Home Olive Oil Treatments
for Your Health and Well Feeling

Since we have been practicing natural olive oil treatments for almost all our lives, we know that it is an amazing pure organic remedy.

We are lucky, we can get extra virgin oil of exceptional quality made in Slovenia.

We add this beautiful plant oil to our homemade smoothies and all natural juices, it is an important ingredient of our delicious raw food recipes, and cooking with olive oil brings us incredible pleasure as well.

Amazing benefits of this vegetable oil are indisputable and it is a very important natural remedy for many health problems.

We bring you some valuable ideas and tips about simple yet effective home natural olive oil treatments.

Nails and Nail Fold Treatment

Cold-Pressed-Olive-Oil-Health-Benefits You can successfully use benefits of olive oil for a fragile nails treatment and as a cure for a damaged nail fold.

Warm up olive oil to max. 45ºC (113ºF) and add 1-2 tbsp of lemon juice. Soak your nails for min. five minutes, better even some longer.

Your nails will become more solid, your nail fold will soften, and you will easily push it down. You should repeat this olive oil treatment every day, until the condition gets better.

Cure for Dry and Cracked Lips

Do you have dry and cracked lips, what can be very painful?

Put a thin layer of olive oil on your lips several times a day. It will for sure help.

Caring for Damaged Hair

You can use this beautiful oil also as one of the natural hair remedies for organic hair care of damaged and fragile hair.

Prepare a mixture: Beat the yolk of one egg and mix it with one tbsp of lemon juice and ½ cup of olive oil. Rub the mixture into your hair and massage your scalp well. Your hair should keep warm, so put a plastic bag or a swimming hat on.

Leave the mixture on for at least one hour and then wash it off with a shampoo. In order that your hair will not be greasy, you will most probably have to wash it at least two to three times.

We suggest this olive oil treatment once a week or at least once a month, depending of course on the state of your hair.

Natural Help for Shiny and Thicker Hair

Massage your scalp with ½ cup of warm olive oil and bring it on your hair too. Wrap your hair with a towel or cover it with a cap so that the hair stays warm. Let the oil to work for two hours and then wash the hair with a shampoo.

Bring some olive oil on your hair and rub it in. Especially curly and knotty hair needs moisture and this vegetable oil will provide it.

You can start combing your hair immediately after bringing of the oil onto; or you can wait and leave olive oil to work, comb after 10-15 minutes and wash the hair with a common shampoo.

In a summer time, at sea, you can enjoy natural olive oil treatment the easiest. You can oil your hair properly, leave the oil to work for a couple of hours; and then wash it off with a common shampoo. Your hair will glow again.

Get Rid of Head Lice with Olive Oil

When we were small children, we got head lice many times. Luckily, that wasn’t such a big problem since our parents practiced very old and effective treatments for getting rid of lice.

Destroy Lice with Olive Oil and Petroleum

Mix olive oil and petroleum in equal proportions and apply the mixture to the head. Put over either a linen cap or a rubber (swimming) cap. Lice die in 12 hours, and lice eggs (nits) you should remove with a thick comb, dipped in diluted vinegar.

Repeat this procedure every 8 days, for three times. This olive oil treatment is very efficient, you will surely get rid of lice successfully.

Some More Proven Home Head Lice Treatments

It helps, if you simply cut boys’ hair and wash their heads frequently.

Strew DDT powder on girls’ heads. This powder destroys lice, but it does not destroy louse eggs. Strew DDT powder on the heads for three days.

Wash their heads on the fourth day with water, to which you should add some vinegar and soap. You must remove lice eggs with repeated combing with a thick comb. After 10 days, repeat the treatment completely.


Olive Oil Treatment for Your Skin

Organic Skincare of Your Body

You should just simply add some drops of olive oil to your bath.

Additionally, some drops of etheric oil like lavender or jasmine would improve the bath scent and relax your body.

