Save Your Vision

by Maria
(San Francisco, CA USA)

Frozen Wheat Grass Juice

Frozen Wheat Grass Juice

Frozen Wheat Grass Juice
Juicing Wheatgrass for Health

I am 79 years old. Five years ago I was well on my way to losing my vision (excessive eye pressure and thinning of the cornea). I started taking one ounce of fresh wheat grass juice a day without fail.

Because of the cost and inconvenience I switched to frozen wheat grass juice that come in little trays. Each eye examination resulted in better and better eye health and vision.

Today my eyes are healthier than they were five years ago and my nearsightedness that I had from age 5 or 6 cleared up. No more glasses, the pressure in my eyes is a normal 18 and the thickness of the cornea was "better than ok".

I shared this information with a friend under doctor's care (in her 40's) who was very, very concerned as a member of her family had gone blind. Within one month after taking 5 tablets each day per recommendation on the bottle, her eye pressure became normal.

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