Best Manual Wheat Grass Juicers
Comparison and Top Suggestions

For easy preparation of smaller amounts of green drink is a manual wheat grass juicer surely a very good option.

Besides, prices of manual juicers are considerably lower than of electric juice extractors. So, if you are trying to find a cheap wheatgrass machine, a hand juicer could surely be the right choice.

In order to make your decision as easy as possible we have prepared a lot of valuable information on manual wheatgrass juicing devices:

- Properties of hand crank wheat grass machines

- Pros and cons summary

- Top rated hand grass juicer comparison chart

- A closer look at the best manual juicers for wheatgrass

Characteristics of
Manual Wheat Grass Juicers

From a technical point of view are manual wheatgrass juicers designed in the
same way as dedicated electric juice machines. They are purposely shaped
and produced for juicing wheat grass, leafy green vegetables, and sprouts only.

The working principle is very similar (almost the same) as of multipurpose
masticating juicers. Manual wheat grass juicers also masticate (squash) the produce first and squeeze the green juice in the second, final step.

However, slight design differences enable the highest wheat grass juice yield
and the best quality of green drink. Unfortunately, that also means that with
single purpose juicers for wheatgrass you cannot juice any other kind of fruit or
vegetable efficiently.

So, be careful. Many people are namely not aware of this fact and as a result
there is a lot of unfair criticism and negative juicer reviews out there. Therefore,
in order to get the best juice machine for your needs, you should know, which
are the most important decision-making criteria for you.

If you would like to juice smaller amounts of wheatgrass and also other vegetables and fruits, you should get a multi-purpose hand crank juicer. If so, no problem. We present not only the best dedicated hand juicers for wheatgrass but also high quality universal manual masticating juice extractors.

Best manual hand crank juice machines for wheatgrass.

Unlike dedicated electric juice extractors, manual wheat grass juicers are without a motor. Instead of electricity hand power is needed. For that reason these juice machines are called also hand crank wheatgrass juicers.

The juicing process is really thorough, but also very slow. If you would like to juice only smaller amounts of wheat grass drink, that should be OK. But, if your needs are greater, that maybe could be a problem, especially if you do not have a lot of time.

Nevertheless, the slow juice extraction prevents oxidation and you get amazing
green drinks, full of miraculous chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and other healthy
nutrients. But even so, you must be aware of the fact that wheat grass juice is
very "sensitive", it should not be kept in a fridge for a longer time. To enjoy
the wheatgrass benefits completely it should be consumed fresh, not later than within 15 minutes after the preparation.

What your experiences with juicing wheatgrass are?

Pros and Cons of
a Hand Juicer for Wheatgrass

- It provides a very good juice quality.

- It is very easy to use.

- It is smaller, lighter, and so much handier than electric wheatgrass juicers.

- It is very simple to clean.

- It is really handy and it operates without electricity. Therefore, it can be used as a portable wheat grass juice machine wherever you go.

- Since there are no electric parts and due to a sturdy construction it is more durable than electric ones.

- It is much cheaper than dedicated electric wheatgrass machines.
- Juice yield is very good, but not as high as with electric juice extractors.

- It can be more or less used only for juicing wheat grass, leafy greens, and sprouts.

- Not the best option for preparation of larger amounts of natural drink.

- Slow juicing process demands quite some manual work, time, and effort.

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Top Rated Manual Wheat Grass Juicer Comparison Chart

If you think that a hand juicer for wheatgrass is what you are looking for, here are the most important features of the best models available:






YES, these are universal portable single auger manual juicers. You can use them not only for juicing wheatgrass but other soft and hard fruits and vegetables as well.

Sturdy plastic materials with strong suction base.

7 x 7 x 10"
17.8x17.8x25.4 cm

1 lbs
0.45 kg

BPA-free ABS plastic parts, top rack dishwasher safe.

9.5 x 5.2 x 9.5"
24.1x13.2x24.1 cm

2.4 lbs
1.10 kg

Aluminium body, Plastic auger and feeding chute, Stainless Steel screen

13 x 5 x 11.5"
33x12.7x29.2 cm

6.5 lbs
3 kg

NO, these are dedicated manual wheat grass juicer machines, suitable for juicing wheatgrass, sprouts, and leafy greens solely.

