Natural Migraine Headache Treatment
Awesome Help for Pain Relief

Are you trying to find an efficient organic migraine headache treatment, which would replace your medications and would bring you redemptive relief?

A migraine headache is most certainly a synonym for "I can’t stand this no more!" If you suffer from this headache type, you surely agree.

Well, there’s always a way out, one way or another. Of course, as a cure you can always take different pills. But, why shouldn’t you try diverse natural home remedies first? Maybe some simple organic therapies and cures would be an effective migraine help for you, too.

On our site you can learn more about organic migraine treatments. In addition, we bring you proven tips, which can bring you migraine headache relief.

Like for any other health problem is prevention the best medicine. Nevertheless, if it is not completely successful, here are some

Simple Yet Effective Migraine Treatments

• With the first migraine signs, you should drink three glasses of cold water, use cold compresses, go to a dark and quiet room, and try to fall asleep.

If you can do that, sleep may be the best migraine headache treatment.

• Instead of cold compresses, you can use a frozen towel. Wet the towel, squeeze it, and keep it in a freezer for around 5-7 minutes.

Now, take the frozen towel and put it over your head and eyes. You will notice immediate migraine headache relief.

Massage of your scalp for a couple of minutes can also be a cure for migraine headache. In this way, you can ease the tension in your head, neck, shoulder, and facial muscles.

Put your middle fingers to your forehead, on your hairline. Move them slowly towards crown of the head and temples. After that, walk your middle fingers on your hairline at the bottom of your skull and massage it.

• For relaxation of tensed muscles you can use a hot patch, soaked in the hottest water possible, too. Put it around your neck.

Acupuncture has also been suggested to be a very successful migraine headache treatment. According to known results all over the world, it is effective in 80 percent of the cases what makes it actually one of the most efficient migraine cures.

Normally, you can notice the reduction and intensity of attacks after 10-15 treatments.

Aromatherapy can bring you migraine headache relief as well. Etheric oils can be used in a steamer, for massage, for compresses, or for bathing. You should add some drops of lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, or peppermint essential oil to the basic oil.

Gently massage your temples, hollows on your temples, area behind your ears and neck. Put compresses on the sore points. However, do bear in mind that this migraine headache treatment does not work for all individuals equally.

Great Herbal Migraine Medications

Lavender tea eases and relaxes and therefore it should be a part of natural migraine headache treatment. For one cup of lavender tea, you need one-two tsp of dried flowers. Soak them for 5-10 minutes. You should drink two-three cups a day; take small gulps.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid lavender tea. That is so due to very strong lavender essential oil.

Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium), an herb very similar to chamomile (for instance as powder), prevents excessive secretion of serotonin. Serotonin causes the narrowing of veins, which is one of the main reasons for a migraine headache.

Dalmatian pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium) is recommended as a natural migraine medication since it blocks excessive serotonin secretion, too. You can chew up to two leaves a day or you can use capsules (125 mg).

Tea, prepared from bark of the willow tree, is also effective in natural migraine headache treatment. Boil one tsp of cut bark of the willow tree in 250 ml of water, leave it for five minutes, and drink.

• Are you tense or under stress? That could cause or make your migraine headache worse. A cup of balm-mint tea will relax you.

Balm-mint tea and ginger are known herbal remedies for migraines.

Ginger is one of the most effective solutions to ease the pain caused by migraine attacks. Its high anti-inflammatory properties are namely very beneficial in promoting blood circulation and relaxing the blood vessels.

No matter which form of ginger you will include into your migraine headache treatment, it will surely bring you pain relief. You can consume fresh ginger, slightly cooked ginger, or powdered ginger.

Simply add 1/3 tsp of powdered ginger to one cup of water, mix it properly and that’s it. Drink three-four cups a day.


People who take medicines for blood dilution and pregnant women must consult a doctor prior the usage of ginger.

• You should consume different kinds of Berries since they have very similar effect as ginger.

• If your migraines are caused by hormonal imbalance (PMS, menses), there are proven natural solutions, which you should include into your migraine headache treatment.

For that reason, you should consume Maca root (raw or powdered), Royal Jelly, and Angelica herbal tea (known as female Zen Shen).

Rosemary (as bath supplement or tea) also takes care of the hormonal balance; it strengthens and calms the nervous system with the migraine and tension headache.

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Healthy Diet Protects Against
Migraine Headaches

There are various causes of migraine headaches. According to different researches, most probably even 30 percent are triggered by specific foods.

Therefore, it is extremely important to establish which food causes migraine attacks. And, we can never forget about proper daily intake of healthy nutrients, water, and other healthy drinks.

Fasting Against Migraine Headaches

• For one month avoid all the foods which might cause headaches.

Stop or reduce drinking coffee and consumption of other products, which contain caffeine, including medicaments.

• If the headaches ease or completely stop, you can make a test. Start to consume possible migraine headache triggers again, one by one, on every three days. In such way, it’s likely that you will find out which are in fact the food triggers in your case.

There are many possible culprits: Chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits, meat products that contain sodium nitrate, red wine, foods that contain monosodium glutamate … Many possibilities, so you have to make your test carefully.

Chocolate, dried meat products, and red wine can trigger migraines.

Food Allergy Test

If your child suffers severe headaches or/and epileptic attacks, a food allergy test should be made. The most common culprit is milk.

Magnesium and B3 Vitamin

Migraine attacks can also be a sign of narrowed blood vessels, which could be a result of too low magnesium level. To prevent that you can take 200 mg magnesium a day.

At first signs of pain, you can take also 50 – 200 mg of vitamin B3.

Liquid, Vitamins, and Minerals

Never forget to drink sufficient amounts of water. Water is life and many health problems, including migraine headaches, are caused by serious dehydration.

For normal functioning, an adult person should drink from 2 – 2.5 l water daily. Of course, when it is hot, when we are physically active, this amount should be bigger.

Sufficient hydration is surely one of the most effective home remedies for prevention of migraine attacks. Control and observe yourself and provide your body with sufficient water amount on a daily basis.

For migraine headache treatment and prevention, it is extremely important that you get enough vitamins and minerals. Amazingly healthy and tasty way is through freshly prepared all natural smoothies and homemade juices. In addition, liquid in them prevents dehydration, too.

Certain fruits, vegetables, herbs, and dietary supplements contain specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which can even more effectively cure and/or prevent migraine attacks.

Follow the link and find out, which are the best natural ingredients for healthy fruit and vegetable drinks for an efficient Migraine Headache Treatment.

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