Wheat Grass for Treating Anemia

by Stephanie
(Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Wheat grass powder is an excellent dietary supplement.

Wheat grass powder is an excellent dietary supplement.

Back in January of this year I went for annual blood work and to my dismay I was anemic and my body was not absorbing iron.

I researched ways to build my blood and came upon Wheat Grass Juice Powder.
I started drinking it twice a day for the last 3 months. I went for a follow up & my blood count was normal & better than it has ever been.

I can only attribute the results to the Wheat Grass Juice Powder. I drink it twice a day now & I will for the rest of my life.

Dear Stephanie, many thanks for telling your inspiring story! Anyway, would
you mind sharing some more experiences? How did you feel when you started
consuming wheatgrass drink? How do you feel now, have you noticed any other
positive health changes? How do you consume wheat grass powder? Do you have
any special tricks, ideas, or recipes?


Truly, young wheatgrass is an excellent source of fibers, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that help stimulate digestion, help remove toxins from the body, and lead to overall improvement of blood counts.

Wheat grass powder is a concentrated source of natural nutrients and therefore an ideal dietary supplement.

In people who have been consuming wheatgrass regularly, either as fresh juice or as powder, following significant health improvement have been noticed:

- Blood counts increase and anemia disappearance
- Better liver function and consequently a full body detox
- Normal blood sugar levels
- Regular bowel movements
- Higher energy levels
- Improved dental health
- Caries healing
- Positive influence on cancer treatment (as a supplement to also otherwise changed lifestyle)
- Soothe of internal tissue inflammations and chronic diseases, which are their consequences
- Positive impact on candida cure
- Removal of heavy metals and other toxins from the body

There are really many reasons to add wheat grass powder to your diet. Anyway, you should start gradually, with smaller amounts, especially if you suspect that there are many toxins your body would like to get rid of.

Start with one teaspoon and increase the dose slowly, according to your state of health and your needs. The advisable daily intake is 20 g (3 tsp).

You can add powdered wheatgrass to fruit and vegetable juices, to smoothies, to cold soups, to various salads … To preserve its nutritional value you should never expose it to high temperature. In order to enjoy maximum health benefits of wheat grass you should consume it on an empty stomach.

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