There's a Juice for That!

by Anthony Jennings
(Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

Juicing Recipes for Different Health Problems

Juicing Recipes for Different Health Problems

About two years into our marriage my wife and I knew we needed a lifestyle change. We were eating unhealthy and facing the consequences. We were overweight, getting sick, and suffering many other health related side effects.

My wife's sister turned us on to juicing. We bought books and researched online for a few weeks. Benefits to juicing seemed promising but we would have never realized how much it could change our lifestyle!

We have only been juicing about two months now, and already we are starting to see an amazing difference.

We have both lost a considerable amount of weight... our cravings and appetites for less healthy food has diminished, we have more energy and our attitudes and outlook on life have become so much more positive and happy.

I was so motivated by the healing and healthy effects of juicing that I created a free android app to share the juicing recipes we have come to love.

Here is a link to my app and a description about it:

Juice Rx - There's a juice for that!

Juice Rx is a compilation of juice recipes that can cure or improve certain health conditions. Juice Rx currently contains over 230 juice recipes for over 125 different health conditions.

With this app you can:

-find recipes by the health condition they serve

-find recipes by ingredients

-save favorite juices for quick access

-learn about different health conditions and ingredients

Juice Rx is perfect for everyone. Whether you are looking to improve your health, lose weight, or seeking natural cures and remedies to a health condition, juicing is a wonderful solution!

Juice Rx is also a great way to introduce variety into your family’s diet. You will find yourself and your children enjoying fruits and vegetables that you wouldn’t normally eat alone. Juicing is fun, healthy and it gets results.

Juice Rx is my gift to you for this New Year. I hope it helps you with your new year’s resolutions, we should all resolve to improve our health!

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Good to read
by: Andrea S. Dorazio

I will be content to help save this web site in to our folder. Many thanks! The way you express yourself is awesome.Hey, your blog is great.

Tahir prince

This app is the best!
by: Peter (New Jersey)

Anthony, thank you so much for making this app. I just bought a Nutri Bullet machine to make fruit and veggie juices & smoothies. My diet is heading towards being meat free completely as I have learned that every vitamin I need is found in fruits, veggies, & legumes. I downloaded your app onto my android tablet and bring it into the kitchen so that I can follow your recipes. I also downloaded it onto my phone so that I know what ingredients I need to buy while in the supermarket. Without a doubt, Juice RX is my most valuable app!! Thanks again....Peter

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