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Somebody would think that a masticating and a twin gear juicer are two identical juicing devices. This is only partially true. A dual gear juice extractor is a big step forward and the right description, which would explain its technical essence, would be a triturating juice machine.

It is considered to be the best juicer available on the market. On our site we explain why this is so. Still, as you know, nothing is perfect and we all have different standards and needs.

But even if so, a twin gear juicer is without a doubt the right option for everyone who is serious about juicing, who would like to get the most healthy nutrients from organic fruits and vegetables. This is achieved through the triturating juicing process, which differs from the masticating and other juicing techniques quite a lot.

Twin gear (triturating) juicers are the most efficient juicing machines.

Fascinating, isn't it? Would you like to know more? No problem, for this reason we bring you exhaustive information on:

- How a twin gear juicer extracts the juice

- An incredible performance of this juicer machine type

- Summary of pros and cons

- Top rated dual gear juicer comparison chart

- Presentation of the best triturating juicers

The Triturating Juicing Process

Two interlocking roller gears are the heart of dual gear juicers and the juice results from pressing the fresh produce between them. The juicing process is done in two steps; it is slower than with a masticating juicer and it creates less heat when juicing than other juice machines types.

During the first step the fresh produce is triturated (ground, crushed, squashed, broke) with the gears into the pulp. In the second step, a dual gear juicer extracts the juice out of the pulp.

The two gear high-pressure force fractures strong cell walls and lets out even more healthy nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and trace minerals than single gear juicers.

In addition, the juicing process is done at very low temperatures. In this way, the important nutritious content of raw health food is preserved at the highest possible level.

It is true, twin gear juicers are more expensive than other types of juicing machines, but they also provide the most benefits to your health. Considering only this important criterion, triturating juice extractors are without a doubt the best juicers available on the market.

They operate at very low speed (RPMs) and the result is overall positive – there is less oxidation from foam and more healthy nutritional values of vegetables and fruits are preserved.

Low aeration and oxidation also means that you can store and preserve juices prepared with dual gear juicers for a longer time, even for 2-3 days, without losing any vital beneficial nutritional substances.

Two interlocking roller gears are the most important parts of triturating juicers.

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Amazing Abilities of a Dual Gear Juicer

A twin health juicer is more efficient than masticating or single auger vertical juicers. Juice yield is very high, even up to 50% higher than with centrifugal juice extractors. It can efficiently juice literally everything, from all stiff healthy fruits, root vegetable types, wheatgrass, sprouts, pine needles, green leafy vegetables, greens to herbs.

With a twin gear juicer type, you can prepare yourself amazing mixed all natural juices, you are not limited by the ingredients. The juicing process of a triturating juicer assures a maximum juice amount out of the pulp; you cannot get so dry pulp with any other juicer type.

The wheat grass juice yield is almost as high as with a single-purpose wheatgrass juicer. Anyway, if you intend to juice larger amounts of wheatgrass you should consider buying an electric wheatgrass machine, which is quicker.

Dual gear juicers are even more than incredible juicing devices. They are multi-purpose kitchen appliances, depends of course on a model.

With the majority of triturating juicers, you can prepare also delicious food for your baby, beautiful frozen fruit sorbets, pastas, and rice cakes. You can make your own noodles, to which you can add different juices (beet, spinach, carrot) for reviving their taste. You can prepare butter with herbs supplements, bread sticks, and much more.

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Pros and Cons of a Twin Gear Juicer

- There are no limits for this juicer type; it can juice everything, from frozen fruit and vegetable, to fresh firm types of vegetables and fruits like carrots and apples, leafy vegetables, greens, sprouts, wheatgrass, pine needles, herbs, and spices. You do not have to stop the juicing process and change any part for that.

- It is an amazing multipurpose kitchen appliance. It can be beneficially used also as a food processor juicer, for preparation of baby foods, vegetable milk, noodles, ice cream, pastas, different types of butter; it is suitable for grinding seeds, coffee beans, and much more.

- The two step low-heat juicing process guaranties the best prevention of healthy minerals, enzymes, and vitamins for your health.