Extra tough Polycarbonate (Lexan) - non-toxic FDA approved. Available in white, black, and silver color.

8.5 x 8 x 7.5"
21.6x20.3x19.1 cm

3 lbs
1.35 kg

Stainless Steel

21.6x12.2x29.7 cm

6.2 lbs
2.80 kg

Stainless Steel

Identical manual juicers for wheat grass, produced under different brand names.

8 x 5 x 12"
20.3x12.7x30.5 cm

6.5 lbs
3 kg

Stainless Steel

Exactly the same hand wheatgrass juice machines except for the finish.
Miracle MJ445:
matte finish
shiny finish

21.6x12.2x29.7 cm

6.5 lbs
3 kg

Useful Info:

The cheapest manual wheat grass juicers like this model cost approx. $20-30. The reason why they are so cheap are the low-cost materials used (tin plated cast iron). Unfortunately, their quality is primarily because of that much lower than of models listed above.

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The Best Hand Wheat Grass Machines

If you are looking for the cheapest manual wheat grass juicer of a good quality, our best advice is to check:

The Lexen Hand Juicer GP27 for Wheatgrass

Top Winning Arguments:

- It is very light, but compact, an excellent portable hand crank wheatgrass machine. A great choice if you would like to enjoy green juice also when travelling.

- It is small and handy, it can be fixed to any smooth surface, where there’s a little space, without a problem.

- It is extremely light, but despite the low weight very stable.

- It is very easy to use and to clean.

- It is produced from non-toxic FDA extra durable Polycarbonate.

- Wheatgrass drink yield and quality very good.

- A very acceptable price. Without a doubt, this is the most efficient cheap manual wheat grass machine on the market.

If you are trying to find a lightweight portable versatile hand juicer for juicing wheatgrass, leafy greens, and other types of fruits and vegetables as well, the very best option is:

The Z-Star Manual Juicer (Z-510)

Top Winning Arguments:

- Its matchless single auger design enables efficient juice extraction from wheat grass, sprouts, leafy greens, and other soft and hard fruits and veggies too.

- It is small and handy, it operates without electricity, an excellent juice machine for juicing at home, or on the go.

- It is extremely simple to use, and the cleaning takes just a little time.

- All juicer parts are made from high quality materials.

- Very high juice yield and amazing juice quality no matter what you process.

- It comes with all the parts that you need for the juicing process, from a container, a stainless steel juicing screen, to a plunger.

- Without any competition, the Z-Star (Z-510) is the best multipurpose hand juicer you can get.

And last but not least. If you would like to get a robust and durable, highly efficient manual wheat grass juicer, you should check stainless steel models. We warmly recommend you to take a closer look at:

The Hurricane Stainless Steel
Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Top Winning Arguments:

- Due to all stainless steel parts it will never break or rust, it will last a lifetime.

- It is a very practical hand juicer, quite small and light.

- Very easy to set up, to operate, and to clean.

- Super efficient at juicing wheatgrass, green leafy vegetables, sprouts, and some soft fruits (like grapes) and vegetables as well.

- Extremely high juice yield and amazing juice quality.

- It comes with the longest 5 year warranty.

- As you might have noticed, is the Miracle MJ445 an identical hand crank juicer. The only slight difference between them is the finish.

So, whichever model you decide on, you will actually get the same juice machine. A much better warranty (5 against 1 year) is the only reason why we prefer the Hurricane stainless steel manual wheatgrass juicer.

If you have just discovered healthy green life and you are about to start living it, a manual wheat grass juicer could be the right choice in the beginning. Or maybe you are short on budget and you cannot afford a more expensive electric juice extractor.

With a hand juicer, you will be able to discover juicing basics and what is even more important, you will recognize positive changes the healthy all natural drinks bring.

Later, when you get used to benefits of juicing and you will need to prepare larger amounts of natural drinks on a regular basis, you can always get yourself either a dedicated or a sophisticated universal electric wheatgrass juice machine.

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