about ways to lower cholesterol naturally, we cannot overlook the importance of regular physical exercise. Frequent and regular physical activity is one of the most important essentials of healthy living.

It raises protective good cholesterol HDL level and lowers bad cholesterol LDL and triglycerides levels; it has a positive influence on many other risk factors such as obesity, arterial hypertension, and diabetes.

The best is aerobic physical activity like walking, swimming, running, biking, nordic skiing…, which activates majority of muscle groups. In addition, these beneficial outdoor physical activities are appropriate for everybody no matter the gender or age.

Recommendable is regular exercise, which should last at least 30 to 45 minutes, four to five days a week. However, you should not exaggerate. You should adjust exercise intensity to your age, your physical condition, and your state of health.

You should start slowly, listen to your body, and not push too hard. Already after a short time of regular physical activity your body will demand higher intensity and longer exercise duration.

Reduction of Other Risk Factors

In order to lower cholesterol naturally, you must reduce risk factors, which stimulate high cholesterol level. Therefore, you should quit smoking, you should take care for the right blood pressure and normal sugar levels, and you should learn how to deal with stress.

You should stop drinking alcohol or at least reduce alcohol consumption to minimum. However, a glass of quality red wine per day, especially for middle and old-aged men prevents coronary-heart diseases, even if they have already survived a heart attack.

Alcohol also increases good HDL cholesterol level, which removes sufficient cholesterol from body tissues and artery walls. Consequently, alcohol can help prevent atherosclerosis. A glass of wine or distilled spirit per day can help lower cholesterol naturally and is good for your health.

Of course, excessive alcohol consumption is even more harmful. Too much alcohol raises blood pressure that can result in heart rhythm disorder and consequently a heart attack. As you know, this could be only one dangerous consequence of heavy drinking, there are many more.

Herbs to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

If you are looking for information how to reduce cholesterol with various herbs, we recommend following proven recipes, prepared by Rev. Simon Asic , the most influential herbalist in Slovenia:

Types of Tea to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

• Tea from Ground Ivy (Glechoma hederacea)

Onion: Pour one cup of boiling water over a thin chopped onion and leave it covered over the night. Strain in the morning and drink on an empty stomach. Repeat for 20 days.

Valerian, Garlic, Hawthorn: Prepare a mixture of one tbsp valerian, two tbsp garlic, and three tbsp hawthorn leaves or berries. Pour over one liter of boiling water and strain after ten minutes. Drink two cups three times a day. You can add some honey for a better taste.

Juniper Berries, Hemp-agrimony (Eupatorium canabium), Couch grass (Agropyron repens): Prepare a mixture of three tbsp hemp-agrimony, one tbsp juniper berries, and one tbsp couch grass. Pour over one liter of boiling water and strain. Add some honey for a better taste and drink more times per day.

Mint, Hemp-agrimony, Common Centaury (Centaurium eryhraea): Prepare a mixture of three tbsp hemp-agrimony, one tbsp mint, and one tbsp common centaury. Pour over one liter of boiling water, strain, and drink more times per day.

Hemp-agrimony, Couch grass, Milfoil, St John’s Worth: Prepare a mixture of three tbsp hemp-agrimony, one tbsp of couch grass, one tbsp of milfoil, and one tbsp of St John’s worth. Pour over one liter of boiling water, leave for ten minutes, and strain. Add some honey for a better taste and drink more times per day.

Herbs to Prevent Cholesterol Naturally

Garlic, Lavender, Sage: Take three legumes garlic, one tbsp lavender, and two tbsp sage. Put into one liter of water, cook for three minutes, and strain. Drink three cups per day.

Onion, Garlic, Hawthorn, Anise, Dandelion, Thyme, Rose, Sage

Anise, Linden, Mint: Prepare a mixture of ½ tsp anise, one tbsp lime tree bark, and one tbsp mint. Pour over ½ liter of boiling water, strain and drink two times per day in small gulps.

The Importance of Vegetables and Fruits

Fresh fruits and vegetables are irreplaceable cholesterol lowering foods and should be an important part of everybody’s healthy diet. By consuming them on a daily basis, we do not only get incredible healthy vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

It is scientifically proven that antioxidants from fresh fruits and veggies help prevent lining of arterial walls. In addition, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables help fight artery hardening and so they reduce possibility of angina pectoris attacks.

Healthy, tasty, and easy way to get more fresh fruits, vegetables, and advisable nutritional health supplements into low cholesterol diet menus is through all natural juices and healthy smoothies.

Follow the link and find out, which are the most advisable veggies, fruits, additives, and herbs for all natural homemade drinks to successfully Lower Cholesterol Naturally.

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