- The dual-gear technology prevents foam creation and oxidation. Juices resulting from juicing with twin gear juicers can be preserved longer, even up to 2-3 days, without losing many vital healthy nutritional substances. Therefore, you do not need to juice every day. You can prepare larger amount of juice at once and preserve it for a couple of days in your fridge.

- The unique twin-gear triturating technique provides the highest juice yield possible.

- It operates very quietly and thoroughly.
- A small feeding chute, everything must be chopped into quite small chunks before juicing.

- The juicing process is rather slow.

- Cleaning is pretty complicated and time consuming.

- For juicing stiff parts quite some manual power, experiences, and skill are needed.

- It is a little more complicated for usage, maybe a too big challenge for the beginners.

- Twin gear juicers are quite heavy, on avg. 22-26 lbs (10-12 kg). Yet, this is an advantage for juicing itself, since a juice machine is very stable.

- It is more expensive than other juicer types. However, with more money you gain the very best for your health.

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Top Rated Triturating Juicer
Comparison Chart

There are not so many models to choose among them. Nevertheless, you should not overlook following amazing dual gear juice machines:





All Stainless Steel Parts
Available models:
Click here to learn more


10 years

Plastic + Stainless Steel


12 years

Plastic + Magnetic + Bio ceramic


5 years

Plastic + Magnetic + Bio ceramic


5 years

Plastic + Magnetic + Bio ceramic


5 years

Plastic + Magnetic + Bio ceramic


5 years

Plastic + Magnetic + Bio ceramic


10 years

Plastic + Stainless Steel + Nylon


15 years

More Info:

Green Star GS-1000, 2000, and 3000 are identical juicing machines. The model No. signifies which accessories are included in the set and that consequently determines the performance and the price as well:



Coarse Screen

Drip Tray


Mochi Attachment

Pasta Maker

Fruit Attachment

Green Star GS-3000

Green Star GS-2000

Green Star GS-1000

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The Best Twin Gear Juicer Machines

All listed juicers provide amazing healthy all natural drinks. However, considering crucial criteria when deciding about the best juicer for your needs, we strongly recommend you to check two incredible juice machines.

In the price range around $500, undoubtedly, the very best selection is:

The Green Star GSE-5000
Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor

Top Winning Arguments:

- The Green Star juicer GSE-5000 provides higher yields of juice than other triturating juicers in this price range. Features that enable that are larger gears and in addition, this is the first three-stage twin gear juicer on the market.

- The design of this Greenstar juicer machine is optimized. Fixing of housing is done with a latch and not with knobs like in other Green star models.

- All juicer parts are produced from materials of higher quality, which are heat-resistant and therefore dishwasher safe. That means that assembly, disassembly, and consequently cleaning is simpler and quicker.

- Due to the safety switch system, which prevents the juicing process until the juicer is completely assembled, is the usage now even safer.

- It comes with an amazing 12 year warranty.

If you would like to get the optimum for your health for a lifetime and money is not a problem, your task is actually very simple. You should definitely check the Rolls Royce of juicers and that is:

The Super Angel
All Stainless Steel Triturating Juicer

Top Winning Arguments:

- It is completely produced from stainless steel and not from plastic materials like others.

- The materials used and the design of this magnificent juicer machine enables juicing result without any competition. With the Super Angel twin gear juicer, you get the very best, the very healthiest all natural juices possible.

- Due to the stainless steel and less juicer parts are assembly, disassembly, and cleaning much simpler and faster than with other triturating juicer models.

- The Super Angel Juicer can easily be taken apart and all parts are dishwasher safe. As you know, stainless steel is more durable and can be cleaned much simpler than any plastic material anyway.

- It carries a 10 year warranty.

There are three models of Super Angel Juicer. Follow this link and get complete info on these brilliant juice extractors.

If you would like to prepare yourself the healthiest juices, full of vitamins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients, is a twin gear juicer surely the best selection you can imagine.

Yes, it demands some more skills, some more time for the juicing process, and it is more expensive than other juicer types. However, these cons are negligible when comparing them with magnificent pros that it brings.

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