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Are you looking for healthy easy raw food recipes? Are you on a raw food diet or are you simply thinking about how to include delicious organic raw food into your healthy nutrition?

Have you ever heard the question: Do you live to eat or do you eat to live? We all, of course, know what the right answer is.

But … we would rephrase the correct answer. Yes, we must eat to live, but it is very important what we eat.

Therefore, the right answer by our opinion is: We should enjoy eating healthy food to live a quality life.

Either way, you found the right site. We prepared for you free beautiful and tasty raw food recipes for:

Low Carb Raw
Chocolate Cakes

Anti Cellulite
Raw Food

Fat and Sugar Free
Easy Desserts

Gluten Free
Fast Food

We do not claim that eating solely raw food is the only right way to do it. Nevertheless, organic raw food diet is extremely important for our health and it should be a part of everyone’s optimum nutrition.

That does not mean that you have to eat simple raw food. No, you can prepare yourself amazing healthy dishes. You just need some inspiration for combining different organic ingredients, various superfoods and natural dietary supplements, and that’s it.

Well, almost. You most certainly need a powerful blender, too. We have been preparing beautiful raw food dishes in our Blendtec Total Blender , which is just incredible. Definitely, it is our most important kitchen aid.

On we gathered for you many proven exquisite raw food recipes to boost your inspiration. Here are lovely free recipes by Mrs. Savina A. Ritter, a face force yoga master, a writer, and nutritionist:

Recipes for Raw Chocolate Tea Party Cakes

Open Heart
Raw Chocolate Cake

Bananas & Strawberries

Protein White
Chocolate Cake

Chocolate that Awakes
and Revives Hormones

Raw Chocolate

Effective Anti Cellulite Recipes and Amazing Tips for
a Cellulite Diet to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

Salad with a Purpose

Super Drink

Brown Algae Therapy

Triple Protection

Jacob Mussels with
Nettle Balls

Buffalo Mozzarella
with Asparagus

Soup with
Algae and Buckwheat

Low Carb & Gluten Free No Bake
Easy Dessert Recipes for Your Sweetest Fantasy

Rich Bio Pudding

Triple Ice Cream

Sweet Polenta Flat Cake

Royal Vegan Strudel

Raw Chocolate Cake

Healthy Fast Food Recipes - Fast Food My Way

A Change from Bad to Good

A Drink Before the Feast



Yellow Pizza

Crispy Vegetables

Divine Kale Chips

A Drink After the Feast

Important Facts About Healthy Nutrition
You Ought to Be Aware of

Life has really changed a lot in the last few decades. Our grannies and grandpas had very different problems; honestly, they didn’t worry at all about healthy nutrition. Just the opposite, many times they were happy to even get something warm into their stomachs.

They didn’t fabricate what they should and what they should not eat, whether some dish is well-balanced or not. They didn’t even consider that they should not eat potato every day, they didn’t have any idea what raw food recipes were. When we were children, it was still very much so.

The situation has changed (unfortunately not for everybody) and now we have, let’s say, positive problems. There’s lots of information about healthy nutrition in all media every day, but still there are many people who do not know what healthy nutrition is.

There are many theories; this is only one of them: Healthy nutrition is the one, which provides our body with necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional elements that enable our body to perform all bodily functions. Human body has the tendency of self-recovery, but only if needed substances are available.


We have practiced many different diets, we have studied many books, and still we know we can’t “sell” our ideas as one and only truth. Everybody must figure it out which combination suits him best. Anyway, we are sure that raw food recipes should be a part of everybody’s healthy diet. Question is only, how big and how important part?

When searching your optimum nutrition you should be rational, you should not be obsessed with what and when you will eat. We advise you to study some literature, to test and try, and the most important – observe your body, observe your reactions.

Whichever changes you will make, make them gradually, give your body a chance to adapt. Eat slowly; you should chew every single bite of food well.

Nevertheless, enjoy food! However, every big meal represents a big effort for your digestive tract and therefore you should eat more smaller daily meals.

You should change fat rich foods with low fat foods. Control your snack desire. If you really must, take a healthy snack.

“Our” raw food recipes fulfill every single demand for anyone’s healthy diet. We have been preparing them regularly; they are an important part of our family’s nutrition. We do not see any reason why you wouldn’t like them as well.

EASY Raw Vegan Transition Recipes

"Partly Raw" Recipes
"Sneaky" Transition Recipes
100% Raw Recipes

And More Amazing Raw Food Recipe Ebooks from

Kristen Suzanne
An Accomplished Raw Food Chef

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Simple, very tasteful, no bake, sugar free, and energetic Weight Watchers Recipes

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