For showering, you can try a kind of olive oil “cream gel”: Shower first with a common shower gel and massage your skin after with olive oil. Wash off with warm water.

Natural Remedy for Dry Skin on Your Face

Is skin on your face dry and tired? This simple olive oil treatment will surely help:

Rub some olive oil into your skin, some more into the delicate spots. Go to bed and just wash it off with warm water next morning. Your facial skin will be soft and pliable again.

An Olive Oil Mask for Your Face and Décolletage

Prepare a mixture:
Take ½ avocado, 3-4 tbsp of olive oil, and 1-2 tbsp of clay. Blend everything properly and put the paste on your face and décolletage. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

Organic Facial Cleanser

Olive oil is as good as any milky makeup facial cleanser. On the other hand, since it is completely natural we can say it is even better. Just pour some drops of this amazing oil on a piece of absorbent cotton or a hanky and clean your makeup.

Natural Hair Removal

Why would you not try natural depilation procedure:
You should properly oil the depilation areas with olive oil first. Remove the superfluous body hair with a razor blade (shave) and wash it off with warm water.

You do not need to bring on any lotion or ointment. The olive oil moisturizer will take care for the regeneration and natural skin care. Your hair will not grow in, it will not itch, and your skin will remain soft and elastic.

Salt Peeling with Olive Oil

For well-kept hands and legs, for removal of dead skin, and for a smooth and shinny complexion you can prepare a salt olive oil peeling:
Put 5 tbsp of salt (the best is salt flower or Himalayan salt) into a crusher and crush it. Add 2-3 tbsp of quality olive oil, just that you get an appropriate liquid mixture.

Massage the peeling with circular movements on the wet skin. Leave the mixture on your skin for 15-20 minutes and then take a shower with warm or even better with cold water. Water will clear and close your pores.

You can variegate the peeling with some drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oil. That will relax and calm you down after your stressy and tiring day. You should use such peeling for your hands more often.

You can enjoy benefits of olive oil for your skin if you simply mix some oil with your body milk, too.

Olive Oil Treatments for Your Well Feeling
Massage Oil Recipes

Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Do you practice sport a lot? A massage with olive oil will release the pain, relax your muscles and additionally, it is a very efficient natural cellulite prevention.

A recipe for anti-cellulite massage oil:
Pour 10 drops of etheric orange or lemon oil to three cups of quality olive oil. Massage problematic cellulite areas twice a day. The result will be even more efficient, if you use a rough glove or a brush.

We should not forget; if you are looking for an efficient anti-cellulite diet, olive oil should in any case play a very important role.

Natural Foot Fungus Treatment

Do you suffer from foot fungus (athlete’s foot)? Pour 10 drops of essential tea tree oil to one tbsp of olive oil. Massage the affected spots persistently.

Olive Oil Treatment for Dry Skin

Do you have dry skin on your hands and on your feet? You can use olive oil as a natural remedy for dry skin.

Oil your hands plentifully and massage them. Put on cotton gloves before you go to sleep. The skin on your hands will get very soft. You can do the same also with dry skin on your feet.

Do you have dry skin also elsewhere? Just rub the oil into the affected spots of your skin well.

Home Remedy for Stretch Marks Removal

Olive oil is also one of the natural skin remedies that help for stretch marks (striae) and psoriasis treatment. But you have to be persistent.

You can prepare an emulsion of ½ liter of olive oil and 45 g of beeswax. Warm everything, but do not boil or cook. Cool the mixture and put it on the affected areas.

Ear Infection Treatment

Many people swear to olive oil as an excellent natural remedy for ear infections.

The recipe is very simple: You can pour some oil drops on a cotton swab and gently clean your ear.

Alternatively, you can warm the oil just for a little and pour some drops of warm oil into your ear. This should ease the pain.

We gathered natural olive oil treatments, which have been an important part of our home organic therapies. We do not see any reason why they would not help you as well.

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