Amazing Olive Oil Benefits
Guide to Getting the Most Out of
"Green Gold"

Are you familiar with magnificent olive oil benefits? What do you use it for? Do you know what kind of oil you should use and how to preserve it to gain the most health benefits?

You are in the right place. We live in Slovenia where the cold pressed olive oil extraction has a long tradition.

Some Slovenian companies offer olive oil of marvelous quality and it’s really no wonder that it so popular. On we bring you information about amazing olive oil benefits for your health.

In addition, we provide quality advice on what type of oil you should use. We bring you also many useful tips on how to store it and ideas about beneficial usage of this amazing “green gold”.

What we like best are our holidays in Dalmatia, especially on the island Hvar. There are olive trees all over the island and you can get beautiful homemade oil everywhere.

Sitting on the terrace, listening to the sea, enjoying fresh grilled fish prepared with olive oil … heaven.


The best olive oil comes from Mediterranean. The biggest production is in Italy and Italian olive oil is also the most well known. Two famous brands are Colavita and Bertolli. The second most recognized is Spanish, and we cannot forget about Greek olive oil, which has the longest tradition.

Olive oil is mainly the oil with very wide usage spectrum and it is full of beneficial substances. Of course, the real quality and so the real olive oil benefits depends first of all on the raw material, on the quality of olives, and then on the way of production and processing.

Olive Oil Benefits for Health

Here is a list of the most frequent health problems where health benefits of olive oil are recognized:

• It protects excellently against heart and veins diseases

• It prevents atherosclerosis and arthritis

• It works antimicrobial

• It helps against breast cancer and also other cancer types

• It is a remedy for skin due to sun damages

• It lowers bad cholesterol levels

• It aids the secretion of stomach juices, it has a positive effect on intestine, and it aids digestion

• It aids with managing osteoporosis

• It enables a better vitamins absorption, especially vitamin E

• It is excellent in nutrition of babies and diabetics

Quality is Extremely Important

You should use only cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Not only that the taste is much better, what is much more important is that such quality provides the most olive oil benefits for your health. Reasons are following:

• The protein structure of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is very similar to that in the human skin and that is why the allergic reactions are very rare.

• Its absorption is very good, it helps keeping moisture in skin.

• It contains high percentage of unsaturated fats and vitamins A and E. That helps protecting skin from the sunlight and it has an advantageous effect for sensitive skin.

Here is a simple method how you can check the quality of olive oil:

People’s wisdom says:
If your hands are oily from quality olive oil, it's enough to wash them in hot water only.

I have tried this theory for a few times and it holds good.
You really can wash off a good quality oil with hot water, for a low quality oil you will need soap, too.

Preservation Instructions

In order to preserve the healthy nutritional values and consequently enjoy olive oil benefits longer, you should keep it in glass bottles and put it in a dark and cold place, which should be isolated from other odors. The optimum temperature is between 12-15ºC (53.6-59ºF).

Do not put full olive oil bottles into a fridge. If you do that, the oil will condense.

Health-Benefits-of-Olive-Oil-Bottles The olive oil aging process is different from the wine aging process. Unlike wine this healthy oil with time loses the best nutritional value.

Already in one year, natural olive oil benefits are lost; it becomes colorless and clear.

If you keep the oil for a very long time, it can even become rancid.

In inappropriate conditions, especially in contact with air, fatty acids can oxidize. Oxidation is accelerated with higher temperature and light.

Multiple Ways to Enjoy Olive Oil Benefits

Due to its fantastic properties, we use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil as a home natural remedy for many health problems and for our well being.

Besides, there are multiple options for olive oil uses:

Olive Oil Skin Care

Due to olive oil benefits for skin and hair, it is used as one of the components in different products for natural organic skin care like in different bath oils, lips balsams, creams for organic natural skin care, massage oils, and lotions, shampoos for getting rid of dandruff…

Do you feel that your skin is dry, tired, and it is losing its elasticity? Cosmetic products based on olive oil will surely help. You can believe us, you will enjoy and positive results will be visible in a short time.

Olive Oil Soap

Benefits of olive oil are beneficially used in soap industry as well. Olive oil soap is very skin friendly. Since it is natural and does not cause skin irritation, it is very suitable also for the people with allergies.

Aleppo Soap is a very well known brand with a long tradition. Their soap recipes consist of 85-88% olive oil and 12-15% sweet bay oil.

