Top Electric Wheatgrass Juicers
Best Single- & Multi-Purpose Models

A dedicated electric wheatgrass juicer is actually a horizontal masticating single auger juicer type. Unlike universal gear juicing machines, it is purposely designed to extract the maximum juice amount from different types of grass.

With such juice extractor, you can first of all efficiently juice wheat grass, leafy greens, herbs, and organic sprouts. True, some wheat grass juicers enable juice extraction from soft fruits and vegetables as well. 

However, you must be aware that the best results (speed + wheatgrass yield) you can expect from electric juicers constructed for juicing grass and greens solely.

As you might already know, wheatgrass, leafy greens, and sprouts can also be successfully juiced with multi-purpose masticating and triturating juicers. Of course, all universal gear juice machines are not equally effective at juicing grass.

Which juicer would be the most appropriate for you depends first of all on your needs. Anyway, we would like to help you make the right decision. Therefore, we bring you important information about the best electric juicer machines for wheatgrass:

- Characteristics of dedicated wheat grass juicers

- Presentation of pros and cons

- Top rated dedicated wheatgrass juicer comparison chart

- A closer look at the best dedicated wheat grass machines

- A presentation of the best universal wheatgrass juice extractors 

Best dedicated and universal electric wheat grass juice extractors.

Features and Characteristics of
Dedicated Electric Wheat Grass Juicers

The juice extraction technology of dedicated electric wheatgrass juicers is almost the same as of multipurpose single auger masticating juicers. There are only slight design differences. Because of them, a wheat grass machine better crushes and chews grass and in the end better extracts the amazing healthy nutrients from raw green food into the juice.

The low speed process is characteristic also for a wheatgrass electric juicer. As you most probably know, low juicing speed prevents oxidation and overheating. The result is phenomenal; you get clear, healthy green juice, full of amazing natural nutritional substances, like chlorophyll, minerals, enzymes, and vitamins.

Juicing with wheatgrass juicers assures the maximum juice yield and the best preservation of healthy nutrients in "live" green juices, especially chlorophyll and enzymes. Green wheat grass juice contains approx. 70% raw chlorophyll, called also the "blood of plants". The molecular structure of our blood is very similar to that. For that reason, the benefits of chlorophyll are irreplaceable for human beings.

Wheatgrass juice is something the best for our health; it is green living juice for life. It helps us prevent and overcome diseases, it improves our quality of life; it helps us in getting and being fit and healthy. It contains "living food" that reconstructs our cells and helps them to grow.

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Dedicated Electric Wheatgrass Machines
Pros and Cons

- An amazing juice yield from wheat grass, sprouts, herbs, and leafy greens.

- With some multifunctional wheat grass juicers you can juice also different types of soft and even hard fruits and vegetables, you can prepare pasta, baby foods, frozen fruit sorbets …

- Excellent quality of green juices.

- Juicing speed of the best wheatgrass machines is up to 5 oz juice/minute.

- Majority of wheatgrass juicers are easy to use, simple to disassemble and reassemble, quick and easy to clean.

- It is very quiet and very safe to use.
- Not as multipurpose as other masticating juicer types.

- Rather slow juicing process.

- Most electric wheat grass juicers are quite big and heavy.

- Short warranty compared to other gear juicer types.

- Prices differ a lot. Especially the most expensive are maybe a little bit pricey. Again, considering what they bring, that could be negligible.

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Top Rated Single-Purpose Electric
Wheatgrass Juicer Comparison Chart

If you are looking for a dedicated electric wheat grass juicer you should check following highly efficient models:






Household juicer for juicing wheat grass and berries.

Plastic + Stainless Steel screen


1 year

Advanced version of the MJ-550, more parts made from stainless steel.

Plastic + Stainless Steel screen, auger, and chamber


1 year

For commercial and household use, dual screen system for juicing other fruits and vegetables too.

All Stainless Steel parts


6 months

Commercial grade wheatgrass machine, output up to
5 oz juice/minute.

All Stainless Steel parts


1 year

Workhorse II commercial wheatgrass juicer, juicing speed up to 3.5 oz/minute

Stainless Steel frame, Hot dip Tin-plated Cast Iron parts


1 year for
Commercial use

3 years for
Home use

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The Best Dedicated Electric
Juice Extractors for Wheat Grass

As you can see, there are various brands and models with different features available. We do not know, which one do you prefer. Anyway, our favorites are:

Miracle MJ550-Stainless Steel
Electric Wheatgrass Juicer

Top Winning Arguments:

- The most efficient home 200 W electric juice machine for juicing wheat grass, berries, and soft fruits as well.

