Vegetable Juice Recipes
Benefits of Juicing Veggies

Do you like to prepare vegetable juice recipes or you prefer pure natural fruit juices?

That’s OK, but you should start juicing various types of vegetables, too.

There’s a very good reason for that:
Vegetable nutrition facts prove that vegetables contain amazing healthy nutrients, others or more than fruits.

In addition, fruits contain lots of sugar and you have to be careful with the amounts of fruit juices you drink, especially if you’re juicing for weight loss or if you’re thinking about starting juice fasting diet.

Of course, if you are juicing for diabetics, you have to avoid fruits and juice different vegetables only. Scientifically it is also proven that juicing vegetables brings health benefits for various health conditions like obesity, cancer, heart diseases …

On we bring you some tips on vegetable juicing and some free vegetable juice recipes to inspire you to find your favorite vegetable juices.


Fresh juices are super concentrated all natural nutrition drinks, full of fruit and vegetable components, which contain “hunters” of free radicals. You can find “hunters” in carotene, digestive enzymes, and alkaline chlorophyll.

More antioxidant rich fruits and veggies you will juice less chance for occurrence of chronic diseases you will have. Your immune system will boost, your bone structure will improve, you will get slimmer … juicing for weight loss will be effective.

By combining and mixing vegetables and fruits, you should not limit yourself only to some proven combinations like fruits and carrot juice. You can put into your juice machine whatever you like and besides you should experiment a little bit, too.

Here are some vegetable juice recipes and tips to inspire your imagination:

Consider a Rule 3 : 1

In order that juice is not too sweet, experts for juice mixing recommend that you should combine two to three types of vegetables with one fruit type.

Look Green

Even thought avocado is considered a vegetable, it is very unusual that it contains a lot of fatty acids and vitamin E, which is very good for heart health. Some studies have even shown that avocados obstruct insulin secretion through a special sugar type called manoheptulose.

Therefore, avocados appease hunger very efficiently and you should use them in your vegetable juice recipes quite often. Here is one idea:


Avocado Mixed Juicer Recipe:

• 1 Avocado
• 1 small bunch Parsley
• 3-4 Asparagus
• 2 big Oranges

For skin cleansing you should add also a little lemon juice.

Drink Your Salad

It is known that a cucumber contains a lot of water. However, since it contains also important minerals like calcium and zinc it is a very popular ingredient in vegetable juice recipes.

On the contrary, salad leaves especially cress, endive, and spinach provide folic acid, which helps reduce the risk of heart diseases. In addition, due to antioxidants and fibers, the risk for some cancer types, especially colon cancer, is lower, too.


Also for that reason, salad leaves are important ingredients when juicing for heart health or juicing for cancer.
You can combine your “salad ingredients” and prepare
a beautiful green vegetable juice:

Cucumber Juice:

• 1 Cucumber
• 100 g Spinach and Salad
• 1 Radish
• 2 big ripe Pears

Choose Your Favorite

A favorite of nutrition experts and dietitians across the world is a vegetable family that includes broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and brussels sprouts.

With many researches on population, the studies have shown that they act antibacterial, they fight against cancer development, and they boost immune system.

More than enough reasons why you should use these healthy vegetables in your vegetable juice recipes. Maybe you do not like their taste. You will be surprised; from cabbage you can prepare amazingly tasty all natural drinks.


That is possible under the condition that you mix it with appropriate fruits and vegetables. Try this combination:

Red Cabbage Juice:

• ½ small red Cabbage
• ½ Fennel head
• 2 Apples
• ½ stalk Celery
• some drops of Orange juice

Choose Your Matador

A little bit spicy vegetable juice recipes are also popular among some people. You can try this one: Take classic Spanish soup Gazpacho as an example and prepare your Matador:


Tomato Juice Recipe:

• 100 g Tomato
• ½ Cucumber
• ½ Red Pepper
• some Celery
• 1 Shallot
• some fresh Coriander
• a bit of fresh Chilli
• some Lime juice

Simply Red

Red beetroot contains the highest sugar amount among all vegetables. Moreover, this amazing root vegetable is an excellent source of folic acid, iron, and soluble fiber. More than enough reasons why you should start juicing beets and enjoy astonishing benefits of red natural drink.


When combined with citruses and ginger, it takes care for
the sweetness:

Red Beet Juice:

• 2 Beetroots
• ½ fresh Ginger root
• 1 small Sweet Potato
• 1 Carrot
• 1 big Orange

Prepare Fresh Juices Every Day

Fresh all natural juices clean your system so it is the best that you drink them for breakfast. You do not have enough time in the morning? No problem! You can prepare fruits and vegetables meant for juicing in the evening and preserve them in airtight dishes in your fridge. In such way, you will be able to prepare your favorite vegetable juice recipes in the morning much faster.

When juicing for health, it is very important that you use only organic grown fruits and vegetables. They contain much more healthy vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. In addition, you can use up organic vegetables and fruits completely; you do not have to peel them.

And last but not least … you should not forget how important role your juice machine plays. There are many different automatic and hand operated juicers available on the market and every single type has its pros and cons.

Some juice extractors provide the healthiest foamless juices, which freshness can be preserved even for a couple of days without losing much important nutritional values. With such a juicer you can prepare a larger amount of juice at once, and store it in a fridge for a few days. You do not have to juice every single day.

Special Advice:

You can increase nutritional value of juice by adding good health supplements. You can add for instance one tsp of proteins, flakes, almonds, or cashew. You can add also wheatgrass, algae spirulina powder (or capsules) or barley grass powder, which helps stimulate digestion and liver and kidney cleansing.

Fruit Vegetable-Juices-Healthy-All-Natural-Drinks

These are only some food supplements, which you can use in your vegetable juice recipes. There are of course much more, you have unlimited options for combining. All depends on your wishes and taste.

But, you must be aware of the fact that every nutritional supplement you add to your homemade all natural juice prolongs the digestion time.

We started to prepare various vegetable juice recipes already a long time ago and we cannot imagine our daily routine without healthy vegetable juices any more. We feel much better, we are healthier, and we have more energy for our daily tasks.

Try it, already in a short time you will recognize amazing health benefits of juicing vegetables and fruits.

However, we advise you not to exaggerate, at least not in the beginning. Start slowly, with simpler combinations and smaller amounts, give your body time to adapt. Only in such way, you will enjoy all benefits of juicing in the long run.

Partial source: Revija Lisa, No. 51, 15th December 2011

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