Natural Old Home Remedies
for Common Ailments and Conditions

By using proven old home remedies, we can treat and cure various health problems.

We can do a lot for our health on our own and so we can easily avoid unpleasant medications side effects, too.

There are many natural cures and home treatments, which can help prevent and ease different health conditions. There’s really no need to run to a doctor whenever we feel sick, whenever we have a cough, cold, or sore throat.

Our grandparents and parents have always successfully used old home remedies.

For that purpose, they picked different natural ingredients, which they mostly found in home gardens or meadows and woods nearby.

We are lucky, we have learned many secrets from our ancestors. Therefore, on our site we can bring you different simple yet effective natural old home remedies for many common ailments.

These natural cures and home treatments have been working for us perfectly. So, why would you not take some time and give it a try?

Old Home Remedies
for Colds, Flu, or Pneumonia

We forget too often that onion and garlic are two best natural antibiotics and that we should take advantage of their health benefits regularly. Here are some onion old home remedies for efficient pneumonia, flu, and cold home treatments:

Onion Compress

Chop a fresh onion into small pieces and put the pieces in a piece of gauze or patch. Put the wrapped onion pieces onto a hard surface and hit them with a hammer until onion releases its juice resp. until the gauze gets wet.

A sick person should be in a laying position. Place the compress carefully on his chest or neck, the best on both parts.

Instead of a compress, you can use also three to five onion slices. Change the compress or slices every hour.

Onion is rich in allistatin, a powerful natural antibiotic. An onion compress (or slices) will take care for body detoxification. You can repeat this procedure for several times.


If you are using an onion compress for the first time, be cautious. Observe your reactions. Continue with this natural treatment only if the reaction is positive and you feel good about it.

Onion Syrup

Prepare juice from three fresh medium-sized onions and mix it with honey, which will eliminate unpleasant onion smell and taste. Drink 1-2 tsp of syrup, more times a day. Your cold will disappear and besides you will calm down as well.

Onion Inhalation

Slice a fresh onion in half, and smell and inhale its scent.

Instead of an onion, you can use also fresh garlic. Onion and garlic smell is very strong and maybe unpleasant for many people. However, due to the healing power of these two amazing natural antibiotics that should not obstruct you.

Onion and garlic are the best natural antibiotics.

Lung Cleanse Drink

Whisk one egg white, juice of one lemon, some sugar, and drink. This drink helps clean lungs and it helps against cold and flu as well.

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Ear Ache Home Remedies

When I was a child, I suffered from ear infection quite often. These simple old home remedies for earache helped a lot:

Garlic Water

Due to its antibiotic properties, garlic is an effective ear infection home remedy, too.

Prepare juice from a couple of garlic cloves and mix it with distilled water in ratio 1 (garlic juice) to 5 (distilled water). Take a dripping-tube and drip some drops in the ear. After a few minutes drain garlic water out and wash the ear off while showering.

This ear infection home treatment can be painful. However, pain stops already after a few minutes and it completely disappears after the ear infection is cured. If the pain is unbearable, drain the liquid out and use less concentrated garlic water next time.

You can expect a significant improvement already after one or two treatments.

Vegetable Oil

Edible vegetable oil is an efficient home remedy for ear infection as well.

Take a half of an eggshell and drip into some drops of edible oil. Warm the bottom of the eggshell with a lighter so that oil becomes warm. Pour warm oil in the infected ear.

Remember, oil must not be too hot! Leave oil in the ear for a couple of minutes and drain it out. Any edible oil will help, but the best is olive oil.

Olive oil and common houseleek are efficient old home remedies for earache.

Common Houseleek (Sempervivum tectorum)

This healing plant is widespread in Slovenia. It is a very well known and recognized home remedy for earache. Therefore, its Slovene name is "usesnik" and translation to English could be "earry".

We just drip some drops of juice from the leaf in the infected ear, leave them for a couple of minutes, and drain out.


All old home remedies for ear infection really work. However, they work if you use them in time, as soon as you start feeling the pain. If you wait too long the infection might get so bad that you have to go to a doctor.

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Dandruff Home Remedies

There are many effective natural home dandruff treatments:

Treatment with Apple Cider Vinegar

This amazing natural vinegar is one of the best known old home remedies for many health problems and it can be successfuly used also as natural dandruff cure.

Put 2 dl of 5% natural apple cider vinegar on your washed and partially dried hair the first night. Massage until vinegar is absorbed by your hair and scalp.

Wrap your hair with a plastic bag and let vinegar to work over night. Wash hair in the morning with a mild anti dandruff shampoo.

On the second night skip the treatment and proceed on the third night.

This time you do not need to leave the vinegar on your hair the whole night, two to three hours is enough.

Skip again the procedure on the fourth night and continue with this natural dandruff treatment the evening after. Repeat the treatment for a week and success is guaranteed.


To avoid transfer of bacteria you must clean your comb constantly and change towels and pillow covers after every head wash.

Other Old Home Remedies for Dandruff

• Drip some drops of lemon juice in olive oil and massage your hair and scalp.

• Instead of lemon juice, you can use tea tree oil. Add two to four drops to olive oil and rub your hair and scalp.

• Prepare a mask from an egg yolk, honey, and olive oil (or St John’s worth oil), and you can add a drop of lemon juice, too. Put a mask on your hair and massage it. Leave the mask for three hours and wash it off with warm water.

• Massage your hair with onion juice, which will help stop dandruff and prevent hair loss.

Bee Sting Treatment

We simply love bees since they are incredible small honey producers. However, we do not like bee stings. We are lucky, we are not allergic to bee stings and so following old home remedies always work.

Onion or Garlic for Bee Sting Treatment

Just follow this procedure:

• Remove a bee stinger as quick as possible.

• Put some ice on a swollen place and do not scratch.

• Put an onion slice or a garlic clove on a bee sting and fix it with a moistened hanky. If it itches, a drop of vinegar will help.

Onion and garlic are very useful also for natural bee sting treatment.

An Aspirin Tablet

Instead of onion or garlic, you can treat a bee sting with a wet aspirin tablet. Remove a bee stinger first, as soon as possible. Place a wet aspirin tablet on a bee sting and press it down gently. Remove a tablet after a minute or two. Simple and very efficient!


Persons who are allergic to bee stings have to go to a doctor as fast as possible. Also if you were stung multiple times, you have to be very careful. Observe your reactions cautiously.

If you were stung more than ten times or you have bee stings in your mouth, nose, or throat, you should get medical help as soon as possible.

Old home remedies that we have "inherited" from our parents will always play an important part in our healthy lifestyle. Besides, we have also learned that in order to get vital vitamins and minerals we have to consume a lot of organically grown vegetables and fruits.

We love to eat fresh fruits and veggies, especially from our own ecological garden.

In addition, in the past years we have also recognized that we can get even more vital nutrients through fresh homemade juices and tasty smoothies.

We prepare them on a daily basis; they help us feel fit, full of energy, they help us prevent and ease many health problems.

A combination of old home remedies and a healthy diet is a base for our healthy natural lifestyle. We hope that our positive experiences will help you find the appropriate healthy way of life for you as well.

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