You can prepare your own homemade soap, too. Here is an old, proven
Olive Oil Soap Recipe:



• 4 dl Olive Oil
• 2 dl Saturated Salt Solution (NaCl)
• 4 dl 15% Sodium Hydroxide Solution (NaOH)
• 1 dl Water
• some drops Essential Oil (or some Perfume drops)
• some food coloring (it can be the same as for cookies)

You will need: A Pot, Gauze, a Strainer (on which you will put gauze), Soap Tins (Moulds) to pour liquid soap mixture into

Caution: Lye (NaOH) reacts with aluminum, therefore, do not use any gadgets made from aluminum.


First part (it takes approx. 45 minutes):

- Pour olive oil and half of NaOH into a pot and mix well.

- Warm up and mix it all the time. Oil burns, you have to be careful!

- When the mixture starts boiling, add the rest of NaOH. If it is too foamy, reduce the flame. Warm up over mild cook fire until you get a thick mixture. Be patient, the soaping process is slow.

Second part (it takes approx. 30 minutes):

- Cool down the mixture a little bit and add NaCl.

- Warm it up to the boiling point (do not mix), and cook for another two minutes.

- Cool down the mixture, filter it through gauze, and wash it off with 1 dl cold water.

- While the compound is still wet and soft, add to it two drops of essential oil and some drops of food coloring.

- Mix and pour the mixture to soap tins to dry up. The drying process should be slow.

When the soap is dry, it is ready to use. There are no limits for modelling, you can create whatever you want. Nice decorated homemade olive oil soap could be a perfect gift for various occasions.


Drinking Olive Oil

Olive oil is an effective natural remedy for indigestion; you can treat this common problem with drinking olive oil.


Most probably, you’ll need some time to get used to the taste. Anyway, olive oil benefits for digestion are indisputable, it’s worth to try.

Just drink one tbsp of oil every morning on an empty stomach and after that do not eat or drink anything else for 15 minutes.

Olive oil will protect your heart and veins; and also your stomach will be very grateful since it will be well prepared for digestion of foods and drinks afterwards.

Cooking with Olive Oil

We can simply say that the complete Mediterranean cuisine is based on the olive oil diet. There are not only many recipes for cooking with olive oil; you can effectively use the olive oil benefits also for roasting, baking of cakes, and spicing.

Cooking-with-Olive-Oil-Green-Salad-Lettuce The best it is if you add olive oil to the dishes when they are ready, at the end.

A tbsp of olive oil to vegetable soup; over spaghetti, over grilled fish and cooked vegetables; to different sauces; and to fruit-vegetable juices and smoothies, is something very tasty and first of all healthy.

Do not worry about the calories. It is true, with one tbsp of olive oil you get 120 Kcal, but their quality is amazing.

We love our homemade all natural drinks; we take care for our health and our body weight with delicious no bake and no cook recipes. We use only organic, healthy ingredients, and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil plays an irreplaceable role.

Garlic Olive Oil

You can prepare beautiful flavored olive oil. Here is a marvellous
Garlic Olive Oil Recipe:


• ½ l quality cold pressed extra virgin Olive Oil
• 1 bigger bulb of fresh Garlic
• some Pepper grains
• one Rosemary twig



Peel and cut garlic cloves into pieces, and put them into a clean glass. Add pepper grains and a rosemary twig and pour over olive oil. Mix and cover the glass with a cloth.

Put the glass into a place with room temperature. To prevent oil rancidity, do not put the glass in a sunny place.

In order that olive oil thoroughly soaks garlic juice and supplements odors, mix the ingredients every now and then. Check occasionally if the oil got specific garlic scent and taste yet.

After two weeks filter the flavored oil through gauze and pour it into smaller bottles. Put the bottles into a cold and dark place. When correct stored, you can use such beautiful flavored garlic olive oil throughout one year.

It is perfect to spice up different salads, fish dishes, roasted meat, grilled dishes, and all sorts of vegetables; and you can use it also for pickling.

Olive Oil Benefits for Housekeeping

You can use olive oil benefits also for polishing of your furniture:
Mix the oil and lemon juice at a ratio of 2 to 1, pour some drops on a patch, and simply dust your furniture.

Furthermore, this beautiful plant oil can be used for lubrication of leather surfaces, and for fixing your creaking doors too.


Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is simply fantastic. In the old times, the olive oil tree was regarded as the “queen of trees”. Even though not so many people worship it so much anymore, this hasn’t changed. It is right so!

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