Simple yet Delicious and Energetic
Weight Watchers Recipes

Weight watchers recipes, which we bring, are the result of our long-term testing and trying. We enjoy eating good food, but of course we do not want to gain weight, we would like to feel well, and be healthy.

We do different sports what helps us stay fit and active. That’s good, but it is not enough for our well feeling.

We have been studying and testing and we found a solution, which suits us best. Already long time ago we realized that the main base for getting and being fit is a proper combination of regular physical exercise and consumption of good, healthy natural food.

This is very important and will provide you with a healthy weight loss as well.

On we glady share our healthy recipes with you:

Sugar and Gluten Free
Raw Fruit Cakes

High Energy Raw
Foods and Drinks

What we prepare depends mostly on the time of the year. We namely use fresh organic grown ingredients as much as possible.

We are lucky; we live in Slovenia, which is a very green and clean country. We have our own organic vegetable garden and we can get healthy organic health food everywhere.

However, we are aware that even organic food is not as rich as it used to be and therefore we add various amazing whole food supplements.

And we should not forget. For preparation of our simple yet delicious and healthy weight watchers recipes you will need a proper blender model, with sufficient motor power and multiple operating functions.

We have the Blendtec Total Blender with motor power 1560 W and it has been serving us just great.

Health Benefits of Some all Natural
Ingredients of Our Weight Watchers Recipes

- Maca Root Powder is considered as a true adaptogen, it is proven natural aphrodisiac, helps lift libido, has a positive influence on fertility, regulates hormonal balance …

- Blueberries are one of the best antioxidants ...

- Goji Berries are a perfect antioxidant, contain immense vitamin C quantity, more vitamins group B, the immune system booster, slow down the aging process …

- Sea Buckthorn is an excellent vitamin B source, rich also in vitamins A and E …

- Coconut Oil (fat) accelerates the calories burning process; it improves endurance, very appropriate for athletes …

- Health benefits of coconut water are unlimited: It is energy and immune system booster, helps digestion, efficient in anti aging nutrition, very important foods that lower cholesterol, good for blood circulation, improves skin complexion …

As you will see, weight watchers recipes, which we gladly share with you, are very simple and easy to prepare.

You do not need to be very skilful in the kitchen. No, you just need to find some time and positive energy to prepare these beautiful body and soul food recipes.

What a small price to pay for your great healthy culinary pleasure.

Recipes for Delightful Raw Fruit Cakes

Raw Fruit Peach Cake
with Bourbon Sauce

Raw Antioxidant Rich
Blueberry Cake

Peach Heaven: A delicious raw peach fruit cake that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fats. It is a natural aphrodisiac, takes care for your better hormonal balance, an anti aging fruit dessert, for your stronger immune system, for your better feeling overall.

Blueberry Heaven: A delightful natural raw blueberry cake, rich in antioxidants (blueberries are one of the best), very healthy and nutritious. Rich in proteins and healthy fats too.

Lovely Raw
Coconut Cake Recipe

Raw Pear Fruit Cake
with Bourbon Sauce

Coconut Heaven: An amazing no bake coconut cake is full of protein. If you are looking for whole foods recipes for athletes or you need tips for your healthy diet, this is a very good choice.

Pear Heaven: A yummy raw vegan pear cake with various nutritional supplements, including Schisandra chinensis powder – Wu Wei Zi, one of the most well known and recognized restorative herbs in Chinese Medicine. This amazing adaptogenic five flavor herb has unlimited health benefits to the whole body.

Raw High Energy Foods and Drinks

Coconut Shake

Cocoa Shake

Coconut Waffles

Coconut Shake: A protein rich drink for professional and recreational athletes. You should avoid artificial shakes and prepare all natural coconut healthy drink for you and your kids.

Cocoa Shake: A perfect easy digestible energy booster drink for everyone, particularly for athletes after the exercise, for children, for elderly people, for all active persons.

Coconut Waffle Recipe: Delicious coconut waffles, quick and easy to make. A simple cookie weight watcher recipe with coconut water, coconut milk, and no eggs.

Ursula's Energy Balls

Vegan Energy Balls

Mango Pudding

Ursula's Energy Balls: Wonderful energy rich balls, replacement for protein bars to boost your energy naturally. High in protein and healthy fats.

Vegan Energy Balls: Easy to make yummy vegan energy balls for restoring your power, good feeling, and joy. Pure delight, without any bad feeling.

Mango Pudding with Bourbon Vanilla: This beautiful mango pudding can be an excellent end of a perfect healthy meal, an independent light meal, or a high protein energetic dessert for your afternoon tea party.

The Main Common Characteristics of Our Simple
Weight Watchers Recipes

- All healthy dessert recipes are meant for the people, who would like to eat something healthy and sweet, without a bit of guilty conscience.

- If you are looking for diabetic dessert recipes, you found the right site.

All sugar and gluten free dessert recipes are very appropriate for diabetics and for everyone, who avoids sugar consumption for any reason, for instance athletes.

- Our healthy desserts are easily digestible; you quickly replace lost energy, they are excellent energy boosters.

- It is true, our sugar free dessert recipes are high in calories, but you do not gain weight.

In fact, our weight watchers recipes are the right choice even for the people on a slim diet. They are namely very nutritious and you simply can eat just a piece or a few bites.

- These easy to make dessert recipes are an excellent choice when you urgently need to eat something sweet. Some of our healthy food recipes you can namely prepare in a moment.

- Already a small bite of delicious raw cake, one protein ball, or one gulp of wonderful shake will appease hunger for sweets.

Therefore, our weight watchers recipes are a fabulous solution if you are addicted to chocolate resp. sugar.

EASY Raw Vegan Desserts

Recipes for Raw Desserts
Ice Creams and Sauces
Coulis and Glazes

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