- Lightweight yet very compact and easy to use dedicated single auger juicer.

- It provides extremely high juice yield and foam-less green juices.

- Overload switch, which protects from overloading, is a nice help especially for beginners.

- Base is produced from strong, durable plastic, all juicing parts (screen, auger, chamber) are made from stainless steel. Easy to assemble, detachable parts can be removed and cleaned very quickly and easily.

Wheateena WH3002 Workhorse II
Commercial Wheatgrass Juicer

Top Winning Arguments:

- The best heavy duty juice machine for juicing wheat and barley grass, for juice bars and restaurants.

- Amazing green juice yield and extremely fast juicing process, up to 3.5 oz/minute. It is self feeding, continuous pulp ejection for high efficiency.

- Very compact and stable, motor is mounted on solid stainless steel basis. New, revolutionary design for quick assembly and disassembly of juicing parts.

- All components are produced very precisely from cast iron, and full hot dip tin plated.

- It is "The Real Workhorse", the most popular commercial wheatgrass juicer in juice bars worldwide. It could surely be the right choice also for heavy duty use at home.

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The Best Multi-Purpose
Gear Juicers for Juicing Wheatgrass

You can very efficiently juice wheat grass with different universal gear juicer types as well:

- Horizontal Masticating Juicers – Single Gear Juice Machines

- Vertical Slow Juicers – Upright Single Auger Juice Extractors

- Triturating Juicers – Twin Gear / Dual Gear Juicers

If you are trying to find a high-quality multipurpose juicer that would enable also effective wheatgrass juicing, you should check following sophisticated juice machines:





Superb single auger juicer, available in 4 different colors, Item No. GB9003, GB9004, GB9005, GB9006. Improved design and high quality materials for extremely efficient jucing.


15 years

Amazing multipurpose single gear kitchen appliance of the highest quality. Same as the Omega J8005 except for auger, which is made from extremely durable Ultem.


15 years

Follow the link for detailed info on the Omega 8000 series juicers.

The 5th generation of Omega nutrition center juicers, upgraded version of the 8000 series models. The best horizontal masticating juice extractor you can wish for. Comes in red and silver color. Exactely the same model in chrome finish is called the Omega NC900HDC.


15 years

Highly effective HD vertical masticating dual stage juice machine. Can juice also wheatgrass, sprouts, and greens, quickly and efficiently. Available in silver, black, red, and white color.


10 years

The new, most sophisticated generation of Omega slow juice machines. Extremely slow rotating motor, new dual-edge auger, and bigger feeding chute for even higher juice yield. Highest quality vertical slow juicer; in silver, red, or white finish.


15 years

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer, the first "Big Mouth" vertical juicer. 3"(7.6 cm) round feeding chute, strong motor, innovative patented juicing technology for quick juicing action and incredible results regardless of what you juice. Comes in red, silver, and white color.


10 years

Most advanced Green star triturating juice extractor. Its design and exclusive HD impeller press system ensures incredibly thorough juicing result no matter what the ingredients are.


12 years

The best all stainless steel twin gear juicer. Perfect design and materials for the highest juice yield regardless of what you juice. The most efficient universal juice extractor comes in three models: PRO, DELUXE, and PREMIUM DELUXE.


10 years

Follow the link and get complete info on the incredible Super Angel juicers.

Useful Info:

If you prefer Champion single auger juicers, either the commercial model G5-PG-710 or the household type 2000 PLUS G5-NG-853S, you must be aware of the fact that these two juice machines are not very efficient at juicing wheatgrass and leafy greens.

You can improve their performance considerably with the Champion Greens Attachment.

If you already own a Champion juicer, this is a good solution. But, if you are buying a new juicer machine and if you would like to juice also larger wheatgrass and leafy greens amounts, any of the gear juicer models from the list above would be a much better choice.

Undoubtedly, wheat grass drink, full of chlorophyll and micronutrients, can for sure help you get and stay fit. To achieve that, you will surely need an appropriate wheatgrass juicer.

As you can see, there are many different multipurpose and dedicated electric wheat grass machines to choose from. A very well-recognized juicer manufacturer Omega alone offers a wide range of highly efficient multipurpose single auger juice extractors. Besides, for juicing smaller amounts you should maybe check simpler and lower priced hand wheat grass juicers as well.

Does this sound too complicated? It is not! You just have to set your juicing goals, study the info, which we bring at our site, and you will surely find the right juicer that will fulfill your expectation.

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