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As you probably know, from a technical point of view there are only two types of blenders available on the market. So, if you are buying a new blender machine, this is a great news, isn’t it? There are only two basic options to compare before you decide, which blender model would suit you best!

Sorry, it isn’t like that. It is true, first you have to choose between two blender types and this task should be quite easy.

The "problem" is the huge offer in each group. There are countless different blender brands and models with various features available.

Therefore, which would be the best blender for you is really a tough question! In our opinion, first of all you must know what kind of small kitchen appliance you would like to get. When you know, which kitchen tasks it should perform, everything becomes much simpler.

Of course, the more you know about the available types of blenders, the easier you can decide. Unfortunately, we don’t know what your demands are. But we certainly know a lot about different blender machines and our information will surely help you find the right one for you.

Let’s start with the first blender type, and that is

An Immersion Blender

It is also called a hand-held or a stick blender. These small blenders are actually long, thin devices, which you hold on one side and there are blades on the other.

Immersion blenders are the right selection for blending different thinner blender drinks, including soups and smoothies, and for blending soft components like fruits and veggies.

These types of blenders enable you to blend hot (even boiling hot) blending ingredients directly in a cooking pan. They are very practical, simple to use, and easy to clean.

Immersion types of blenders can be further divided into 4 sub-groups:

1 - Cheap Hand Blenders With Minimum Attachments

Basic Features:

- Simple construction, low cost materials used.

- Delivered usually only with a mixing beaker.

- Motor power 150 – 250 W

- 0 - 2 speed control, no turbo button

- Only the simplest blending tasks can be performed.

Here are some very popular models in this category:

2 – Powerful Stick Blenders With Multiple Attachments

Basic Features:

- Compact design, produced from high quality materials.

- Beside a measuring beaker and a blending jar, there are also food chopper and whisk attachments included.

- Motor power 200 – 550 W

- 3 – 6 speed control, normally with a turbo button

- Because of various attachments, strong motors, and variable speed controls are they amazing multi-purpose small kitchen appliances.

If you are interested in these types of blenders, you really should check following incredibly handy multi-tasking immersion blenders that are greatly appreciated by the users:

3 – Cordless, Battery Operated Hand Blenders

Basic Features:

- Modern and practical designs, top quality materials.

- Due to a rechargeable battery are these types of blenders a little bit heavier than those with electric cords.

- Approx. 20 minutes of operating time on a single charge.

- Better portability, and flexibility in handling.

- Delivered with a handle charger, which fits into a standard wall outlet.

If you're trying to find a high-quality universal portable hand blender, you should not overlook following  top performance models:

4 – Commercial HD Immersion Types of Blenders

Basic Features:

- Made from high quality materials.

- It is bigger resp. the shaft is longer, from 12 – 21".

- Longer shaft, high motor power, and variable speeds for easy blending, mixing, and puréeing larger amounts of cold and hot foods.

- Rubberized grip and a second handle for a total control.

Heavy duty stick blenders are first of all very useful for professional needs. Of course, if you need to prepare large amounts of sauces, soups, milkshakes, and more, are these incredible portable blender types the right option for you as well. In such case we advise you to check these amazing models:

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Immersion blender types are in any case very important small kitchen appliances, they help you master various household tasks easily. Anyway, there are many functions, which are better performed by another type of blender, and that is

A Countertop Blender

It is also called a jar or a jug blender. These types of blenders are normally stationary jar electric blenders that are usually heavier than immersion blenders. They can perform many different kitchen tasks like blending various drinks (smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails…), mixing, puréeing, grinding, chopping, crushing ice, and more.

Again, what will you be able to prepare with your blender machine depends on the model you will choose. There are small jag blenders with low power motors, and there are powerful heavy duty commercial blenders with huge containers available. And there are enormous varieties in between. Yes, to get the right one is quite a hard job.
Our additional classification of countertop types of blenders into 4 sub-groups will surely ease your task:

1 – Small Personal Blenders

Basic Features:

- Usually produced from low cost materials.

- Motor power from 100 – 300 W, 0 – 2 speed control

- Jar capacity from 14 – 20 oz; delivered with one, two, or even more blending/drinking jugs.

- You can drink directly from a blender jar, no additional cup is needed.

- Small, very simple to use, can be stored even in a drawer.

- Perfect for making smoothies, milkshakes, and other blended drinks without or with a little ice, for one or two persons.

If you are checking simple and cheap types of blenders, with one, two, or more blending – drinking jars, one of the following high rated personal blenders might be what you are looking for:

2 – Cocktail resp. Margarita Blenders

Basic Features:

- A separate ice reservoir and one or more glass jars.

- You just put the ice in a hopper and fill the jar (or jars) with the ingredients for your favorite cocktail drinks.

- Decide which and how many frozen cocktails you would like to get and based on that choose one of the automatic pre-programmed cycles.

- The machine shaves the ice (not crush) and mix the right proportion of ice with the blended ingredients automatically.

- Very simple to use and to clean.

As you most probably know, you can prepare cocktails in any countertop blender as long as it is strong enough to crush ice. Anyway, if your most important goal is to make various frozen cocktail drinks for one or more persons regularly, these special blender types are surely the right choice:

3 – Smoothie Blenders

Basic Features:

- Produced from high-quality materials, blender jars normally dishwasher safe.

- Motor power: 200 – 1.000 W

- Up to 7 speed with pulse

- 5 – 7 cup containers with a pour spout.

- A powerful motor and variable speeds with pulse enable a smooth blending result, including perfect ice crushing.

True, you can make smoothies with all different blender types, the difference is in what kind of results do you get from various ingredients and how long does it take to get your healthy drinks.

If you prepare smoothies and other blended beverages with or without ice on a regular basis, for more people, and you don't need your blender machine for additional kitchen tasks, a solid smoothie machine is all what you need. But do not expect a brilliant performance from the cheapest models.

We recommend you to check following:

4 – Commercial Heavy Duty Jug Blenders

Basic Features:

- Produced from top quality materials.

- This blender type is much more than "just" a smoothie maker, it can substitute many other kitchen appliances. It can blend, chop, grind, purée, crush, freeze, dice, cook, and more. Therefore, it can also be called a food blender.

- That is possible due to the powerful 2 – 3 HP Heavy Duty motors, multiple speeds and a pulse, innovative designs, and advanced technological solutions.

- Top quality blending, grinding, chopping … results.

- 64 oz or even bigger containers.

- You are not limited neither by the ingredients nor by the amounts, these incredible timesavers can process everything, quickly and efficiently.

- Quite easy to use and super easy to clean.

There are many various brands and models available on the market. A majority of them are of very high quality, so you actually can't go wrong.

However, if you are buying a multi-tasking HD blender, we're sure that these are the models you should check first:

The multi-functional HD types of blenders are of course more expensive than the weaker appliances. On the other hand, considering how many super efficient devices are packed in only one machine, is this statement questionable. We know that from our own experience.

A few years ago we bought the Blendtec Total Blender and we just love it. It is our most important and most frequently used kitchen appliance. We prepare smoothies, milkshakes  and other all natural healthy drinks, we grind nuts, seeds and herbs, knead dough, mince and dice, and more.

Available functions and the results that we get are incomparable with the ability of our old 600 W blender machine. True, we were able to prepare smoothies and other soft blended drinks and foods, but the blending process was very slow and inefficient. And we could have only dreamt that it could have performed more kitchen tasks successfully.

We have been using our new powerful jar blender on a daily basis; we find it incredible and undoubtedly, we have made the right decision for us.

We really hope that information about various types of blenders, which we bring on our site, considering the most important decision criteria when buying a blender, will help you make the right choice for you as well.

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